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A woman is seduced by a co-worker at a New Orleans hotel.


"No I.D. No Admittance..." His deep voice loomed over them as he kept his arms crossed.

"Oh there must be some way we can get in, after we all came so far." Delilah smiled and bounced a bit. Morgan was so confused about the whole thing, wondering why they were putting up a fight; she really started to feel the need to go home.

"Try to convince him." Sam whispered into Delilah's ear after her failed attempt at whining her way in.

"By doing what..."

"You know, like last time?"

"Oh fine, but you keep an eye on Morgan."

"Keep an eye on me while you do what." Morgan whispered back to Delilah and Sam, not sure where this all was going.

"Look do you want to get in or not?" Delilah was still whispering but there was more stress in her voice now as she looked back over her shoulder at the heavyset bouncer who had not moved an inch the whole time.

"I don't' even know where we are. You're the one who dragged me here."

"Alright stay close to Sam, I'll get us in." Delilah winked to her friend and turned back to the bouncer, slipping up to him and rubbing her fingers up and down his polyester windbreaker.

"She'll get us in no problem, she knows the proper leverage."

"What are you talking about Sam?"

"Just watch, Morgan, you might like what you see."

"C'mon, John, isn't' there anything I can do to get us in. You remember like last time."

"Last time was the Last Time, Del. My boss is gonna have a fit, you know it's Doms and Dames night."

"All the more reason to let us, in John. It's not like you didn't like it last time." She spoke as she laid her head against his chest and reached down the rounded belly that stuck out over his belt. Morgan couldn't' believe how she was coming onto this bouncer, and the effect it was having on her. The fear of being caught helped fuel and yet restrain the lust that had been steadily growing in the recesses of her mind, and as she watched her best friend Delilah drop to her knees before the bouncer, she knew that she would have another entry in her notebook by tomorrow evening.

"Let me just convince you a little more, ok, John." Delilah spoke as she slipped underneath the Huge Heavyset Bouncer, and unzipped his blue jeans pulling out his cock in plain view of the entire alley. Sam smiled, but Morgan's jaw dropped, and she unknowingly clenched her knees together as she watched her best friend pull the huge man's small soft cock out and envelope it with her mouth.

John didn't move more than an occasional wince in his face and the look left to right, while Delilah went to work on him. She sucked and licked the cock as it grew in her mouth, quickly getting hard and pointing northward. Sam smiled and helped keep a watchful eye for passerby's as Delilah stroked the hard white cock in her hand, cooing and moaning as her lips continuously worked the pole and her fingers stroked his balls.

"Mmmm it's so big John, how do you ever hide it." It was all part of the act for Delilah; she knew dirty talk and exclamations about the size of the bouncer's cock would make him cum that much sooner. Part of her was enjoying getting watched as she sucked the 5 __" cock into her mouth before her friends, part of her just wanted to get to the fun part in the club.

John began to pump his hips a little as he placed his meaty paws on either side of Delilah's spiked head and fucked her mouth slowly. His cock easily fit completely inside her well disciplined throat and she flicked her tongue out every once in a while to lick his little balls. Her teeth were well hidden behind her lips as the hard throbbing meat passed over them repeatedly. John felt nothing but smooth tight flesh against his own hard pole, purple and engorged from the young experienced cocksucker servicing him. Sam stroked his own cock a bit watching his girlfriend give the same head he enjoyed so much and placed his arm around Morgan as Delilah deep throated the cock and moaned.

Morgan felt the arm around her but it was difficult to say if she simply couldn't shrug it off for mesmerized by the si

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