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Joanie's recovery from her vacation becomes sexual.

Then back to the bedroom to drop the toy on the bed, realizing in my rush that you had mentioned no matter the state of my dress you would come and get me and almost laughing at the knowledge that it really didn't matter, you would see all of me anyway. That you had only said that in an effort to make me rush, was my first clue as to how deeply you were trying to get into my head and I rebelled against that thought. "I won't let him get into my mind." I stated quietly as I walked towards the kitchen and my punishment.

When I walked into the kitchen you were standing the same as you had been when I last came into the room for punishment, only this time the chair was already facing seat towards me.

You patted the seat of the chair as if to say, "You know what to do." and I stepped towards it, figuring I should hurry and get it over with before angering you more.

I went to bend over and it was then that some items on the table caught my eye. There was some rope, a camera, and the nipple clamps I had failed to wear earlier laying on the table, as well as what looked to be a paddle, and a gold chain. I paused, not sure I wanted to know what all those items were laying there for.

It seemed as though you could read my mind, as you said, "Assume the position and then I will explain what all of that is for."

I was unsure of what to do, but decided to assume position anyway, feeling the air on my ass and pussy as I bent further over and looking down watching at my breasts swinging without anything to hold them. I wondered how wet my pussy was because of the situation that I was in. It felt like it was dripping wet, the air caressing it, cooling it, knowing that you could see it if you moved around behind me.

You break my flow of thoughts with your next words, "Your punishment today will be a little different than the last time. Since you did not wear the nipple clamps as told, you will be spanked and whether you like it or not, you will wear the nipple clamps. You will wear them while I spank you. I have loosened them so they wont pinch you quite so hard." you paused allowing me to breath a sigh of relief before adding, "However, they will now be weighted a little bit from the chain hanging between them."

I move to stand up, and tell you that I was not going to let you do this to me again but you placed your hand on my back and pushed me back down onto the chair, and swatted my ass with the other hand, saying, "You won't get up yet. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I whisper, feeling the sting of that first smack on my ass.

"Since I can see already that there is a risk of you trying to stand up and earning more punishment for yourself, I am going to tie your hands to the chair. No, don't move." you say as I once again try to stand up. "Your ankles will also be attached to the chair. You will not move again while I get them and tie you up, if you do, I will spank you more and harder. Do you understand that?"


"That's good, I am pleased to hear that you won't move again." you state as you walk around behind me going to the table.

You first tie my left wrist to the chair, down by the seat instructing me to put my thumb on one side of the bar and my other fingers hanging off the chair and then moving to my other wrist and securing it in the same way.

"Now, loosen up your right leg by standing on your left and let me put the right leg where I want it. Don't fight me on it, your wrists are already tied, I will have you in whatever position I want." You state, causing me to grow frightened only now having realized exactly how vulnerable I was going to be.

Instead of simply tying my ankles to the chair leg like I had thought of you doing, you pulled my leg to beside the chair, then placed my other leg on the other side of the chair.

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