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As I began to unpack and fill the empty side of the room he told me that he was a catcher and that he came here on scholarship. It wasn't his first choice but he had gotten hurt during his senior year of high school and this was the only school that gave him any money to play.

Eventually, while he was talking, he had started to help me unpack. He had just finished filling up the mini-fridge I had brought when he went to open the foot locker. My heart rate spiked through the roof and I immediately dropped the shirts I was hanging up.

"Don't open that, I got it!"

Josh jumped at my reaction and backed away with his hands raised. I pushed the foot locker under my bed trying not think about what would have happened had he actually opened it. My mind was racing through every scenario and none of them were good. Had he opened it he would've found a dozen pairs of panties, a couple bras, a few dresses, and a couple pairs of high heels.

As I was trying to hide my embarrassment, he said something about having to go. He told me that he probably wouldn't be around the dorm much besides to sleep the first few weeks because they had practice all the time. When I turned around to acknowledge him he was walking out the door. A wave of relief washed over me instantly. It wasn't until a few days later when things became interesting.


We both settled into college life. Classes during the day for me and then afterwards Josh would head to baseball for three to four hours each night. I wasn't the most outgoing person so I didn't spend a whole lot of time trying to meet anyone else in the dorm. Besides, I wanted to use the little time I had by myself to dress up.

Almost every day when he left for practice I would go through my transformation. I would spend the next couple hours studying and finish up homework dressed up. Every night when I knew he would be coming back soon I would get undressed and put everything back in the locker safely and tuck it under the bed again. Until one night when I got sloppy.

I had been going through my normal routine when a classmate texted saying that they wanted to go and grab something to eat and wanted me to join. I didn't have as much to do that night so I got undressed and went to go and meet up with them. I didn't really pack the locker like I normally would because I figured that I would go out and be back before Josh returned. When I left, the locker was partially exposed from under my bed with a pair of white and pink striped panties hanging out. That little mistake would end up changing my life forever.

When I came back to the dorm I was surprised to find Josh sitting at his desk studying. I had completely forgotten about my locker while I was out and thought nothing of it. I figured I had already put everything away like I normally did. Josh finished reading whatever it was he was reading and then turned to face me.

"Hey Kevin, how's it going?"

There was something about his look that instantly made me freeze up. He had a mischievous grin on his face as he got up and walked over to me. He patted me on the back as he went past me and locked the door. Fear started to coarse through my veins as he walked back over to me and leaned against the wall.

"So is there something that you want to tell me Kevin?"

"Um...no? I'm all good."

He crossed his arms as he looked me up and down, the strange grin never once leaving his face. Then he stared at me. It was if he was staring into my soul. Nervously, I started to scratch my arm and looked away. As I did, he let out a devious chuckle. He went over to my bed and pulled out the locker. I reached out to try to stop him only to get pushed away as if I was nothing. He dumped out all of the locker's contents on the floor and I shrank away, wrapping my arms around me. My life was ruined.

"I got back from practice today and I saw something sticking out of your little box here.

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