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While on vacation, you get "tied up" in a good way.

One of the two men they called the "Jack Hammer", powerfully built in his own way, wasn't all that tall perhaps five foot nine, but he had arms the size of anvils. The other was introduced as the "Giant", who really was tall reaching nearly seven feet.

"Looks to me like this Sword guy's gonna have his hands full," I commented.

Crystal laughed. "Actually, once you see him you'll say just the opposite. I think these two are in for a BIG surprise," she quipped.

After the introductions were made for these two, the room immediately quieted, once again spotlights turned to follow the entrance of The Swordsman who entered the enormous chamber, slowly making his way towards the inner circle amongst a sudden roaring cheer from the crowd.

With everyone standing, it was hard to get a good look at him until he entered the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the announcer began. "Weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, 12 inches," the commentator paused for dramatic affect, drawing more than one gasp from amongst the spectators, "And the current undefeated Cock Fighting Champion...I give you, The Swordsman!"

With the formal introductions out of the way, The Swordsman allowed his robe to fall away from his shoulders where one of his entourage quickly took it away. Even I found myself holding my breath as I sat there staring at him. His dark ebony skin held a slick sheen that was obviously some sort of light body oil covering his entire body. But it served to highlight the definition and tone of his hard muscles.

He was the poster-boy for every advertisement I had ever seen. "Buns of steel," immediately coming to mind as he stood initially with his back towards us. Thighs as thick and muscled as both of mine put together, not to mention arms as thick as tree-trunks as he held them above his head playing to the crowd. When he slowly turned, it wasn't the definition of his tight "six-pack" stomach however, but the monster-sized prick between his legs that indeed stood out stiff, long and almost threatening. Now I more fully understood the announcer's indirect mention of his enormous prick.
"Good God!" I exclaimed as he slowly turned so that everyone had an opportunity to marvel at the guy's equipment.

"I told you," Crystal giggled actually placing her hand into my lap where she began giving me an affectionate caress.

I had noticed earlier that several others had been doing a little of that during the first couple of bouts. Nothing too openly of course, and thought nothing of it really. After all, it was surprisingly curious for me to actually find myself enjoying such an interesting contest, and I found myself actually looking forward to watching this main event.

"Won't it actually be a disadvantage to have a cock that big?" I asked Danny, emphasizing the word "that". Because "that" was perhaps the biggest, thickest cock I had ever personally seen before.

"No, not really," he replied, his gaze along with everyone else's firmly glued to the monstrous shaft as The Swordsman slowly circled the ring allowing everyone to see him, and many who had the special reserved front row seats to actually reach out, allowing them all a brief quick pet or caress of his magnificent sword.

"What he gives up in quick easy points, he more than makes up for in style and technique," Danny finished, forgetting momentarily that he'd been speaking to me. "He's actually been behind on points many times, but he's always managed a victory one way or the other," he said grinning, only then turning to notice that Crystal had massaged my own cock sufficiently that it was bulging noticeably through my pants. Once again he grinned.

"Damn, now I wish Kevin had been able to make it this evening, I could use a little of that myself," he added with a mischievous smile.

It was then that the lights came down, with the only lights on, spotlighting the wrestling circle.

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