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After long on-line affair, couple finally meets.

As I helped her onto the x-ray table she brushed against me and seemed a little dizzy. I asked her if she was o.k. and she responded yes, she thinks it is just the medication.

WHAT?! I responded. YOU TOOK THE PERCODAN ALREADY? You are not supposed to operate any vehicle while taking it so I told her she would have her husband come and pick her up when we were through. She then giggled and said ok, he wont mind, he is such a wonderful guy and then giggled again. She was obviously feeling the effects of the pill! Again I attempted to help her up on the table and this time she stumbled right back against me and I fell into the chair behind me and she right in my lap. Again she giggled and as she laughed I could feel her bottom shake just a tiny bit and being only human, it happened! My penis began to stir!

She giggled again and said you know what DR.? My leg feels all better now. Can we skip the x-ray and just let me call my husband? I told her I thought that was a great idea, lets skip the x-ray and you just try to get some massage work done. I brought her the phone and her husband said he would pick her up in an hour, after he got off work. Oh shit! I thought. I have to be here a whole hour waiting for him. Oh well, I guess I have some paper work to do anyway. I walked Sarah back into the exam room and told her she could take a nap while waiting for her husband.

She giggled again and said o.k. and laid down on her tummy. As I left the room she asked me what the massage would be like when she finally found a therapist. I told her it would be a deep tissue muscle massage of the back of the leg and the buttocks. I was surprised when she asked if I could do the massage. I agreed to do it for a few minutes while she fell asleep but advised her that I wasn't a licensed massage practitioner so she would still need to consult a professional the next day. She said ok and I took a position behind her and began to rub her leg through the material of her summer dress.

As I continued to massage upward I gradually worked up to her buttocks. I then lifted her dress up over her voluptuous rear and was presented with the most beautiful bottom I had ever seen ,enclosed behind a thin mask of pantyhose. Each big bun was smooth as silk and the color of fresh fallen snow, separated by a deep dark strike of crack which led down to the depths of her pussy. I was stunned and my penis was hard as a rock. I kept my composure and continued the massage.

I told her to try to fall asleep and maybe she would feel better. After her eyes had closed for a few minutes I got much bolder and bent down for good close smell of this beauty... mmmmmmmmmmm... my nose was separated from this pretty girls butt by a 1/2 inch of air and a thin layer nylon......mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! The pungency of the sweat and the faint smell of tiny bathroom leftovers made my penis hurt even more. I then made a decision. I wanted to see this ass bare! As she fell into a deeper sleep I very carefully pulled the nylons down over her splendid rear. As I went in for a closer look I lightly put a hand on each globe and pulled outward. It opened for me and the smell and the excitement almost made me come in my pants. I had Sarah's ass in my face!!

Sarah Morely, a rich young lady who had never, ever, been with anyone other that her husband. When I heard her voice I was shocked into reality. She was mad and had a sharp tone saying what in the world are you doing?? I am working on your muscle here honey just relax and go back to sleep ok? NO she shouted. This is NOT ok! Just relax honey and you will be all right. She finally agreed after several minutes of me assuring her this was routine medical procedure and her husband would be here in about 45 min to pick her up. As Sarah calmed down and I moved in behind her I slowly unzipped my pants and took out my dick. My god, it was almost ten inches long.

I was more excited than I had ever been in my l

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