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Ana falls head-over-heels for her sexy and English teacher.

Upon entering, you walk to the fridge, hoping the cool air will temper the heat you are feeling right now. Grabbing a beer, you try to decide which article of clothing you would take off next. Of all days not to wear pantyhose. That wouldn't be too bad. You decide to take off your panties because I wouldn't see any more of you than I already had. You decide that if you are going to submit, you are going to do it on your own terms. You place the tiny underwear around the neck of the beer bottle and re-enter the front room.

"Here you go.......Master," you say frostily. I smile and tell you that Ed is looking a little thirsty. "Why don't you be a good little girl and fetch HIM a beer now."

You know I could have told you to get him a beer while you were getting me one, but I wanted to torment you. You go into the kitchen again and take off your sheer blouse, rationalizing that I had already seen that, too. You also grab two beers to save a trip back into the kitchen when I tell you to get Dave a beer also. Upon reentering the front room, you hand me your blouse, Ed a beer and try to hand Dave the other. "No, thanks. I'm not thirsty," he says.

You look at me just in time to see my evil grin. "I guess you need to take it back so it doesn't get warm." As I am saying that, you spin quickly and stalk back to the kitchen. As you spin, you unwittingly give us a preview of your tight ass. You begin to worry that you will have to uncover something that I haven't seen yet. You stand in front of the open refrigerator until you hear me tell you to hurry back. Then you resume your deep breathing and reach back to unfasten your bra. You go back into the front room determined not to show any embarrassment. You decide not to give me the satisfaction. You are still feeling flush, but you begin to struggle with the fact that it doesn't feel as much like anger anymore. Could it be that you enjoyed showing off your tight body in front of all these men?

All eyes are on your breasts as you come back into the room. You look at your lover briefly and see the jealousy in his eyes. Since you met him, he has been the only man to see your luscious breasts. Now you had three other pairs of eyes enjoying the sight. You have to admit to yourself that you enjoy the attention you are receiving. You look down on the floor next to my foot and notice that my beer is empty. Without thinking, you bend over at the waist and pick it up. As you reach for the beer, you feel my fingers easily work their way into your pussy. You pause there, resisting the temptation to purr seductively. "Hey, wait a second." You think to yourself, "How did he slip his fingers in so easily?" The answer horrifies and excites you. You realize your pussy is soaking wet.

You stand up slowly and tell me, "Master, you look like you could use another beer. May I get you one?" The words surprise you, but you decide that you want to fulfill my every desire.

"Sure, I think I could use another one."

This time as you spin around, you notice the breeze and enjoy it. You hurriedly get the beer and take off that confining skirt. You want to be naked for the eyes that enjoyed your breasts. You are glad you decided to shave your pussy this morning, giving you the feeling of complete nudity you know I will enjoy.

You bend down on one knee and present me my beer. You lick your lips and breathily ask me if there is ANYTHING else you can do for me. You glance down at my crotch and hope I ask you to suck the obvious bulge your brazen actions has caused. I look at my friends and decide to let them enjoy the sight of you with me. "Go get some of your favorite toys. I want to see you fuck yourself."

As you walk to your room, you reach into a shoebox even your lover doesn't know about and get out a long, thick dildo and a pocket rocket vibrator.

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