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Set within the French Revolution.

"Being with a younger man. I'm not exactly a Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes I wake up from bed feeling like a dinosaur."

"We all have our bad days," he remarked.

"Have you been with older women before?"

"Yes, I have. Though none like you."

"Really? How different am I from them?"

"You're Martha Stewart and Oprah rolled into one."

She laughed; she swept her hair off her face. "That's funny, but thanks."

"I'm serious. You've got sex appeal like a Cougar."

"One of the traits of having to run your own company without bowing to stupid pricks on Wall Street. The last time I was in a compromising situation like this was three years ago."

Kev reclined himself on his arm to look at her. "Who was he?"

She shook her head. "That I didn't bother to know, and I guess I didn't want to know. I was in Vegas attending a stock meeting. It was a long day, and the meeting had gone on for hours. By the time I returned to my hotel, it was past eight. I'd stopped at a drive-through to grab a bite, but really, what I wanted was a drink. I got back to the hotel and went into the bar, and there he was. He caught my eye and I went and sat with him and two drinks later, we went up to my room."

"Did you enjoy it?"

She gave him an amused sort of laugh. "I can't really say, can I. I'd just been through a messy divorce, so I guess it was a relief to be having sex again. I wasn't all happy about it, and now that I think about it, I guess I wasn't prepared to indulge into such. I didn't feel safe, and also, I didn't know the guy. For all I know, he could have been someone my ex sent to seduce me to get more money out of me. He was gone in the morning, and I felt grateful that I never ran into him again."

"Anyone else being in your life since then?"

"Besides my terrier and my cat, none."

"Must be lonely for you. Having all this and alone."

"Yeah, it does get lonely sometimes, I'll say lots of times. But a girl like me has to be careful. Last thing I want is to upset my company's investors when news about my private life hits the tabloids."

"You can still have fun when you want it. You shouldn't let anything stop you."

"I haven't. I've been with a couple of men, nothing serious, but there's always something missing about them. The sex was fun, but I just never got enough satisfaction."

"They couldn't fuck, is that what you mean?"

She looked at him, surprised, then exploded with laughter. "Yeah, something like that."

"Does it frighten you to say it?"

"Say what?"

"Fuck. I want to hear you say it."

"It's not a word I was used to saying even as a girl. I grew up Catholic."

"I'm not a priest, and this isn't Rome. Say it for me."

She caught the strength in his voice. She was moved by his commanding tone; at that moment, she would have said anything he wanted her to.

"Fuck," she blurted the word before she even realized she had uttered it. Feeling brave, she said it again, boldly this time. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. The former lovers I had couldn't fuck me the way I wanted to be fucked."

Kev pinched her nipple, felt it respond to his touch. "I'll bet your pussy has been screaming for a long time to be fucked."

"It has," she moaned, at the same time inched closer toward him. Her lips hung open inches from his face. "The moment I saw you, something told me you were the right type of man I've been wanting to be with. You didn't look to me like an ass-kisser, and you're just so strong. I want a man who's strong, who can fuck me good."

Her hand cupped his erection and stroked it hard. She slid her thigh across his leg; he reached his hand between her thighs and she held her breath and sucked air through her lips as his fingers rubbed against the warm surface that was her clit. Right away, her pussy became alive. Her vulva leaked her juice and it poured out of her orifice like a river. He slipped inches of his finger inside her cunt. Her leg came open and she squeezed his cock harder and pre-cum poured out of its aperture.

Kev had her in her clutches, just as he usually did with the women he fucked.

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