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Fiona gives herself as a present to Gunter.

"Yes she does look nice doesn't she? There is allot in here boys. It all goes ok?"

The boys said, "We can handle it Mr. Braxton. No problem."

Chris walked to Trish and took her by the hand and they walked to her apartment. He let her lead him to the door since this was his first time there.

When they reached her door she turned and handed him the key and stepped back. He smiled and opened the door and allowed her to walk in.

He stepped in behind and to his immediate right was a small kitchen with a bar separating the dining and living room combination with sliding glass doors on the back wall facing him.

To his immediate left appears to be all three bedrooms. There is a bathroom between the first two bedrooms.

The last would be the Master bedroom which is much larger and has a large wall length closet to the left and a vanity with a full bath to the right.

Meanwhile the boys were talking amongst themselves about all these packages and Miss Trish and Mr. Braxton. They all agreed Miss Trish deserved a nice man like Mr. Braxton.

They also said how lucky David and Michelle would be because he has MONEY! The boys made it to the apartment with the packages and boxes.

"Just put those in the Master Bedroom please boys."

After a few trips the truck was empty and Chris walked the boys out, locked the truck and gave them each $10.00 for helping.

He hurried back to the apartment. When he walked in she was still standing where he left her when they walked in the door by the wall just past the kitchen in the dining area out of the way of the boys with the packages.

He was very pleased and took her in his arms.

"This seems to come so naturally for you. You are a precious, humble, giving submissive, why anyone would feel the need to hurt you in anyway is beyond me. I do not see how anyone would want to do anything but pamper you."

Trish just smiles and laid her head on his chest.

"Come on lets put away all of your new clothes."

They went into her room and he had her bring in a garbage can with several bags.

The first to go would be the panties and bras. Those can not be donated they would just be thrown away. The rest could be given away.

"No thongs, g-strings, granny panties. Only these I have bought you. If you need more I want to know do not be ashamed to ask.

I will check the drawer from time to time but I will not be seeing them on you. I do not want holes in them or faded, stained and stringy. I want them pretty and in good shape.

This is one of them important things to me. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

She quickly empties the drawers. He notices she will need a new dresser and she doesn't seem to have any night wear which is actually good because he will be buying the things he wants to wear in the evenings and to bed.

"I know you worked very hard for all that you have here. I do not mean to in anyway say that you have not provided well by giving or replacing so much. If you will let me I will not only buy for you but for the kids as well. Furniture, clothes whatever it is you want or need."

"I am not use to this but I am not offended. It is like a dream come true. I still keep thinking I am going to wake up and this would all have been a dream."

"I only have total say in what you wear. The furniture in your apartment is your choice.

The children have to obey whatever standards you have set for them before I come along. Some of this is sudden and fun and exciting but most will have to be graphed into each others lives.

Another thing, I will not stay the night here or you at my home. I will at anytime come to you in the middle of the night or will stay with you and hold you until you fall asleep. We will leave the door open though out of respect for you and the children.

The next thing I will be buying to add to your wardrobe besides the extras to these is night wear. Satin as you can see is one of my favorites.

I will buy you over sized satin night shirts and if you want some in short sets we will get those too but I want a large variety.

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