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The cause.

She cried out in shock as she came off and landed in the water in a big splash. She looked up at Nick with a glare as he chuckled at her predicament.

"Not funny at all, Nick," she glared.

"Didn't know you could be such a speed demon, slowly twist the handles Marie," he said chuckling.

She growled at him and climbed back on top of the ski. "Slowly twist the handles like this," he said. He twisted the handle and allowed it to move slowly before letting it accelerate then he twisted the cross bar and guided it around in a curve and idled up against Marie.

"To turn push down on one of the handles, then it will turn," he said.

"Shouldn't be too hard, at least I won't go falling off," she said and got it moving. After she had driven it some distance she turned it back around and when she was up against Nick again she asked, "Better?"

"Much better, now let's get going follow me I know where we need to go," he said.

They set off up alongside the cliffs that shielded the cove they were heading to from view. Nick slowed as they reached the point of the cliffs and turned to say to Marie, "We're about to enter the cove, it's a beautiful place here."

"Have you been here before?" asked Marie.

He grinned and said, "Yeah you caught me I have been, last year,"

"Well then you can show me the best places then," she said grinning.

"That's exactly what I'm doing here," he said and gunned the ski and took off around the corner.

"Now look who's the speed demon," she muttered as she eased the ski around the corner.

When the cove came into view she was breathless, the beauty was stunning crystal blue waters, gold shimmering sand and bright coral only slightly masked by the flat crystal water. "We'll go up to the beach and park the skis then we'll go out and do some exploring," said Nick with a grin after he had come up against her.

"Sounds good, this place is so beautiful," she said.

"It certainly is," he grinned as he gunned it again and took off towards the beach.

"Show off," she muttered then smirked as she took off again towards the beach.

After parking the skis on the beach Nick went up behind the treeline and pulled out the bag hidden behind the trees. He pulled out two big water bottles and the set of snorkels and walked towards Marie and handed her the bottle, "Drink up, it's an energy drink, should keep you energized for this," he said and then took a long pull from it.

"Again when did you have the time for all of this?" she asked.

He grinned and said, "Ok I had help I hired a few people to drop a few things,"

"You're so thoughtful, and sweet Nick," she said grinning.

Nick made a face and said, "I'm sweet? "

"Sweet? Yes, sweet as chocolate, I'm hopelessly addicted to it," she winked.

He grinned sexily and said, "Put this on and we'll go into the water," as he handed her the snorkel and walked towards the beach and unzipped his life jacket and pulled it off laying it over the jet ski.

Again Marie had to catch her breath as she caught sight of his broad back, the muscles rippling. She had to resist the urge to gape as he turned to her his firm chest muscles highlighted by the bright sunlight splashing over his skin. She took another long draw from the bottle and then set it down next to his as she put on the snorkel gear.

"So what do I do with this thing?" Marie asked Nick as they swam through the water closing in on the coral.

"Put the mouthpiece in and bite it, wrap your lips around the tube and breathe that way, it's a bit hard to get used to at first but you'll get used to it. Make sure the pipe is above the water line or you'll end up breathing in water. Which is not a nice experience trust me on that," he said with a slight grimace.

'Hmm maybe I can have a little fun with this, teasing Nick always seems to produce excellent results,' she thought as she hid an evil smile. She pushed the mouth piece between her lips gently and slid her tongue out as she drew it in to her mouth with gentle suction.

His eyes were ri

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