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Lesbian librarian finds an unusual genie lamp.

That's where she came in.

His social feed told her which club he was hitting that night. Wearing the most revealing outfit she had she slipped inside a few hours before opening. She lurked through the growing crowds awaiting the arrival of her prey. Finally Thomas arrived laughing and joking with all his friends. She followed him closely, watching, learning, finally she was ready to make her move.

The Hypnotist marched up to her prey. Thomas was a pretty boy with nice clothes and fancy electronic toys on display at all times. He would be easy.

"Hello there," she purred.

He nearly choked on his over priced drink.

"Uh ... hello."

"Buy a girl a drink?"


They made their way to the bar and she ordered.

"What's your name Tiger?" she teased.


"Thomas, are you a boob man?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well you've been staring at mine all night."

He began to stutter out a response.

"Sh, it's OK. I want you to. That's why I'm dressed like this. So you can look at my big bouncy boobs. So you can become lost in them. You're lost in the constant motion my breathing causes. The way the light shines off the sweaty surface. You're totally helpless to resist them or me. You want to come home with me don't you?"


"Good then, let's go."

She turned and left without looking back. She knew he was following. He had no choice. They drove back to her hideout. While he sat on the bed she slipped into the bathroom.

"You ready baby?"


She would have to make him more passionate with her next induction. She emerged wearing nothing but a light gray set of bra, panties and garter attached to black sheer stockings. She gave him a little twirl.

"Alright now, let's get to work. Just watch me twirl. Loose yourself in the motion of my body. With each turn another memory of your old life will be locked away until I release it. Soon there will be nothing of Thomas left. Then our real fun can begin."

The Hypnotist screamed out in orgasmic bliss collapsing upon Thomas's equally satisfied body. Well he wasn't Thomas anymore, not really. The real Thomas was locked in a little cage deep in his own mind. In his stay was her loving boyfriend Terry.

This was what happened to all her marks. She replaced them with Terry. He had been her first love. They dated all through high school going hot and heavy. It had been Terry that got her interested in hypnosis in the first place. Having heard about how it enhanced the sexual experience online he suggested they try it. It worked better than either of them imagined. She had taken to it much more passionately than he had. She became obsessed with it. Fearing for his mind he fled in the night. She never saw him again.

No that wasn't what happened. She knew that. That was the programming talking. She had to fight it. She had to remember who she really was. She was Jeri Law. At least she was until three years ago when she met Terry or as he called himself then ... The Hypnotist.

He used hypnosis to kidnap people for ransom. That paid well but it started to lose his appeal. There was no challenge anymore. So he decided to leave the field and find something knew. He knew his clients wouldn't let him so he decided to make a new Hypnotist. He met Jeri at the library letting her catch him check out her breasts. He flirted with her a little before luring him back to his hotel room. She thought she was getting a sensual massage. Instead she was receiving a detailed induction. Before she knew it Jeri Law was gone and so was Terry. Only The Hypnotist remained.

The Hypnotist pulled herself out of her foggy past. She had work to do after all. Grabbing her phone she called Thomas's father.

"Hello? Who is this?" he demanded.

"This is your son's new owner."

"What the hell are you talking about? Don't call me again, I'm a very busy man."

"If you hang up now you'll never see your son again."

"Excuse me?"

"Listen: unlock."

He held the phone up to Thomas as he was roughly put back in control of his own body once more.

"What the hell? Where am I? Who are you?"


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