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Mom and Aunt double team the boys.

Then he moves further up, like with his kisses, just a little further up. You feel his hands sliding under your knees. As his tongue moves further up your upper inner thighs, you feel your legs being lifted and spread even more. You don't spare a glance at his hands as you watch the movements of his tongue. You see him slide, flicking up making that small line up along your skin. Then move up and again making that small line. As your legs are completely spread and being held up, his tongue would continue the stroke back down. The tip sliding up, then instead of lifting away, it would slide back down. He strokes and teases your upper inner thigh with his tongue tip making wet sensual zig zags, like the letter 'M".

You watch as his tongue approaches that bridge between your leg and panties. You see yourself moving, again not realizing that you had been moving. His tongue sends a tingle along your skin. His tongue slides back into his mouth as his tongue touches the beginning of that bridge. He looks up at you. As your eyes lock once more with his, he lowers his slightly parted lips onto that bridge. It was a strange feeling at first but it felt nice. His mouth kissed then gently sucked on the skin there. Then he would move further along, closer and closer to your panty covered pussy.

You see yourself move in the form of his head moving slightly with you. His lips still locked against that bridge. His lips stopped halfway across. As his eyes continue to stare into your eyes, his lips open wider to take more of your skin into his mouth. His soft lips press and massage against that bridge between your leg and pussy. Gently, he began to suck. Slowly, he matches your movements. Every hip movement sliding forward, his mouth would suck against you. Every hip movement back, he would release but never pull away. Slowly and slowly the feeling of his sucking lips ran along the bridge. It felt almost as if he was sucking you. Your body moved and his lips moved with you. His mouth pulling against you as your body pushes against him.

You found yourself almost thrusting against him even though his lips wasn't against your pussy. Then you shivered at the unexpected feeling of his tongue tip stroking you with every sucking motion. His tongue tip only slides, and flicks up your skin within his mouth. You shiver harder.

You hear yourself gasp and moan to him. You tell him you want to feel his mouth against you. You want him to be sucking you.

His eyes still on you as he continues to tease you that way. You see the bed shaking as your body shakes against his teasing mouth. You gasp as he stops.

His tongue slides out, and gently runs the tip of his tongue across the rest of that bridge. You look down and watch as the tip of his tongue moves off your skin and onto your panties. You gas as he circles the tongue tip along your panties, you feel the touch of him against your pussy through the material. His tongue moves slowly. He swirls his tongue in slow circles up along your pussy lips. Then as he reaches the top, he moves down again. You find yourself pushing up against him to feel more of his tongue. Your fingers grip your leg below your knees and try to spread you further. You feel his tongue press against your pussy as he then starts to stroke up. Circling left then right and up, he moves his tongue against your pussy.

You moan as you push yourself against his tongue. His tongue feels so good against you but you want to feel it in you. Your body shakes as he teases you further by moving up then twirling around your clit and moving away before you could grind yourself against him. Up and down his tongue slowly moves. Your body moves with him but your mind is screaming for release.

You feel him release your left leg and you find your leg lean back up towards his head.

His hand finds your left hand and guides your hand to your knee.

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