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Cha'Khah likes any excuse to get out of the cold wind.

I thought she might wake up, so I quickly pulled my finger out, pulled the covers over her and turned the light out. I softly kissed her cheek, and left her room for my own bedroom, where again, her mom and I enjoyed a good fuck.

One evening, Heather had gone to bed early, and as I passed her room on the way to the bathroom, I overheard what sounded like moaning, or whimpering, so I pushed her door open slowly to check on her. As I looked into her room, she was laying on her bed, with her panties off, her legs pulled up and spread open, fingering her pussy. Heather had her eyes closed softly calling my name, as she brought herself off. I was standing in the doorway, stroking my cock, cumming at the same time she did. I closed the door, thinking to myself, "One day I am going to fuck her.".

A few days later, her mom told me that she had to go back to her hometown as her mother was sick and take care of her. Heather and I helped her pack her things into her car and she left that evening for the 7 hour drive. Heather and I had pizza for dinner that night, and both dressed for bed, before joining one another in the TV room. I was wearing boxers under my robe and Heather was wearing a long T-shirt and I naturally assumed she had panties on underneath. As she sat on the sofa with her legs curled under her watching TV, I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. Within a short while, I noticed she had pulled her legs up, exposing a clean shaven pussy to me. My cock began to harden, so I just left the robe open, so that my tented shorts were exposed.

While watching Heather softly slide a finger up and down her legs now and then, she would sometimes slide a finger down to caress her pussy. I assume she didn't know I was watching her, but once when she did, she looked straight at my bulge in my shorts, so I made it throb for her. I said, "Heather, come sit in my lap", so she came over and crawed into my lap, straddling me. I looked into her eyes and told her, "You know I love you very much and wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt you". She replied, "I love you too, and want you inside of me, so very much."

I raised out of my chair, carrying Heather to my bedroom, placing her gently on the bed. I pulled her T-shirt off of her, then took off my robe and boxers. I lay down next to her, and we immediately began to kiss and snuggle against one another. I felt her tiny breasts with her hard nipples against my chest, as I grasped her butt, pulling her to me, my 7 1/2" uncut cock pressing between her thighs. I began to softly kiss around her neck and ears, sliding my tongue into her ears and nibbling her earlobes. Heather was running her hands up and down my back, scraping her nails on me. I kissed and licked my way downward to suckle and bite her nipples. I would take one nipple into my mouth, sucking it hard as my fingers would be pulling on the other. Heather said, "Bite them, hard". So I started biting harder, her moans echoing in my ears.

After paying homage to her sweet breasts, I began to kiss my way downward towards her pieced navel, sliding my tongue around and around the little silver ring she had there. I moved a hand down to cup her mound, sliding a finger between her lips, spreading the wetness around. When I moved to start kissing my way towards her pussy, Heather grabbed my head and pulled my head towards her face, kissing me deeply. She told me, "Lay back and let me please you some.". I lay back on the bed, as she took my cock into her hands.

Heather stared at my cock, telling me it looked different than the boy that had taken her virginity, as mine had a foreskin.

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