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One was in for his brother, the other, for the money...right?

I watched intently as the straps fell from your shoulders and the cups slid off your breasts. In one motion you threw the bra to the floor and immediately brought the fingers of your right hand to your nipple. My cock was slowly beginning to harden, watching as you tugged, pinched and rubbed your nipple with your finger.

After grinding against me for a couple moments, I was filled out to the girth. I could feel you grinding your clit against the hard shaft, with just millimeters of material between us. You slowly dismounted me, and stood up next to the bed. Still laying there, I turned to watch your hands work the buttons on your jeans free, and quickly slide them off. Seconds later you slowly worked your panties down, stepping out and leaving them on the floor.

Your intentions quickly became clear when you crawled back onto the bed next to me, facing in the opposite direction. The second you lifted your leg I caught a perfect view of your pussy. Neatly trimmed, the terrain looked mouth watering.

As your leg settled kneeling on the other side of my head, you shifted back a little and brought the fruits of temptation to me. My lips met the soft skin between your legs, then parted slightly. My tongue slowly pressed between your lips, and tasted your sex. I quickly moved my arms up around your waist, and my hands took grasps of your ass cheeks.

My tongue slowly began to lick up and down along the length of your pussy, pausing each time to throw a couple extra licks on your clit. I could hear you softly moaning, starting to feel the ache in your loins. My finger traced a line down the valley between your cheeks, sending an added wave of warmth through you.

My lips were pressed firmly against your skin, my tongue digging deeper into you. You tasted so good, so ripe. Your moaning was a turn on, something that only became louder when my tongue slid deep inside of you and began licking around the walls in a circular motion. After a few seconds, my lips softly slid over your clit. With a light sucking motion, my tongue massaged your hard little button in a circular motion for a few seconds.

I felt a release of pressure when your fingers popped the first few buttons on my jeans. Fueled by the fire below, you eagerly worked them down to my knees, causing my hard cock to poke out through my boxers. Your hands quickly worked my boxers down.

Unable to see what you were doing, I felt your warm breathe, followed seconds later by the feeling of your lips sliding down over me. Inch by inch you lowered your mouth down, tasting me. My tongue quickly paid dividends, licking away on your clit and sporadically sliding inside to taste more of you.

Within moments, your mouth began a steady rhythm of sucking me. Your hand took hold of the base of my shaft and acted as a guide, working in unison with your mouth. By this time you were grinding against my face in a heated exchange. We were both so plunged into ecstasy and passion, so close and intimate...tasting each other, indulging.

At the same time I felt your hips begin to shutter, your moans quickly turned to words, "Oh, I'm gonna cum." Your pressed your sex tightly onto my mouth and unleashed a series of small orgasms, moaning profusely with each one. Sliding your leg back over, you turned and looked at me. Through gritted teeth, your words said it all, "...fuck me now."

Watching as you assumed a position on all fours, I moved in behind you, placing my legs inside of yours. With my fingers leading the way, I worked the head of my cock to your opening. Pressing forward I slowly began to slide into your tight, warm confines. We moaned in unison as I quickly filled you, feeling your lips and walls stretched around me tightly. Your warmth was overwhelming.

Slowly withdrawing my cock, I looked down to see it covered with your wetness. Pausing for a second, I slowly slid back in, until completely inside of you again. Your ass pressed back firmly against my lower stomach.

For the first few minutes we fucked slowly and deliberately, inhaling the moment and the animalistic feelin

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