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A student comes back to her teacher.

"I'm proud of my mom... for fucking herself."

Jason smiled. "Good man! I wonder what else she does with it, don't you? I beat it's been up her asshole too. And look at the bottom here. It can be suctioned onto a flat surface. She probably sticks it up on the side of the bathtub before she showers and her fat ass bounces off of it while she feels up her tits. Man, your mom is so goddamn hot. She probably needs some cock pretty badly."

"No, she really doesn't," Charlie quietly muttered to himself.

"See, we learned a lot about your mom today. She's just like all other moms out there, and has needs. We should do what we can to help them fulfill those needs. You as turned on as I am?" Jason stuck the dildo out of his crotch area, simulating a hard-on. "Bet she's sucked this dick plenty of times too," Jason said, before throwing out a thoughtless question. "How do you think she sucks this dick?"

Without much hesitation, Charlie came forward, got on his knees, and put his hand around the dildo, touching hands with Jason, who was holding it out. He then put it in his mouth while looking up at Jason, slowly bobbing back and forth. Jason was astonished, though not repulsed. Shortly thereafter, Charlie's tempo had quickened, and it appeared to be a full blowjob he was giving Jason to anyone who may have walked in. Charlie continued to look up at Jason, but Jason's head had fell back as he looked up at the ceiling, imagining he was getting his dick sucked by Charlie's mother, Shelley.

"Yeah, suck me off," Jason said, before putting his hand behind Charlie's head.

Just then, they both heard the front apartment door close. Charlie stood, and they both looked at each other. Footsteps came racing towards the bedroom! Without saying anything, Jason quickly got on his stomach and slid legs first underneath the bed, dildo in hand, with the most clearance coming above his head. He saw Shelley's feet and the bottom of her white tights at the doorway.

A conversation entirely in Filipino escaped Jason's comprehension, but he had heard the word "daddy" several times. An unusually agitated Shelley appeared to verbally abuse Charlie as they spoke, a departure from the always smiling maternal figure he had always known. "She must be upset that he was snooping in her room," Jason thought to himself. "Or is this how she is when guests aren't around?"

A few moments later, the front door slammed again, but much harder. A domineering male voice yelled out for Charlie to come take off his shoes. Charlie left the bedroom, and went to the doorway of the apartment.

"Mom's here?" The man asked.

"Yes, daddy. She's waiting for you in the bedroom."

A large, bald Italian man came through the bedroom door. As tall as he was obese, Perry was always nice to Jason in the rare occasions they met.

"Got your message," Shelley said. "Came at the same time."

"Good. I needed it now. Right fucking now," Perry replied.

"Another blond?"

"Two blonds. They were touching each other a lot. Thought they were lesbians, but they turned out to be sisters. Didn't know though until the end. Told them to do whatever they wanted in the back, but they didn't do shit, just laughed a lot."

"Bitches. They should've made out at least."

"Yeah, what are you going to do. Best action happens after midnight. Tough to get anything in the middle of the day, but it was enough."

"Good. Glad you called; I needed it-"

"Shut up," Perry interrupted Shelley. "Get the bag, bitch."

Shelley went into a dresser drawer, and pulled out a paper bag, which she then proceeded to put on her head.

"CHAIR!" Perry yelled at the bedroom door. The sound of dragged wood came from the other side of the apartment as Charlie brought a chair into the bedroom, and placed it in the corner where the doorway was, facing the room. In it, he sat.

"Mom's got a lot coming to her today," Perry told his son.

Shelley's feet came directly in front of the foot of the bed, her toes inches away from Jason's face.

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