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Daddy walks in on her and they're both surprised.

" He grabbed her legs and drug them off the mattress, rolling her so that her knees were on the floor, with her tummy bent forward on the mattress. He lifted her by placing his arm under her waist and put her knees back down on a toolbox he'd moved. He ripped off the unused diaper and rubbed his hands down her back. This effectively placed her face down, hands joined under her body with her rounded ass poised and ready for punishment.

Deidra was begging but the ring gag reduced her words to unintelligible sounds and grunts. As Reggie raised his hand, she swore she could hear the swoosh of air as he began raining down blows on her ass. She counted to thirty before she gave up. Fifty blows fell, being placed on her butt cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Reggie's body had become aroused as he spanked her, the earlier release having seemed ages ago.

He ended the spanking by rubbing his hands across the now reddened flesh. As pale as she is, she's bound to be bruised in the morning, he thought ruefully. The heat radiating from her skin arousing him even more. He noticed Deidra relaxing as he rubbed and kneaded her flesh. As he moved his hands lower, she seemed to move toward his hands. He moved his hands to her slit and was astonished to discover her juices streaming down the inside of her legs.

"Well, my little cunt likes to be spanked," he spoke out loud. In response, Deidra moaned through the gag and continued to rub her body against his hand. He placed two fingers inside her leaking cunt and her head jerked in response, she began slamming her own body onto his fingers. He removed his hand from her and saw her shocked eyes pleading at him as she turned her head to look over her shoulder at him standing behind her.

"Will you be a good girl now?" he queried and her reply was a single nod of her head. He slowly unzipped his shorts, dropping them and his boxers, while her eyes watched with rapt need. He took his hands and ran them across her bottom, still radiating the warmth he loved, grabbed her hips and shoved his manhood into her in one brutal thrust. Her responding groan was not that of one in pain, but that of someone in a moment of pure release. Reggie did not take it slow on her, he was beyond that, he saw her response as she looked at him and threw her hips at him, meeting each thrust of his body. Her release was fast and strong, her body gripping him, rippling and squeezing him like no one before had done. If she hadn't had the gag on, her scream would have been heard by anyone in the vicinity.

As soon as he felt her grip on his dick loosening, he realized that he had one last lesson for her. She must submit to him now and learn her place. He'd given her pleasure after her punishment and now she must prove her submission.

He withdrew and told her to remain still and not say a word. He crawled to her side on the bunk and removed the ring gag. He grabbed her hair and forced her to clean her juices from his dick. She did so without complaint, remaining silent through out. He then pulled away and returned to his position behind her.

"Have you ever had it up your ass before?" he asked and she nodded her head. He placed his turgid member at the entrance to her cunt and plunged in. She was unable to stifle her moan, and he slapped her ass in response. He could see her grimace in pain at the slap. He pulled out of her warm wet sheath, with his cock dripping in her juices. He ran the tip of his dick from her cunt straight up to the puckered little star of her anus, and did not even pause before pushing in to the hilt of his manhood. He watched her bury her head in the mattress and tense her body with the latest invasion.

Again, Reggie showed no mercy, pulling back and beginning to pummel her tight ass, burying his dick as far as he could with each stroke.

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