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The survivors explore their options on a mysterious planet.

" I say, removing my hands. "Are you related to Alin?"

Alin chuckled. "We are not blood brothers, but brothers in arms. We are both of the patrol teams that help hide our secret city."

"Oh. Well you sort of failed on that one, recent events considered."

Was that too bold? I thought so briefly, as two pairs of centaur eyes narrowed on me. Thankfully, it resulted in laughter and agreement.

Dragos sat down on the other side of me, and I noticed he had something akin to a leather backpack on his shoulders. He reached back and plucked a fruit from one of the pockets, offering it to me.

"I imagine you're hungry. Please accept one of the delicacies of our people."

"Thanks!" I was hungry, I'll give him that. I accepted the fruit and took a bite out of it's soft red surface. Tasted like an apple and a grape all at once. Strange, but delicious.

Alin was eyeing the fruit with suspicion. "Dragos, where did you find a Kina fruit? I have not seen one in ages."

Dragos laughed. "We've always kept growing them in a small patch in the west fields."

"Uhhh." I finished swallowing my third bite (I was hungry!) and looked down at my fruit with concern. "What exactly am I eating here?"

Alin sighed. "We've called it Kina in the past. You remember the human/centaur tribe I described from long ago? Well... the human women had trouble taking the centaur's 'cocks'-"

Laughter from Dragos. Did this word really entertain them that much? Just wait till I caught them up with the rest of American slang.

"-and so they took the Kina fruit to help. I suppose you could say it has properties that loosen up your body."

"Loosen up... my body?" I stared at them for a moment before it dawned on me. "Oh Christ. It loosens up my vagina to fit your ridiculous cocks inside." I glared at Dragos. "I want to be mad at you, but that was actually pretty clever on your part."

"Thank you! I thought of it on the run here."

Alin sighed again from his friend's antics. "Ashley, I apologize for his foolish behavior. I understand if you don't want to do anything like that just yet. You have much to learn about our culture and-"

"Nah, I think I'm good."

"... what?"

Was it the fact that I had just been embarrassed in front of anyone who was about to watch the evening news? Or that I was in a whole new world where rules didn't seem to apply? Or perhaps that I had two strong, very attractive centaurs vying for my sex? Whatever the reason, I was suddenly very open about my sexuality, and more adventure seemed in order.

"We can try it. I'm naked, wet, and surrounded by two hot guys. Sounds like some sexual fun in the sun." I realized I sounded like a poorly written character in an erotic fiction story, but my mind was racing.

I don't know if it's a normal sight to watch a horse-like creature leap to it's feet like that, but it was an exciting one to watch. "Of course! I would be honored, I mean."

I laughed. Already best friends, and we had just met! I started scarfing down the rest of the fruit, aware that the thing wasn't magic and I would need every last bit to help stem the incoming pain from this insane experience.

Dragos seemed to be happy watching for the moment. I got up on all fours and hiked my white booty as high as I could.

"Go easy on me, please." I said. "I'd rather not have to return to human civilization bleeding out from my privates."

"It is a lovely sight. Why would you keep it private?"

"Please don't make me choke on my fruit. You're so cute it's hilarious."

He had no clue what that meant, but he agreed to treat me with care. The hoofs trotted closer and soon I felt his presence looming over me, his torso just over my lower back.

Then I felt it press against my ass. Ok, buddy, I'm definitely not ready for that entrance. I reached back and guided him lower to my waiting lips, letting him thrust a bit to start sliding inside.

I was already wet, to say the least.

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