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Man pays for Maid's service, and more.


Ali and I cut a deal with a local lithographer for limited, numbered copies of our works, all except the reclining nude; that was safely hanging over the mantle of the little used fireplace in the large living room at the manse.

The response to our work, Ali and I's work, overwhelmed us, honestly. We hoped that our efforts would find acceptance on some level, but to this extent, we had no idea.

Both the Lower Nine series and the Erotica series were hugely popular, almost making me regret limiting the reprints, but not enough to change my mind.

Ali's pen and ink series drew rave reviews and sold really well, and also generated inquires about her doing some personal nudes from several admirers of her work.

My thirty-second birthday came and went; no big deal about it was made at my request. I've never been big on birthday celebrations, and I don't know why, just not my thing, I guess.

Between the girls, Sami and Justine, plus Ali and I, there was always someone at the gallery during our open hours. We encouraged some of the brighter unknowns to show their works, and we were gaining somewhat of a reputation as the new and hip gallery to find undiscovered treasures.

Moving into fall, all was going very well, indeed; life was good for us.

I had gotten into the habit of working after the gallery closed for the day, upstairs in my photo studio; sometimes Ali did as well, finding creativity in the quiet of the closed gallery, as I did.

That's what I was doing on this particular night, but alone as Ali was at a board meeting at her bank.

"Shit, you scared the crap out of me," I exclaimed when I saw Sami enter from the stairwell upon hearing her footsteps.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lynn, I thought you heard me call for you from downstairs," Sami said, her face etched with apology.

Both Sami and Justine had keys to the gallery.

"I saw a light and just thought I'd stop to see what was going on," she further explained.

"Don't you guys have a pep-rally or something tonight?" I asked, reaching for and lighting a half-smoked doobie, completely forgetting that Sami had never seen me or Ali smoke before.

Smiling at the joint in my hand, Sami said to me, "Yeah, but the rah-rah thing lost my interest after my freshman year," eyeing the joint in my hand as she spoke.

"Shit, I'm sorry, Sami," rushing to put it out.

"Oh don't put it out, Lynn, us country girls learn to smoke weed early," laughing as she said it.

Damn, I thought, what do I do now? Well hell, I thought further, she's almost twenty-two years old and certainly not a minor. Yes, she was an employee but she had also become a friend to Ali and I.

"Okay, but not a word to Justine," I cautioned her, "She's still, technically, underage." Justine was twenty but still underage.

Lighting the joint again, I took a hit, and held it out to Sami, returning to my computer afterwards.

"What'cha doing?" Sami asked, handing the joint back to me.

"Cleaning up some light reflections on those shots I took last week at the loading docks on the river," fiddling with the mouse to get exactly what I was looking for.

I became aware that she was very close to me, looking over my shoulder to my screen, her breast pressing against the back of my shoulder. I tried to ignore the signals from my crotch, tried to ignore the feeling of her young, firm breast pressing against me.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore it, however, because of the seed that Ali had planted about Sami having a crush on me.

She held the joint against my lips for me to take the last hit, her fingertips brushing my lips as I sucked on the doobie. Putting the doobie out in the ashtray, by my mousepad, she returned to observe my manipulation of the computer program, her breast pressing against me again, but a bit more so, I was sure.

I felt her breath against my skin before I felt her lips on my neck. I froze when her moist lips touched the skin of my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Sami, what are you doing?" I asked but making no

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