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Barbara's elaborate self bondage & Julie's 1st sub encounter.

"So how are things? Still with what's-his-name?" He enquired politely, taking a taste of his own coffee before resting his hand next to my leg.

I could feel the heat coming from his body, his shoulders as wide as they were the first day I'd met him. We swapped pleasantries about my crappy, middle-class life for another five minutes or so before I asked him if he had settled down yet. His brown eyes seemed to come alive as he answered me.

"Nope, I thought I'd found the woman for me but she figured that someone else was better for her." Did he mean me? Surely there'd been plenty of women afterwards, the guy was a first class hunk.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that." No I wasn't. "She obviously doesn't know what she's missing." I sure did.

"I don't think she does, all happily married with her two kids... Are they good kids?" This time I knew he meant me. My skin came out in goosepimples as I stared at him in surprise.

"Yes they are. Surely you don't mean me?" I spat out.

"I mean you honey. I've never forgotten you, nobody else ever came close." He called me honey, I felt my heart beat against my breastbone viciously. He first started calling me honey after making me come into his mouth for the first time, saying I tasted like honey so that'd be his name for me. I swallowed hard.

"Tell me Dean... Do you still have that thing you like to do?" I gulped. Was this my wish come true?

"Thing? I like to do lots of things." He laughed, clearly enjoying the effect his flirting was having on me.

"You know..." I lowered my voice "Eating pussy."


How we got from conversation while sipping coffee to his car I couldn't say for sure, just it was decided on that we went back to his flat for something to eat. Dean left me in no doubt as to what he wanted to eat. In the car I told him what I wanted him to do to me; that I wanted him to make me scream for the first time in years.

He practically dragged me into the elevator at his block of flats. Kissing me hard on the mouth, raping my mouth with his tongue, biting on my lip as my hand reached for his hard cock. His cock was as long and thick as it had been all those years ago, my nipples tightened as I remembered his endless stamina.

Was it any surprise that it'd come to this? My pent up urges bursting free with an ex-boyfriend while my husband took care of our children.

I'd barely made it through the door when he started pushing up my skirt to run his fingers over my soaking pants. He rubbed through the thin lace against my swollen lips, pushing the fabric inside the aching outer lips and grazing my clit. I moaned as the tingling sensations swept through my body, toes curling inside my expensive high heeled shoes. Pulling my panties down he shoved me back onto his front door, kneeling in-between my legs that he spread wide open with his hands. His head diving straight for my wet cunt.

As his tongue teased every part of me except for my clit and hole I groaned. He always did like to tease me first, whipping me into a frenzied state before indulging in his favourite pastime. Making me come repeatedly. I could barely wait, I'd been waiting long enough for this. Grabbing his hair I pulled him closer to me, feeling his nose squash into my skin as his tongue hit home. I whimpered as the most delicious chills came over me at his tongue slowly tapping and licking the throbbing nub.

I was orgasming before I knew it, screaming and thrashing, my entire body on fire. I collapsed to the floor as he pulled on my legs to get me into a laying position. His masterful hands taking me exactly where he wanted me to go. Knees up, legs as far apart as they'd go. His middle finger speared me as his mouth returned to my clit. Thrusting slowly he worked me up again, that relentless tongue wringing yet more pleasure out of my sensitive clit. I yelped as a second finger joined the first, speeding up, stretching my longing cunt.

Quivering with desire I just lay there, grinding my pussy onto his tongue and fingers.

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