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Dad teaches son a few tricks.

King's legs, feeling the well developed muscles and the soft fur that lined his legs. Resisting the urge to explore under his boxers, I moved my hands up to the waistband and slowly pulled them down. I folded them carefully and placed them on top of his shoes under the desk. As I crawled back, I noted that I was learning to navigate the room with the blindfold on.

When I returned to the bed, I grasped his ankles and pondered my next move briefly. Since this was to be a lunchtime quickie, I decided against extended foot worship; not knowing how long it would take him to cum, I chose to focus on his cock. I started kissing my way up his right leg, letting my right hand caress his left leg as I moved up. Arriving at his knee, I switched sides, moving my lips to his left thigh as my left hand caressed his right thigh. I could feel the hairs on his leg brushing my lips, but I was moving quickly into subspace and barely noticed.

I heard him catch his breath when my lips moved to the upper part of his thigh. I circled his crotch with my mouth, kissing up to his waist and moving down the other thigh. I could feel that his build was average, with just the slightest hint of middle age spread. As I circled him, his now erect cock brushed my forehead and I felt some precum cling it. My hand felt the coarse hair that covered his crotch. Mr. King did not shave his pubic area.

Moving to his shaft, I started at the base and kissed my way up it. It was smooth, but I could feel coarser hairs growing out of it. Six kisses took me to the head, which meant it was about six inches long. As I held it in my hands, I could tell it was thin, which would make it easier to fit in my mouth. When my lips got to the shaft/head line, I flicked my tongue around the base of the head. It was circumcised and had a small mushroom shape.

I moved my tongue to the tip of his cock and captured a drop of his precious precum. I held it on my tongue, savoring the sweetness of it and hoping for much more. With my tongue still on it, I slid my thumb up his shaft, squeezing out more nectar on my tongue. After swallowing that and coating my tongue in saliva, I circumnavigated the base of his cockhead and was rewarded by Mr. King's moans of pleasure.

"Lick my balls!" he ordered.

Dutifully, I kissed my way down his shaft toward his scrotum as my hand gently cradled them. I realized I was going to wind up with a mouth full of pubic hair, not one of my favorite foods. However, I was the Pleasure Giver; my own inconvenience was irrelevant, and I had to learn how to pleasure the hairiest of men without flinching.

I licked his scrotum and rubbed his balls softly with my fingers. They were smaller than I had expected, which would allow me to take them both in my mouth. I sucked them in, feeling the hair on his scrotum rub on my tongue. I sucked on them, pulling first one, then the other, as my tongue ran over the outside of the sac. I let a finger drift down his perineum and stroked his taint. With the other hand, I coated his cock shaft with his precum and started lightly stroking it. I could smell his musk, not unpleasant, and felt my own cock twitch at the smell. My face was buried in his crotch. I was feeling overwhelmed with the senses that were available to me: his powerfully masculine smell, the smoothness of his body hair and the contrast of his pubic strands, the sound of his heavy breathing and occasional grunt. These filled me with desire and need: the need to feel his cock in my mouth, the need to taste more of his precum and, above all, the need for him to possess my mouth by filling it with his cum. I was humming with desire as I suckled on his balls.

Then came the words that gave me goose bumps. "Now show me how good a cocksucker you really are. Here's a pillow for your knees: you'll need it."

I felt the pillow hit me gently in the face and I took it gladly.

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