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Malanie and Sabine love each other.

" Joe's smile was ear to ear. Although it was no longer necessary, Angie still got plastered, and we tweaked her nipples or caressed her ass every time she walked by. Which became more and more frequent. Her hornyness played into my plan perfectly. I told Joe I wanted to show him something in my office, so we went upstairs, leaving Angie sprawled out on the couch.

Turning on the monitor, we could see the living room. I had set up our camcorder on top of the china hutch and it gave us a clear view of the entire room, including the front door. We could see the couch where Angie was laying, but could only see part of her head as the camera was behind the sofa. Glancing out the window into our driveway, I told Joe the show was about to start. Just as I heard the knock on the door, I yelled down to Angie.

"That's the pizza, can you get it, Angie?" I shouted, as we both stared at the screen. We watched her walk over to the door, but stayed behind it when she cracked it open.

"Pizza, Ma'am!" we heard him say.

"Let him in! The money is on the coffee table." I yelled. Even from across the room, we could see his jaw hit the floor as she opened the door and casually turned towards the table. She made a point to bend at the waist as she picked the twenty dollar bill up and handed it to the nervous young man. He just stood there, staring at Angie's hard nipples.

"Sorry the tip couldn't be bigger." Angie said, trying to bring the man back to earth.

"The, I mean tip is perfect!" he said as he started to blush. Joe and I were cracking up as we watched the monitor.

"Is there anything else?" Angie asked, being not quite sure what was expected of her.

", er...sorry!" he said as he turned for the door, almost tripping over the end table. I watched him as he ran out to his car and hopped in, but he just sat there for a moment. I thought he would jack off right there, but instead, he drove off.

"All right you guys! I know you're watching from somewhere! Come on out!" she yelled. Joe and I descended the stairs with smirks on our faces.

"What were you waiting for up there?" she asked. half smiling and half sneering.

"We were waiting for you to give him one of your world famous blow jobs!" I teased.

"All you had to do was say so! You know I would have." she said with a pout as if she missed out on a goody. Joe and I groaned as our sore cocks reacted to her words. But the urge would have to wait as we were starving and the pizza smelled great.

Joe told us about his job, and how exciting it was.

"They have several offices throughout the country, so I might be able to transfer closer to you guys. It's great. The people work in teams, covering different topics around the world. There's one couple who have been to the rain forests in South America to cover these 'rock people', and they just came back from Greenland. They invited me over to see their private picture collection. I'll probably stop by when I get back. Maybe pick up some tips."

Angie was sitting between us as we talked, but as the night wore on, she sprawled out, with her head in Joe's lap, and her legs laying across my lap. I casually played with her thighs as Joe kneaded her melons, all the time still talking about Texas, the weather, anything and everything. As my fingers gently played with her wet lips, she would rock her head back and forth across Joe's crotch, drifting in and out of sleep, the beer taking its toll on her.

"OK, time to flip over!" I said as I grabbed her outer leg and pulled it towards me causing her to roll over. Now her face was in Joe's lap, and I had open access to her sweet rump and pussy. She got the hint as she slowly worked his zipper down, and I placed my fingers back in her pussy. In no time, she was using Joe's cock as a pacifier as her juices now flowed freely around my fingers.

Staring at that tight little butt, I opted to go where no man has gone before, and slid a finger gently up and down the length of her crack.

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