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This caused her to gag. However he just kept going deeper, the further he shoved it down her throat the worse she would gag. He decided to give her a break when tears began to fill her eyes.

After he removed his dick from her mouth she began to cough, after she had stopped coughing he stuck his dick back into her mouth and tried to shove it down her throat again. Again she gagged so he pulled his cock back out.

He let her rest a few seconds the he tried again, but this time as shoved it down her throat Candace didn't gag. Seeing this he began sliding his dick in and out of her mouth.

He fucked her mouth hard. Eventually he heard a soft noise from where joy had been standing, so he looked over, to find her that she was holding the camera in one hand, while she was playing with herself with her other one. Stone attention soon returned to the mouth that was now actively attacking his cock.

His Climax had been steadily nearing, and Stone was ready to cum, so he shoved his dick hard down her throat. This caused Candace to shut her eyes tightly in anticipation. His cum flowed down her throat as she massaged his balls. This caused him to cum even harder. Once he was spent he, unceremoniously, removed his dick from her mouth.

Candace said, "I thought for sure I was going to throw up before I got use to your dick going down my throat." All the while he ran his had through her hair, and she played with his wet cock.

He was soon ready to move to the next faze. He had her to lie on the table that he used when he gave massages. Then he spread her legs, exposing her cherry hole. He moved between her legs and began to rub her wet pussy causing her to moan.

He leaned down then he began to kiss and lick her damp pussy causing her to gasp. He kissed and licked her pussy attentively, lapping up her now copious secretions. She was soon squirming from the assault on her inexperienced organs. Stone decided to move on and began to lick her clit; this made Candace squeal with delight.

The longer he licked her clit, the louder she squealed, Stone great joy in torturing Candace's body with such divine pleasures. He kept her on the edge for the longest time, but he never let her get off. She was a good sport, but soon she couldn't help herself, and was grinding her hips into his face trying to off.

Stone decided to give her was she needed, and laid himself on top of Candace. He cautiously rubbed his dick against her wet pussy. Soon finding the opening he was seeking. Now completely covering her, he placed his lips against her lips, and he began to passionately kiss. They shared a deeply satisfying French kiss.

As he kissed her he stuck, his dick into her pussy, but stopped when it reached her cherry. Then he pulled back out until only the tip of penis was in her. After a short pause he entered her again, and then pulled back out, he kept this up for what seemed like an eternity to Candace.

After a few minutes of toying with his newest conquest, he finally shoved his dick into her pussy hard, busting her cherry and making Candace screamed from the pain. Her face was contorted with pain for only a few moments before it filled with a blissful expression. Stone was now making love to her, her cherry gone forever, but the payoff well worth the price.

The longer he made love to her pussy the louder she screamed, but Stone just kept pounding into her now raw pussy. And after what seemed like hours to her, he finally began to fill her pussy with his cum. She climaxed as the torrent of sperm flooded her womb. He kept fucking her well after his balls had drained. But he finally stopped when her climax subsided.

He let her rest a few seconds before he pulled his dick out from her pussy; as his shaft exited her body he noticed that she was bleeding, a little.

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