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Abducted girl gets a new job.

Kaleb was right on the back of his heels, holding the metal screen door open, as Aaron leaned inside the car. Standing from the porch, Kaleb could see the driver was upset as the two of them argued and soon Aaron was throwing the bag of weed at the driver and storming off down the street in a huff.

"Find yourself another way home too asshole." The young blonde yelled as she climbed from the side of the car, shoving the bag of weed, Aaron had just thrown at her, into her pocket. "He's so useless and such a fucking loser." She muttered, just loud enough for Kaleb to hear -not intentionally- as he made his way off the porch and toward the Malibu, noticing his neighbor's pulling into their driveway once again.

Now getting a better view of Aaron's driver and girlfriend, he couldn't help but wonder what it was Aaron was doing to keep such a diamond. No older then her early to mid twenties -if he had been forced to guess- the soft sandy blonde locks seemed to cascade down the length of her back, stopping no more then an inch above her ass. For being no taller than five foot three, even dressed in something so casual as a light blue jean jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans, she had a very well crafted and gifted cheerleader's figure that matched her slightly smaller structure perfectly.
"Thank you, in advance, for looking over my car". she said moving closer toward the truck that she had parked in front of, leaning her back in against the grill. "the last place I had taken it too, they wanted to charge me over three hundred for the bearings."

Kaleb had become almost mesmerized as she spoke, that soft angelic tone singing notes over his eardrum, was just as beautiful as the female standing in front of him. Kaleb was like a hound in heat, taking in every curve and watching the way she allowed those tiny hips of hers to dance and sway when she walked, lust had already filled his mind. He didn't care if this 'was' Aaron's girlfriend - the druggie didn't deserve something this beautiful anyways - Kaleb wanted this little blonde tonight.

"No need to thank me yet gorgeous. Let me climb under first and see what I'm going to be working with." Already knowing the bearings were going to be to be replaced and with the afternoon sky beginning to cloud over, he didn't see a point in taking the tire off right away. "So where did Aaron go? I saw he ran off in a bit of a hurry." He finally asked as he slid under the passenger side of the vehicle and began looking around.

"I really don't know honestly. He doesn't have a job. If I had to guess he's probably off with some friends or going down to Crew Stadium trying to get seats to the concert." She replied as she rolled her eyes with disgust. Why couldn't she have found someone more responsible, more willing to due their share and pull some of their own weight around? Why did she let herself get talked into dating her 'friends' brother? And why, after almost five months of it, was she still putting up with the same lowlife boyfriend who didn't have a care in the world about anything responsible? All questions she had been asking herself for the last couple of months. She knew what her reason, or excuse, as to why. It was currently tucked away, inside the tight pocket of her pants.

"So how exactly did you meet Aaron?" Kaleb asked from beneath the car, tinkering with the starter as he unplugged it. As bad as things looked, he didn't want this car back on the road until he had time to work on it, of course he had other reasons for unplugging the starter as well.

"A friend of mine." she began sounding pretty disappointed. "She hooked me up on a blind date with her brother at a Halloween party just this past year. Regrettably, I've been with him since." she finished looking down toward where Kaleb was laying. "And how about you? How do know him?" Deep sapphires continued to stare downward, watching intently as he continued to tinker with different parts beneath her car.

"Doesn't sound too pleasant".

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