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He meets other-wordly Chinese girl.

"Sure thing."


Emma's ears perked up a little. Apparently this was not your run of the mill headache medicine. So obviously, headaches weren't his only problem. She felt a twinge of remorse for feeling guilty about Laura. She obviously cared about Liam, even if it did seem to make him feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe it was just because she was there, invading their personal time. But she had offered, hadn't she?

Glancing away, she studying her scuffed shoes for a little while. Liam was making fast tracks to get out of there. Picking up the groceries, she gave Laura a curt nod and followed him out, catching the tall blondes wistful thoughts. She said nothing until they were out of there.

He turned them into the direction of 'home' or so she was hoping. With all the places they had been, to Emma it was impossible to distinguish where the hell they were at. She wasn't used to all this traveling about the city. The silence between them was deafening. She wanted to talk, to ask questions, to poke about and get some info, but was too afraid to piss him off.

"You certainly have a lot of friends, Liam." She stated casually, her stomach clenching with hunger. "I'm getting a whole new view of city."

Not going to talk about Dr. Glamor, she told herself. Not...gonna...do...it. He owed her no explanations. "So what are you cooking tonight? Or shall i do the honors? Either way, I am starving." She yammered on, noticing the dimming light of the day turning into dusk. "I hope those pills work. I hate to have our local hero be down and out. I certainly hate it when my head starts pounding. Makes for a crap day all around."


They were walking back towards his place. He didn't have to rush now, so they could do it at a more leisurely pace, although they still needed to keep a look out for SPF's. He had been surprised that the SPF's were thin on the ground, but most of his movements in the past few months had been at night, so it was possible they had focused their attention on that time.

He felt relieved to walk beside Emma without having to explain something or introduce her to something new. It gave him some quiet and he liked that. The hazy sun was just starting to go down. Then she spoke.

Of course.

She was angling for information, but trying to be casual. He knew that at some stage, she would want to know about these people, how he knew them and why would they be so willing to help him in what was obviously going to be a dangerous situation.

"I do," he said.

That was it. He could explain later, when they ate. He was enjoying the silence between them.

You had been.

Hey, you're back. Not for long. I've got the Palazonol.

It won't work.

We'll see....

It wasn't the most romantic way to describe it, but he was getting used to her. She really was a good sport and she had coped so far with everything that had been thrown at her.

And she was attractive. Not in a Laura Black way. Shit, no one was that attractive....or dangerous. But she was beautiful and she was smart. He needed smart right now because he was invested in this. Emma didn't know, but he would be doing this with or without her and he would much prefer it to be with her. Soon they'd be back at his place and they could work out what to do next. The surveillance cameras at Jimmy's had been bugging him and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He would, though.


She could talk, that was for sure. He guessed she wasn't any worse than anyone else, it was just that he hadn't been accustomed to so much communication.

Since Jess.

She was talking again....

He turned to her as they walked. He was tempted to say that his head would stop pounding if she would stop talking, but he thought that might be rude.

Since when did you care about rude?

Since now.

You never used to. Must be love.



"Yes, I get severe pain in my head," he said, happy that she thought that.

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