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I have given blowjobs on a 1st date before.

You pull your fingers out. "Then I want you to stand up."

Bree leans forward and untangles her legs from yours. Setting her feet on the ground, you push back in the chair to give her room as she stands up. She turns to face you, "Okay John, now what?"

Sitting forward on the chair, you reach out and grab her jeans. As you start to pull down, Bree leans forward and rests her hands on your shoulders as she pulls her legs out of the jeans. Once they are off, you reach for her panties and pull them off. As they get tossed to the side, Bree steps forward and shoots her arms into the air. Slipping your fingers under her shirt with your thumb outside, you slide your hands upwards against her skin, pulling her shirt up as you go. Bree leans forward to allow you to untie the knot behind her neck, before pulling the shirt completely off of her. She then stands there in nothing but a pink, strapless bra, which you reach out and undo the front hook of and let it drop. Bree stands naked in front of you. Firm, fit, and well built, her body is just how you imagined. You stop her as she starts to get on her knees.

"Look at you. You've been a naughty girl." Bree smiles with a devilish grin. "It's time for you to go to your room and dress like one. Now go." With a giggle, she stands back up and turns towards the door. As she begins to leave, you give her a little spank. Her hands grasp her ass as she runs out of the room and down the hall to her bedroom. As you begin to hear her rustling through her drawers and closet, you log off the computer and get up off the chair. Looking around, you decide to grab all of her clothes. You hear a drawer slam shut as you pick up her bra and jeans, then walk around to her shirt and panties. As you start to walk towards the door, you hear another drawer shut and some mumbling from her room. You find the laundry shoot in the linen closet and toss everything down it, then head to her room.

As you lean against the door frame, you watch Bree pulling a pair of baby blue stockings up as fast as possible without damaging them. You smile as she carefully attaches the stockings to the garters of the matching corset she has already put on. A matching pair of elbow-length gloves lay on the bed next to a matching pair of heels. As she finishes attaching the garters, you ask a question. "So when did you get all of this?" you ask as you wave your hands at the outfit. She then pulls a pair of panties up over the garters.

"Remember my cousin's wedding that I had to go to earlier this year? Well, I was a bridesmaid for her." Bree slips her right arm into the gloves as she speaks. "She bought all the bridesmaids matching sets of these for us to wear under our gowns. I'm sure you can guess what color the gown was." She sets the heels on the floor to slip them on. "Maybe it was a bit much, but it was her wedding and none of us were going to argue." She steps away from the bed and puts her arms out. "Do you like it?" she asks as she starts to turn around.

"Maybe more of an innocent slutty look, but yes, I like it." You reach your arm out and she steps forward to grab your hand. Pulling her into your body, you grab your other arm around her and begin to kiss her again. Her body relaxes in your arms as saliva is exchanged during the tongue wrestling. As the kiss ends, her body stiffens up a bit and she begins to pull you towards the bed. You are then shoved back onto the bed. As you pull yourself upright again, you look to find Bree already down on her knees. Reaching out, she grabs onto your jeans and begins to unbutton and unzip them. Reaching into your pants, she pulls the top of your boxers down enough to grab your stiffening manhood out.

"Wow. I didn't expect it to be so big." Bree's eyes open wide in amazement.

"Uh, thanks. I think."

Bree's hands begin rubbing up and down your shaft.

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