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Morgan finds herself at a most unusual club.

Your destiny is to please men. Do you see what is over there? It's a large doggie cage and it's your new home."

"Nooooo." I scream.

Mr Stevenson signals to one of the guys and he goes off into the kitchen and comes back with hand and feet restrains. Four men now hold me down and the restrains are applied., Another man produces a black latex dog collar and ties it around my neck. They attach a leash and force me to crawl and walk like a dog towards the cage. All the guys are laughing and jeering and seem to be high as a kite. I am locked in the cage, and all 12 men gather around me and taunt me. I beg them, "Please let me go., Please., I won't report you., I just want to go home." I pretend to cry again.

Mr Stevenson: "Okay, guys, isn't it time for Soraya to have a shower?"

All the men shout "yes" and jeer some more. They then, one by one, unzip their pants and yank out their enormous manhood. I'm on my knees, and my doggie cage is completely surrounded by hard cocks, which have encircled me. I can only look- up, and my big green eyes, try to project the image of innocence. But nothing will stop them. Pretty soon a squirt flies out of one of the guy's member and hits me in the right eye, and I'm force my eyes to close, but before I can fully react to being squirted on, another guy squirts and hits me in the left eye. They both go red, and my vision impairs for a few moments, but as I try to rub my eyes and push their pee away, the rest of the guys start to pee. Their salty piss flies into my mouth and I cough. But the guys don't notice they are in full swing and seem to be having a good piss. My face starts to go yellow, and I now reek of urine., My clothes, hair and face are completely wet. I now accept my fate and offer no more resistance.

After ten minutes, the peeing party ends and Mr Stevenson sticks his cock through the cage.

His big, seven -inches -by -four uncut cock stares at me. I kiss the tip and push his foreskin back and begin to play with the tip. I poke and tease the foreskin and lick around the tip. My hair is still wet and dripping, but I now focus all my energy into Mr Stevenson's manhood. My hand rubs, strokes and teases his manhood, and as I do so, another man shouts out and orders me to give him my panties. I stop licking Mr Stevenson and pull my panties off and squeeze it out of the cage. The man grabs it and starts sniffing it and tries to breathe it in. Then he licks my panties. I get back to sucking Mr Stevenson off. My tongue now glides up and down his penis, and I start spitting. I rub my spit aggressively,and then drool onto his cock. And then insert his cock into my mouth and start sucking.

Mr Stevenson: "Come on, boys, let's feed the hungry whore."

The guys line up, and four of them stick their cock through the cage holes, and I start licking and sucking them off. I shove two cocks into my mouth at once and force them to touch inside my mouth. And then spit them out. But before I could catch my breath, another guy shove his cock down my throat, and he tries to go all the way down. I now cough and choke, but he isn't bothered. He start to fuck my throat. A massive lump, which looks like an Adam's apple, appears in my throat and, eventually , a massive lumps of pre-cum goes through my throat.

Mr Stevenson: "I think Soraya has learnt her lesson. We will release her from the cage so we can properly fuck her."

They open the cage and I crawl out.

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