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I just can't place where I know him from...


I started with my tie and began to unbutton my shirt, letting them both drop to the floor. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and also discarded it. Chris kept snapping. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I turned around keeping my eye on Chris over my shoulder. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my fly and let my pants drop.

"Wow," Chris said, "Rose didn't lie. You do have a great ass." The camera kept clicking. I bent over with my elbows on the bed. I was getting turned on and my hardening dick pushed its way out of the top of my panties. "OK, now turn around."

I hesitated knowing that the panties were doing a poor job of containing my bulging cock. Slowly I turned around and Chris's eyes quickly went to my crotch.

"Well, that's a good sign. I'm glad you are enjoying this. I am too." He reached down and grabbed his own crotch and it was clear from the outline in his jeans that he was hard too.

I leaned back on the edge of the bed, thrusting my cock toward Chris. He brought his camera back up to his eye and began shooting again. My right hand reached for my dick, I pushed the fabric of the thong down below my balls and I began to stroke. I could see the bulge in his pants getting larger. Chris began to move around the room, taking pictures from all angles.

I shimmied my way onto the bed, lying on my back as I continued to touch myself. I pulled the panties off of me and tossed them aside. Chris followed, kneeling over me as he continued his barrage of photos of my now totally naked body.

"You have a great cock," he said, "Can I touch it?" I nodded. I took my hand off and he reached for it. He gently took it in his palm and started to slowly fondle it. I thrust my hips in approval. His belt was in easy reach and all I could think of was how much I wanted his dick.

I reached for his belt and began to undo it. I unbuttoned his fly and pulled his pants and underwear down in one move. With his pants at his knees his bulging cock stood in front of me. Without hesitation I sat up and brought it to my mouth, sucking the whole shaft in as far as it could go. His grip on my own cock grew tighter. This was the first cock I had ever sucked and it felt great, so big and powerful. To steady myself I reached back with my left hand and cupped his ass. I pulled off and then reengaged with my tongue. Licking up and down his shaft and over his shaved balls. He put the camera down and I felt his hand on the back of my head. I shifted my body to get a better angle and he bent over, taking my cock in his mouth. We both moved so that we could mutually suck each other. His mouth felt fantastic and I mimicked his every move on his own cock. His hand reached around me and his finger began to circle my asshole. The intensity was too much. I could feel the cum building up and I couldn't hold back. Feeling like an inexperienced teenager I began to shoot my cum into his mouth. He swallowed it up eagerly while I feebly tried to keep his dick in my mouth. He pulled off and sat up to look at me. I could see a dribble of my cum still beaded at the corner of his mouth.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to cum so fast." I said.

"Oh, don't worry. That won't be the last. I'm guessing this is your first time with another man."

"Yes." Just then my phone started ringing in the pocket of my discarded pants. Chris got up to get it. For the first time I was really able to admire Chris's body. He was incredibly fit with a smooth chest and well groomed pubic hair. He bent over for my pants giving me the perfect view of his ass. He pulled out the phone and looked at the screen.

"Its Rose." He handed it to me.

I answered. "Hello."

"Hi! Are you naked?"

"Umm, yes."

"Yum. I'm really looking forward to seeing those pictures. Do you like having another man see you naked?"

"Yes and I'm enjoying looking at Chris's naked body, too."

"What?" Rose said laughing, "That slut! What have you guys done?"

"I just came in his mouth."

"Put me on speaker!" I did. "Is this true, Chris?"


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