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Man gets wife an anniversary massage.

I had experienced everything in the virtual world and the real world. My body felt fabulously satisfied and weak.

I wanted to call my buddy and ask him something. I wasn't sure what I really wanted to ask him because truly nothing else mattered, except doing whatever I needed to keep my body working. I needed to keep my strength and health in check so that I could plug in. I wanted to be with Seraphim again. I wanted, as most men will agree, to get my chance to show her that I can do amazing things to her virtual body. Something in me had been unleashed and now I couldn't restrain it if I wanted. My phone, not surprisingly, had a plethora of missed calls. I tried returning some of the calls, most were inquiries into my next few articles. I had deadlines that were approaching and the only thing I wanted to do was plug in. I made up my mind to spend the rest of the day finishing those articles and then I would officially put myself on professional hiatus. I needed to figure out if this app was a game, if there was an end, or if I could ever walk away from it.

Two weeks later I was on a regular schedule of interacting with Seraphim, eating, sleeping, and basically ignoring any other needs. I had all but severed my relationship with my very real girlfriend without meaning to. We had only been dating a short time so it wasn't heartbreak, at least not on my end. I was never able to do the things with her that I could do so freely and without fear of rejection with Seraphim. Seraphim commanded that I keep her thoroughly pleased. I never wanted to disappoint her, ever. She always rewarded me with her willingness to step outside the box of pleasure. One minute I would be sinking my hands into her soft flesh, watching her reaction to my touch. The next minute I was behind her fucking with reckless abandon as she cried out her pleasure. It was the most rewarding relationship I had ever experienced.

"Drew, I am glad I caught you. I was just checking in on you and the critique of my app," my buddy said into the phone. It was a rare moment when I was eating real food that I had disconnected from the app.

"Oh hey man," I said nervously. "I am still writing that critique. This app is quite a lot to process and it takes time man."

My buddy held on to the line, not speaking for a few seconds.

"Drew you know it isn't real right? I mean it's just a virtual reality fantasy game."

"I know that man but it is not like this is the Sims or some shit like that. This is different. I can feel everything happening to me and that my friend is a game changer."

"Do not let it take over Drew. I just wanted you to do a really sharp piece that identified the apps strengths and weaknesses. I want to know if I need to tone down the reality."

"Tone down the reality? Are you shitting me man? That's the beauty of the app. Do that my friend and all you have is some thirteen year old boy's wet dream."

"Okay Drew. Please remember this is just an app. I know how easy it is to get really into this app so be careful."

"I have this under control my friend. I will get back to you soon with a first draft of my complete review." My buddy reluctantly hung up the phone.

I did not see what he meant with his warning, especially when Seraphim and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary in the virtual world.

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