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Major Arthur Pendragon lead his group of survivors...

Should make it easier for you to complete your tasks. Do well this week and you will get a surprise treat at the end of the week.

Lacey: I will do what I can boss to complete my tasks. Once completed I will send the evidence to your phone.

The rest of the day passed uneventful, as I let Lacey work into the challenge of the tasks.

On Tuesday morning I had just finished up a project memo when my phone buzzed with Lacey's picture telling me a text had arrived. I jumped up and closed the door to my office and clicked on the text.

The message read "getting started," and had a video attachment. I clicked on the video link and saw it was Lacey in a corner of the locker room at her gym.

"Wanted to document to you boss my preparations so far. As you can see (camera pans down), I'm wearing my yellow biker shorts. Also notice that as I pull on the front, you can clearly see that I'm wearing no panties. Yesterday I did this and the sweat dripped down my back and between my ass cheeks, making the material wet and clearly defining my fine ass. I had several men vying

for the treadmills behind me as I worked out on the elliptical machine but could not get a video. Today will be different."

With that the camera zoomed in on Lacey's face as she blew me a kiss. I spent the next hour waiting for that next text. Time crawled and I could not concentrate on the work at hand. Finally I heard the buzz and her picture popped up. There were two texts, one reading open first.

I clicked on the first text and again a video link was attached. It was Lacey sitting in her minivan, sweat still glistening on her face, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Wow, I can't believe I just completed task one! It was easier than I thought it would be so I guess I underestimated either the horniness of men or how great my ass is. I hope you enjoy and if possible I would request that my boss come and evaluate my work first hand as my pussy is sopping wet and I could really use your hard penis."

I eagerly opened the second text and the attached video. Lacey had used the new camera and must have set it up facing her on the machine so it could record what was going on behind her. She had zoomed it so that you could see at least three of the treadmills behind her and all of the men's faces. The sound coming from the camera was just the normal gym sounds, music and machines moving. She must have choose to wait before hitting the record button until all 3 spots were filled.

One treadmill had an older looking guy, probably in his fifties. The other two had young guys, probably just in college and out on break. They obviously knew each other and were talking as they ran. You could also make out that all three had eyes glued on my wife's ass. As she went up and down on the machine, the older gentleman's eyes went with her. One of the college boys was pointing as he spoke to his friend and they both laughed. At this point I could see that she dropped her towel that was hanging and she paused her workout.

She got off the elliptical and gave a wicked glance to the camera as her face crossed in front of it. I could tell she had bent over to get the towel and she must have lined it up perfect as part of her show to the 3 guys. I can only imagine the sight that they must have seen. With no panties on and those tight shorts riding up, they must have been given a full cameltoe view.

The older gentleman jumped his legs off to the side of his treadmill and was in a full stare at my wife's ass and now full cameltoe showing. The two college boys exchanged quick glances and then high fived each other.

Lacey climbed back on the machine and continued her workout as if nothing happened. I could see the older gentleman at that point get off of his treadmill to leave the gym. One of the college boys jumped over to his treadmill with a quick passing word to him that I could not hear. The other college boy disappeared for a minute and then I heard some clear voices coming through.

It must have been the kid

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