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Reuben and Josh show our heroine a good time.

She was wearing a red and gold kimono, a short one which would have barely reached halfway down her thighs to her knees had she been standing up and not astride him. She lowered her ass so that she was actually sitting on his chest. Alan could feel that she was bare under her robe, and she began slowly rubbing her ass against him. "I've got you trapped, young man. What are you going to do for me when I let you go?"

"Well Megan," he began, but she stopped him.

"Ms. Kelly."

"Right. Well, Ms. Kelly, what did you have in mind?"

"Come on boy, use your imagination. Would you suck my pussy?"


"Sure what?"

"Sure, Ms. Kelly, I'd suck your pussy."

"Would you fuck me?"

"Yes, Ms. Kelly."

"Fuck me hard? I like being fucked hard. Hard, Alan, hard. Do you understand, hard?"

"Yes Ms. Kelly."

"Then fuck me hard."

Alan threw his weight, and he was on top of her. Roughly he parted her legs, untied the belt of her robe, then fed his hard cock into her. Megan--Ms. Kelly--groaned and wrapped her legs around his ass, her ankles crossed. He gave it to her hard like she wanted it, and soon they were both huffing and puffing from exertion. Her legs tightened around him, and she came, screaming, egging him on. Alan kept fucking her never slackening his pace. Leila sat down on the bed next to them, cross-legged, with her hands between her thighs, fingering herself.

"Is this hard enough for you, Ms. Kelly?" Alan grunted between breaths.

"Yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck me HARD."

Alan was hammering his dick into her, and their bodies were bucking with wild abandon. Leila reached between them with her free hand and began fingering Megan's clit, and she exploded again. Alan blew his load into her, and a second later Leila joined them in orgasm. The three of them laid back on the bed, Megan half on top of Alan, and Leila next to her, running her hands lazily up Megan's shivering body.

"I'm starving," Alan announced. "Got anything to eat?" Megan told him he'd find some bagels in the kitchen, and he gently slid her off him, and went downstairs. He spread cream cheese over three bagels, put them on a plate and then poured three big glasses of orange juice. As he was mounting the stairs he heard Leila's screams from the bedroom, and he quickened his pace.

The bagel half he had balanced between his teeth almost fell out at the sight before him. Megan was wearing a strap-on dildo, and was laying flat on her back as Leila was riding her from above, moaning and groaning. Alan ate his bagel while he watched Leila fuck the dildo, and when he was done he downed the juice almost in one gulp. He approached them from behind, and began to finger Leila's exposed asshole again. This really seemed to turn her on, and he moistened his finger in his mouth and started feeding it in.

"Oh Yeah! Finger my ass Alan. It feels soooo good."

Megan hadn't been able to see what Alan was doing from her position, and her eyes widened at Leila report. He leaned forward and whispered in Leila's ear, and she nodded. Quickly going into the bathroom he brought out a bottle of baby oil. Greasing his dick he got up on the bed and pushed Leila forward, so that the breasts of the two girls were mashed together. Megan's thrusting slowed because of the change in position. Alan lined up the head of his dick with her tight entrance and slowly pushed the head past her anal ring.

Stopping after an inch of penetration he asked Leila if he was the first to have her ass. She had been holding her breath, half in anticipation, half in trepidation, and in order to answer him she released all the air in her lungs groaning, "Yes, the first." Megan could see a small tear escape from the corner of Leila's eye, but in pain or lust she did not begin to know.

Alan pushed his cock deeper into Leila, and Megan resumed fucking her with the dildo, amused at the sight of Leila slack tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, as well as her eyes rolled to the back of her head .

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