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A little malfunction in the boardroom.

The best things 'cum' to those who wait.

Suddenly, much to Emma's surprise and disdain however, Kyle whipped himself out of her mouth, her spit flying everywhere as his giant cock sprang into the open air once more.

She looked to him with confusion, denied her prize. 'What's....?' She began.

'I nearly came,' Kyle said, an intense frown above his eyes.

He quivered, holding that black cylinder as if, Emma thought, trying to stop himself coming.

She looked to the cameramen, hoping for clarification.

They'd stopped filming momentarily. Max explained.

'He doesn't want to make a mess of you just yet.'

She looked back to her squirming lover with slight ire. Make a fucking mess of me! Make a fucking mess of me, dammit!!

'He doesn't normally come again so soon actually,' the photographer added quietly.

Emma felt a pang of warm satisfaction shoot through her and a dizzy smile again crept up her cheeks.

From another unseen source, Max produced a small, sponge mat and placed it at Emma's side. 'Normally we get all the sex out of the way before we do the money shot,' he went on. 'It would just interrupt things if we had to clean you up.'

'Well, just for the record,' Emma smirked right into the film camera, 'I was totally ready for my reward.'

'Oh you horny minx,' Max said, with a glint in his eye.

'I won't let you go disappointed,' Kyle then said, seemingly recovered from his near miss.

Gazing dreamily into his eyes, Emma shot him a smile as he approached her again and stood over her, his massive erection still throbbing in front of her.

'Let's do this up here,' he said to Max, picking up the sponge mat and going over to some small rocks.

This was just insane. Here she was, tits out, wearing only her tiny bikini bottoms and a pair of slut-shoes, a black cock in her mouth just seconds ago, crotch sopping with pussy-gush, complaining about the fact that her face wasn't covered in cum; kneeling on the floor waiting to discover what was going to happen next. She had a quick look around, no longer anxious of how exposed she was. The crew watched on with eager eyes, most of them adjusting awkward lumps in their pants.

Even if I had the courage to tell Amanda about this, she'd never fucking believe it!!

Kyle was helping her up and leading her over to the rock over which he'd placed the small mat.

The cameras were already rolling.

'Okay, will you lie back?' Kyle asked, though in truth, if she had refused (Ha! As if!!), it's likely he would have just thrown her down there, got on with his work and held her there until she submitted.

Emma dutifully got in position, breathing heavily and lay back on the mat. She was at an angle of about 30 degrees, so still had to support herself with her legs (something to do with the leg muscles being more visible for the camera, according to Max).

She checked, Kyle was still sporting an erection like he was about to go jousting with it.

He leant in and over her and their bodies touched. She placed her hands on his rippling forearms and braced herself, staring deep into those wonderful eyes of his.

He leant in further and planted a deep kiss on her lips which Emma fully expected to turn into full frenchie as her tongue reached out for him, but Kyle dipped down onto her chest and was quickly sucking on her quivering tits.

She let out a startled whimper. Again he was mauling her, squeezing and clawing at her whilst sucking, kissing and biting.

God, not again!!

She laid back her head and submitted herself to the inevitable.

But Kyle's hand went dramatically south, landing firmly on the wetness deep between her legs. He was rubbing her, again that lightweight fabric offering no resistance. Within seconds, he had his hand on her steaming pussy, clawing at her and sliding his wonderful, electric fingers up and down her cleanly trimmed lady-slit. Gradually, his wonderful mouth, his magical tongue worked their way south too.

When she came up for a look; all three men were down there, Kyle giving the cameramen a moment

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