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A close encounter with hairy Madonna & Tom Selleck.

He imagined Molly on top of him, in a reverse cowgirl position, her sweet, round ass jiggling on his belly as she thrust her hips on his cock. He put his finger in his mouth. He imagined himself putting his wet finger between her spread-open butt cheeks, pushing it into her inviting little pucker.

"Yes, Chase!" she said in his mind. "Fuck my ass with your finger while I grind on your rock-hard dick." Chase watched the pink satiny fabric rise and fall rapidly. He opened his mouth wide in a silent grunt as he ejaculated, filling the inside of her panties with his warm, white cream. Chase relaxed, leaving the messy, wet undies draped over his dick. He was at last satisfied. He lay still for a few minutes, his belly softly heaving.

His satisfaction turned once again to longing as he missed having her next to him, touching him, telling him in her familiar voice what a tool he was for ruining her favorite pair of underwear. He just wanted to be with her. Just a couple more days.

Chase washed out the panties and hung them over the towel rod to dry overnight. He was too tired to take a shower and went to bed.

~ ~ ~

Jon watched the late night news of another strange city from his hotel bed. He was ready to get back home, but he still had another day of work to do. His short consulting trips were becoming more frequent these days. The company he worked for was rapidly expanding, and it was his job to oversee the installation of the computer network infrastructure in every new office they opened. He loved the work, but didn't love being away from his family. He especially missed having Kathleen next to him in bed at night.

This trip had been no more eventful than any of the others-same job, different city. He was getting so good at it, it almost was getting boring. The lack of being challenged had given him more time to think about missing home. The money was good, though, so he tolerated the trips.

He lay in his underwear thinking about going to sleep. He was counting down the hours until he could be with his wife again. He wanted her more than usual tonight. Jon's libido was maxed out after spending the last couple days with Carmen. She was new to the team and was still learning the routine. She leaned on Jon for technical and moral support. She also liked literally leaning on him whenever she got the chance to flirt.

Carmen was a pretty blonde about 10 years his junior with sharp features and a slender waist. Jon was aware she was attracted to him, despite the fact he was married. It was nothing new for him; he was used to women being overly friendly. He was a good-looking guy with the first hint of gray streaking the side of his dark hair. He had maintained a young man's body, or as close as a 40-year-old can, mostly out of friendly competition with his former-gymnast wife. He and Kathleen prided themselves in staying sexy, both for each other as well as their couple-partners.

Jon enjoyed Carmen's company this week, being a known flirt himself, but would never let things progress along. Jon had never cheated on Kathleen-at least not in the traditional sense. He'd had sex with lots of women since he and Kathleen got married, but it was always with Kathleen's approval, and the extramarital sex was always a swap; it was never done with an individual, always a couple. What's more, Jon wasn't the one finding their new friends-it was always Kathleen. She had a knack for scoping out willing couples, particularly ones that would benefit from their wise experience. She always seemed to hook them up with beautiful athletic types, very similar to him and herself. That was okay with Jon, but a little variety might be nice.

He trusted Kathleen's judgment in all things love-related.

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