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A straight guy wonders... but will he find out?

I couldn't get enough of Darcy's oversized melons. After the cum was cleaned from my hands, I mauled and squeezed her pillowy titties like bread dough. She had some soft tits and they felt good in my hands. Even though her mass of covered-tits overflowed my hands, I roamed my hands over every inch. If they felt this good under a shirt, I can only imagine how good they will feel once released.

I worked Darcy's huge fluff bags so much, that I worked myself into an orgasm. I felt Darcy trembling too as I slapped her tits together and bounced them on her chest. I looked between Darcy's legs and saw her thighs glistening with cum.

"I think we're ready to begin girls," I said as I finally released my hands from under Darcy's tits.

The girls and I all looked at Derek's cock as it stood up once again. This time, Darcy herself was going to make Derek cum in buckets.

"That was some hot stuff," said Derek as he finally broken out of his state of bewilderment.

Derek looked down and saw his cock was rock hard again and looks over at Darcy. He saw the huge stain of cum on her shirt. It was plastered right between her monstrous melons and on the face of Mickey Mouse.

"Go ahead Darcy. Don't be shy," I whispered in her ear.

Darcy slowly walked over to Derek. She stood a few inches back due to her oversized titties between the two. Derek had his eyes locked in on the twin peaks as they bobbed and jiggled with Darcy's breathing.

Darcy got to her knees and faced Derek's huge cock head on. Derek's cock still had the smell of cum on it. Darcy gripped the thick shaft of Derek's throbbing prick and stroked it up and down. The head of his cock started getting fatter and turned purple. Darcy wrapped her lips around the throbbing cockhead and savored the cum that soaked into it's skin.

"Ugh!" Derek groaned as this semi-ugly chick sucked the head of his dick.

Her huge 36F cups were still clothed and squished against Derek's legs. He felt Darcy's massive nipples poking into his skin. Derek put his hands on Darcy's shoulders as she slowly engulfed more of Derek's cock between her lips.

"Hmmm! That's it Darcy... Suck that cock!" I egged her on.

Mandy pulled out a video camera and started filming. Lisa, Trish, and I watched the action from the bed.

Darcy's head began moving up and down between Derek's legs. Her mouth lubed up and down Derek's cock. Derek about lost it as he tilled his head back and closes his eyes. He felt the cold hard steel of Darcy's braces against his shaft.

"Ughh! Hmmm!" moaned Derek. "Oh god Darcy! I had no idea."

Derek seemed just as surprised as the rest of us about Darcy's huge tits and sexual appetite.

Darcy moved her mouth faster down Derek's cock. She nearly swallowed his entire juicy shaft to the base. Darcy's large ass rested on the heels of her sock-covered feet and her arms cradled her mammoth jiggling knockers as she sucked Derek's cock with intensity. I've never sucked Derek's cock with so much saliva falling out of my mouth. Darcy had saliva around her lips, dripping down her chin and staining her shirt.

"Oh god! Oh fuck lord! Ughhh!" Derek moaned and groaned.

Darcy's cheeks were puffing in and out as Derek's cockhead rubbed up against them. Darcy gripped Derek's ass and completely swallowed his monster whole. Her face was buried in Derek's bold crotch. His cum-filled heavy balls swayed against her wet chin.

After several minutes of deep-throating Derek, Darcy pulled his slobbery cock from her mouth and began licking her own saliva off it.

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