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Honeymooning couple broaden their horizons.


Violet looked over her shoulder and winked at me. I laughed , like a sigh, as if I were only nervous to be naked in a group.

"And West." Our leader called, so that we faced one another again, releasing our hands. I felt Violet's hand linger on mine a second longer than necessary, or was I imagining it?

" Well, sisters, in this safe circle, let us celebrate our beauty, let us revel in our woman-selves." The girls all smiled , ducking their heads in stifled giggles, like I used to in church.

"Tell your sisters how beautiful they are." The small girl next to me turned and seized my hips.

"You are beautiful." She said, smiling, and kissed both my shoulders. All around the circle girls were turning and doing the same.

"So are you...sister." I answered, bending down to kiss her shoulders too, brushing her hair away. She smiled and spun to greet her other sister.

I turned before Violet, she was taking her time lavishing her affection upon the girl to her left. The flames flickered and I saw her cup her white hands around the girl's tan breasts, heard her murmur something into her ear and kiss either cheek. I stood, mouth agape, as Violet turned to me.

" You, my sister, are beautiful." she said to me. She pulled me by my shoulders so that our breasts almost touched, close enough that I could feel the cool of her nipple barbells against my warm, unpeirced nipples " Even if you're staring at a bunch of girls like you've never seen a pussy before," she whispered in my ear, before pushing her lips against my earlobe.

I couldn't breathe.

"So beautiful." She repeated, licking her lips, and a flicker of her pierced tongue visible in the low light, and kissed me again on the corner of my mouth. A mistake, certainly, an accident...

She looked into my eyes, expectant.

"Oh, oh yeah. You are beautiful, my sister" I said, and kissed her cheeks hastily. She laughed, as the leader drew our attention back center.

" Yes. And now, call to the moon, thanks for our womanhood, thanks for our sisterhood, for our pregnancies " here, she smiled wider " our sexualities, our POWER!" The circle laughed, but with joy, not derision, and raised their keening voices and their arms to the sky. Some leapt, bare feet beating a frantic rhythm, their breasts bouncing , hair wild. I looked to my side and saw Violet, her back arched, arms spread, legs braced as if she were carrying a huge weight, her tongue ululating enticingly between her painted lips. She saw me and waved her hand for me to shout too, and I closed my eyes to all the beautiful bodies around me, and howled. It was so dark, I was sure no one could see my pussy starting to leak onto my soft thighs. I grew bolder, shouted louder.


It seemed like no time at all had passed before our leader grasped the hands next to her, and our circle rejoined, to complete our ceremonies.

" Merry meet, and merry part" She said

"And merry meet again." Everyone but me answered, and dropped hands. As if a spell had been broken, the girls all broke into happy chatter, some rushing to rub the leader's belly, two complaining with lilting voices about a homework load, all starting to pull clothes back on.

" Hey, Marilee, I can get the fire." Violet called to the leader, flanked by the dreadlocked girl and her slim, redheaded friend.

" Why thank you." she smiled "I need to be getting back, these circles are great for my body image just now, but murder on my feet." The three women laughed, draping scarves around them, and disappearing into the darkness.


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