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Earth Days.

"I believe that you're a match in size for our friend here."

I know that I have written before about the magnificence of The Major's ass but standing now before it, cock poised for entry, I was struck once more by its beauty. He possessed one of those asses that older men acquire from a lifetime of activity. The perfectly rounded globes were muscular but soft and elastic and his spread crack revealed a hole that begged to be entered. Clear juice dripped for the opening as his ass self lubricated in anticipation of being fucked.

I positioned my cock head against the warm opening and pressed forward. The wide head of my cock sank into him with almost no resistance and my stiff shaft followed until my belly rested against his cheeks. The silky warmth engulfed my cock and I felt his interior muscles began to pulse around it. Meanwhile, at his other end, he had Philip's dark cock lodged deeply in his throat and was bobbing his head up and down to Philip's obvious delight. He backed the cock out of his throat and began to nuzzle and suck upon Philip's ample balls.

After a moment he said, "Do I smell cum in your ass? Have you young men already been fucking this morning?"

"You do indeed." Philip said. "I received a load not two hours ago."

"Then you must share. I shall be privileged to absorb our friend's sweet juice both orally and anally at the same time today."

I looked at Philip and quizzically as The Major began to snuffle between his ass cheeks, licking and sucking at Philip's freshly fucked ass hole. I did not want to spoil his pleasure but I felt I must say something.
"Perhaps it is not my juices that you're enjoying." I said. "Perhaps Philip has another who takes pleasure seeding his ass."

"Even better!" The Major exclaimed. "To know that I'm devouring the hot juice of a total stranger, a man who has no idea that I'm feeding on his discharge, is even more exciting."

He began more avidly to feed at Philip's ass, his tongue darting deeply into the ebony pucker and then sucking at the tight knot of flesh.

I also was excited by watching his actions and began to slam my cock in and out of his delightful fuck hole. The muscles of his chute played over my stiff organ like a hundred fingers, milking my juices from my balls. All too soon, I felt the hot sap climbing my shaft and exploding into his hungry hole.

"Capital, capital!" The Major said. "The first load of the day shot in my ass by my favorite cock. Now, Philip, it's time for you to climb on and display your prowess as an ass fucker."

I withdrew my wilting member from the snug hole and watched as Philip assumed my place. His dark cock slid instantly into The Major's pale hole and I admired the beautiful contrast of the two flesh tones.

"That's a cock made to satisfy an old sodomite like me." The Major said. "Fuck me hard and fill my ass with your sweet juice."

I stood beside Philip and watched as his ebony prong delved deeply into The Major's hole and then retreated so that only the fat head remained unsheathed. Philip hit his stride, banging out a staccato rhythm against The Major's lush ass. Occasionally, I would kiss Philip while stroking his meaty ass cheeks and during one embrace, my tongue deep in his mouth, my fingers strayed to play with his spit slick ass hole. He responded by fucking into The Major's hole more violently, much to The Major's vocal delight. He thrust his huge cock in and out and by now I was familiar with all indications of his impending crisis. His cock swelled to an even thicker circumference and he thrust his length as far into the clutching hole as he possibly could. A series of tremors passed over his body and I heard The Major cry, "That's it. I feel your hot juices flooding my ass, filling me even fuller. Give me all of your sweet cum."

Philip, wet with perspiration, collapsed onto The Major's broad back and rested while his sated cock slowly shrank back to normal size.

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