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Michelle surprises Sarah at work, in more ways than one.

"We'll see," he said, and ran down the zipper of my skirt, which hell down in a heap around my ankles. I remained in position, waiting for further comments as his hands started to travel up and down my thighs, occasionally flicking my snatch and sending a chill over my body.

"What do you think, Hole?" he asked his assistant, while still looking at me. I looked at him, then back at Hole, who was already approaching my semi-naked body. Hole was behind me in a jiffy, raising my arms again so that he could stretch his arms around me and blatantly cup my boobs.

I stood still, allowing two pairs of hands to ravish my young body. Dick played with my pussy and thighs; Hole was having his fun with my boobs. I stood sandwiched between two people I didn't know, awaiting their next move.

Dick was the first to speak, obviously, "Have you kissed anyone before?"

"Of course I have," I shot back, peeved.

"Are you any good at it?" asked Hole from behind me.

Now that's one question you can't answer, especially when there's a finger running wild over your panty-covered snatch. I was slowly getting into a haze, Dick's working on my pussy and Hole's mauling of my boobs was taking its toll on me. "Show us," Dick said. Before I could fully comprehend what he wanted me to show them, or how, Hole spoke out, "Boss, I would like to see how good she is."

That came as a shock; I was jolted out of my haze when I heard those words. My eyes opened wide, looked at Dick, who had moved back in his chair and was looking over my shoulder at his assistant. A few tense moments passed while Dick contemplated, his fingers still running over my pussy. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I heard him say the dreaded words, "Okay," to Hole and "Kiss him," to me.

How? I wondered. I was sure the man in command amongst the three of us didn't want to lose access to my pussy, but at the same time, the man behind me was supposed to access my lips. My predicament was solved by Hole; he reached around for my chin, pulled it to my left and pushed his face forward over my shoulder. Somehow, our lips met and his tongue found its way inside my mouth. While his tongue snaked around inside my mouth and his lips locked into mine, Hole pushed up my bra-cups and groped my naked boobs. The pressure on my neck was turning painful and I had to lean back to make myself more easily available to him.

I was now facing neither one of them, one arm thrown over Hole's shoulder, kissing him back as frantically as he was kissing me. My back was arched, my shoulders turned, but my pelvis was still obediently forward. Dick's undivided attention to my pussy had turned me on again, immensely. My panty was now pushed to a side, Dick was fingering my bare pussy, making me gasp and grunt in Hole's mouth. Dick's finger ventured entirely into me, sent a current through me and made my legs give away. I seemed to crumble down into his lap, breaking the kiss with Hole.

Dick held me by my waist and guided me onto his lap. I lay sprawled on top of his legs, one arm around his shoulder. I had shut my eyes; Dick's assault on my pussy was still rampant, two fingers now going in and out. "You're nice and tight," he commented, rolling a thumb over my clit. All I did in response was grunt and moan, unable to stop myself from enjoying the attention bestowed upon my private parts.

"Have you done any work yet?" Dick asked me. I didn't reply, I don't think I was expected to reply. And even if I was expected to, I couldn't have replied. Dick was now sucking on my boobs, his fingers were in my pussy and Hole had managed to find his way to my neck. He had unclasped and removed my bra. He was now cupping my boobs, spreading Dick's saliva all over the left globe. His other hand reached for my chin and pushed it up to meet his lips. His mouth clamped down on mine and we resumed what had stopped a bit earlier.

While I was being kissed my Hole, I heard a buckle open and a rumple of clothes.

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