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She invites two men back for a threesome.

They finally got out of the shower and dried each other off, still kissing and caressing, fondling, and squeezing. They put on robes and went from bath to bedroom.

Yvette went to Beth on the way to the bedroom and said, "Beth, we'll be in the bedroom for a while, ok?"

"Oh, go on," said Beth, "don't mind me. I'm fine. I wish I could go again, but I know I can't, so you have fun." she smiled.

She went in to Chevy and stood poised just inside the closed door. Chevy sat on the bed. She let the robe fall to the floor slowly, revealing her body in all its beauty. As she stood naked before him all the womanly parts of her seemed to thrust forward and upward, the dark areolas and nipples ardently offering themselves to him. Her breasts were set high, and sort of tilted, begging to be kissed! Her hairless pubic mound was set high and protruding so that, even though she stood with her shapely legs modestly pressed together, the soft ample lips of her vagina parted just the slightest bit at their upper joining, to allow a small glimpse of the little pink bud of her clit, which Chevy could see was moist at that moment, like a pearl just plucked from the water! Chevy's mouth watered for her.

But he kept his composure. Getting up slowly, he moved toward her, reaching out with his right hand to gently trace he jaw line down to her fresh, full lips. They started to kiss, slowly and gently, touching each other here and there. Chevy could feel the heat from her pussy radiating outward. His dick grew hard and as it stood, it raised itself between her legs. Without stopping the kiss, she spread her legs apart to allow his dick to raise itself until it met her hot pussy lips, then she closed her thighs on it gently.

Chevy had never experienced anyone like her before. She started to saw back and forth with his dick between her legs standing there.

"Tell me," she asked, "how did you grow such a huge dick? We've heard such rumors about American Black men, but I never believed it, until now!"

He could feel droplets of her pussy juices as they ran out and over his dick.

Oh well," Chevy mused, "I guess some of us are just blessed I suppose, or cursed."

"Why cursed?" She was curious about his answer.

"Cursed, my sweet Yvette, because for a man like me, women aren't that easy to find. I mean, women who don't mind men with what they like to call "monster cocks. I hear that most women love a man with a big dick, but I don't seem to find many of those kind."

"I must admit," she retorted, "I am apprehensive about how you will fit into my pussy, and I know that it will never be the same again after you fuck me. But I want it, it has to happen."

The stood for a few moments more, glorying in each other's touch. He towered above her, and she herself was not a small woman, but only came up to his chest. He was the first black man she'd been this intimate with, and against the whiteness of her skin, his color was not light enough to proclaim any admixture of white blood as some American blacks have, yet it was not the blackness of the very black man. Instead Chevy was a warm tobacco brown. His skin tones were alive with golden highlights and wine dark shadows.

He was like a bronze colossus, his sloping muscles joining his neck to his wide shoulders and flowing into the swelling curvature of his pectorals, each of which were sharply defined and well rounded. They seemed to blossom with a sculptured bronze rosette effect. His flat stomach fell in smoothly from his chest with a six-pack of rippling abs. His maleness was hidden from view by the tight briefs he wore but she could see the huge bulge it made. She took notice of the well muscled, swelling thighs, the bulging calves and large feet firmly planted on the carpet.

She soon pushed him back to the bed and down upon it.

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