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Kayla and Josh just accept the idea.

"I guess Megan Fox is a the kind of girl who squirts. Nice," I say to myself as I take a minute to regain myself. As Megan's cum covered my thighs and most of the bed, I thought about the various porn I've watched in which girls tasted their own cum. Wanting to know what Megan's fluids tasted like, I took two fingers and scraped the cum off of her thighs.

Bring it up to my mouth, the cum was clear and goo like in nature. Deciding it's now or never, I brought my cum filled hand up to Megan's mouth and slowly licked off the juices. I only took small tastes to truly get a long taste.

"Holy fuck that's sweet," I thought as I swished the cum around in her mouth for a bit. Noticing how sweaty I was from my masturbation session, I decided to hop into the shower. Getting off the bed, I see a huge stain. Looking around for a towel, I eventually find them and grab one for the shower. Going into her bathroom, I noticed it wasn't too elegant. It took me awhile to figure out how to how to turn it onto the hot water, but I eventually got it going. I lift Megan's leg into the tub and carefully bring the other leg in.

As the hot water made contact with my back, I was in a state of bliss. It almost felt like I was being massaged by the warm water. I grabbed Megan's shampoo and poured some into my hands. I lathered it up and ran my hands through her hair, making sure to get her hair all soapy. It felt weird as the wet hair hit Megan's back. I couldn't help but feel sexy knowing any guy would get a hard on watching Megan rubbing herself while hot water poured onto her skin. Thinking about this brought the similar sensation brought the same feeling down to Megan's pussy and I knew I needed to take care of it again.

"I guess you're ready for a round 2 huh?" I said to Megan's pussy with a devilish grin on her face as I lightly rubbed the nub of her clit. Grabbing the bar of soap, I scrubbed it across her body, working up a fine lather and making sure that no spot on Megan's sensitive body went untouched. The bar of soap gliding across Megan's delicate form made her skin feel smooth and slippery. Bringing the soap down lower and lower, I bit her lower lip as I made the soap brush over her clit. Feeling a strong sensation from the soap, I let out a noise of delight at the arousing sensation it brought.

With Megan's body still being very sensitive from the masturbating sessions I had a couple of minutes ago, her nipples didn't take long to get hard again. Looking down at Megan's tits, the nipples were poking out as far as they could go, almost begging for me to give them the attention they desperately need.

"Don't worry girls, mama's gonna give you your turn right now ," I thought to myself as I put the soap down and brought both of Megan's hands up to squeeze her hard poking nipples. It feels even better than the first time as the combination of Megan's more sensitive skin and the warm water sends a rush of ecstasy and pleasure.

After spending a good amount of time rubbing, pinching, and squeezing Megan's nipples, I focused my attention back down to her cunt.

"I can't believe this. I'm in the body of a famous sexy woman and I'm getting to have my way with her body. This is so awesome!" I say to myself as the pleasure coming from my hand to Megan's pussy is cause me to lose my balance. I need to put one of Megan's hands on the wall to steady myself. As I start adding one finger after another to please Megan's hungry pussy with the other. Shoving every finger in and out except her thumb I could starts to feel the beginning of another orgasm coming on.

I closed Megan's eyes and leaned back against the wall, speeding up the soapy massage of her cunt.

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