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The story concludes with twists and surprises at home.

Then he went on and told me how he went back to her office in the afternoon to give her sympathy, a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek to start with, which led to one on her lips.

"Not a snog," he said.

Dick told me how he felt her lovely firm ass and how he carried on felling that firm ass for the rest of the week while the kisses got longer.

I felt flustered so I changed the subject to holidays but within ten minutes he'd got the topic back to Jan. It was if he was reliving it all. He told me how the skirts she used to wear had gone from below the knee to three inches above, how they would have a little snog and he would have a crafty feel of her firm tits and arse, telling me he did this for a few days, sometimes twice a day, how he started touching her leg and gently rubbing it going a little further each day and retelling me how their kisses got longer each time they met.

Then one day he sat across from her, their knees touching, then talking to her, he gently stroked her leg, getting higher on each stroke, she slowly parted her legs a little, letting him get further up towards her panties, he leaned over kissed her turning it into a snog while sliding his hand all the way up to her panties, rubbing her pussy through them slowly moving round to rub her clit. Then he pushing the crotch to one side feeling her hairy lips, he slipped two fingers in and frigged her off. She soon came shaking, wetting his hand and her skirt.

He told me how he had to walk out behind her so no one could see the wet patch on the back of her skirt she led him to the car, flashed her wet panties for him and left for home leaving him horny.

Dick was grinning at his conquest, telling me he had to go to the bathroom for a wank.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and in detail, I couldn't say anything, as this would have stopped me finding out what I needed to, no wanted to know.

Dick told me I was lucky if Jan was as horny as back then. Lucky is not quite how I felt at that point in time.

A guy Dick knew came over Jez and the subject changed to football then golf and after another couple of pints, off he went, he was nearly as bad as Dick for bragging.

Within two minutes of Jez leaving Dick was back on topic Jan, as if he must tell all and make sure I knew every detail.

Dick went off into another story, saying how two or three days later he was in Jan's office when the phone rang, she was stood next to him when he slid his hand slowly up her skirt till he met with her knickers which he pushed aside feeling her hairy pussy, sliding his fingers along her slit, he, rubbed her clit and slid his thumb in her wet pussy and frigged her while on the phone, when Jan put the phone down she lifted her skirt round her waist and sank further on his thumb till she came, wetting his hand and her legs, "good job I was only using one hand, I had to put the other one over her mouth, telling me she was a loud moaner back then.

He then told me how she bent over sucked him off licking and taking as much as she could in her mouth, but when he shot into her mouth she spat it out on his trousers and it was his turn to run to the gents room to get cleaned up, telling the cleaner on the way he'd spilt yogurt on himself.

At this I said," good night" and off I went full of emotions.

When I got home I wanted to ask Jan about it all but part of me just wanted to rip her nightie off and fuck her there and then. I did neither just looked at her and wished it was me who'd done that to her back then.

All week I kept going over what Dick had told me and the next Friday I'd made my mind up to find out more so it was off to the bar again.

I went into the bar and got a drink while looking round catching Dick's eye. I stayed at the bar wondering if Dick was going to tell me how he'd fucked her.

After half hour had passed Dick made his way over, he asked me if I was looking after Jan and did she still look good?

I told him she's fine, looks fine to me and I'm very pleased I met her.

In two minutes he'd gone into bragging mode, telling me h

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