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His ploy to cure wife of bedtime headaches backfires.

I was soaping myself thoroughly in preparation for the sauna, when a naked man entered the shower room. He had a very nice muscular body, allover tan and a beautiful circumcised cock, quite rare in Germany, with a cock ring at its base. This ring was special as it had a little protrusion that looked like a head of a snake. Oh my! I thought to myself, this ring can drive my clit nuts! His balls were big and were enclosed by a tight fitting scrotum. His balls were positioned up close to his belly and were placed forward, hardly swaying when he walked. His cock was long and slightly engorged. It curved forward and downward resting along the dent between his balls. He had absolutely no body hair except on his head. I instantly started to get wet in my pussy, and not from the shower. Everything he had between his thighs was like it was taken out of my wettest dreams.

I forced myself to lift my eyes and smiled to myself as I caught him staring at my shaved pussy. When he realized he was caught staring, he apologized by telling me how attractive I am and that he liked the sexy jewels I was wearing. How clever of him to smooth his way out!

Then he asked me if I was the one he was looking at the caf? by the lake and it suddenly rang a bell; he was the handsome cyclist I did not have the courage to flirt with. I must not lose this chance again, not after I saw him in his full glory.

I thanked him for complementing my sexy jewelry, stating bravely that there is no reason to wear them if nobody can enjoy their beauty. I saw that he liked my creative reply.

We introduced ourselves to one another by our names and I told him I didn't recognize him without his clothes on. He laughed, telling me he didn't recognize me either in my nakedness. I felt we broke the ice between us. I complemented him on his cock ring and how attractive he looks and I saw deep in his eyes that he enjoyed my complements.

As Dan opened the sauna door for me I made a decision I am not letting my inhibitions take over this time. I was relieved to see we were the sole occupants of the sauna room, so I spread my towel on the top bench, leaned my back on the wall and spread my thighs so as to expose my pussy to his view. I was already wet from the excitement.

I fixed my eyes on his beautiful dick and started to finger my pussy, first dipping two fingers to collect some lubrication, spreading it over my swollen pussy lips and clit. I started circling my clit, not touching it but rather giving it indirect stimulation by going around in circles and tagging on my ring. My right hand cupped my left tit and I pushed it up to lick my areola and to bite on my nipple. My masturbation had the desired effect on Dan and his dick grew to become long, thick and pointed upwards like in his cycling shorts at the caf? this afternoon.

I was getting bolder as my excitement was increasing and with the confidence I received from Dan's positive reaction to my pussy play. I introduced my ring finger to my ass hole massaging the sphincter slowly in circles. When I felt the relaxation in my sphincter, I slowly introduced it into my ass sensing a slight burn that was soon changing into a sense of fullness. His eyes were fixed on my anal play in a Trans like gaze and he gasped when I pushed my finger into my ass as if his asshole was being the one penetrated. Then he followed my lead and started massaging his prostate between his balls and his ass hole. His other hand was stroking his big cock and I wished, when he would cum, his sperm would spray on my body. My juices were flowing freely out of my cunt. I could cum any moment, but I didn't let myself go, so I could lavish myself with the sexual tension my body was in for a long time before my orgasm arrived.

I was engulfed in my feelings and totally forgot we were masturbating in a public place, when I suddenly heard Dan's order: "Stop!" It took me a second, but the adrenalin rush brought my senses back in no time, and I took my hands out of my precious holes, put my legs closed tight and straightened them on the ben

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