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The wedding commences, but not before trouble begins again.

was about to reply, but he was interrupted by a fortyish blonde woman who all of a sudden let out with a low groan as a hard orgasm pulsated through her wide open pussy!! All around the table both the men and women congratulated her on her fine climax, which was soon followed up by three of the men ejaculating their loads all over the table in front of them!!

Vance still hadn't said a word since he had entered the room, and his tongue was still tied when Mr. Davis took him by the arm and led him to and empty chair in the front of the room!! Please sit down my boy," he ordered, "we have a special introductory welcome planned for you, and I'm sure that you're really going to enjoy it!!" John's brain was now at least coming to grips with what was going on around him, that is, until out of nowhere, the cute blonde receptionist that he had met on the way in appeared out in front of him, and with a quick deftness that was stunning, she unzipped his pants, extracted his now thickening pecker, and after giving him a sweet smile, took him into her mouth and sucked him off in front of the whole crowd!!

John was a married man who had never before strayed from his marriage vows, but this happened all to quickly, and he neither had the time or nerve to turn down this startling invitation!! All around him the sounds of men and women having incredibly hard climaxes filled the air, and the accompanied by the skillful cock sucking by the receptionist, who John would later find out was name Claire, he flooded the young slut's mouth with a torrent of sperm that was so monumental that she couldn't swallow it fast enough!! After everyone had climaxed, they all gathered around John to shake his hand and welcome him to the firm!!

Still in a mild state of shock, he shook their hands and thanked them for their unusual welcome!! After everyone had drifted back to their offices, Mr. Davis slapped him on the back and said, "Glad to have you aboard, John, of course our little Monday morning meetings are kept strictly confidential, so if you have any questions, Heather Torrez is in the office next to yours, just give her a buzz and she'll fill you in on everything you need to know!!"

John practically stumbled back to his new office, wondering for all the world if he had make a gigantic mistake in coming to Chicago!! He stopped in front of his new office, rubbing his hand lightly over the engraved brass name plate that hung on the outside of his door, JOHN AMARTEY, it read in large bold letters, "Maybe things would work out after all," he said to himself as he pushed open the door and entered his newly furnished office, "but I certainly won't be telling Jess about our Monday morning meetings!!" He tossed his coat onto an empty chair and was just about ready to sit down at his large oak desk, when a small feminine voice coming from behind him said softly, "I just want to welcome you on board personally, I hope you don't mind!!" John spun around to see who was behind him, and much to his surprise, Heather Torrez was sitting in a large stuffed chair with her legs spread wide apart and her very puffy vagina staring him right in the face!!

"W-what do you want," he stammered while unable to take his eyes off of Heather's bulging shaved pussy!?! "You men are so silly," she said in a slightly condescending voice, "isn't it quite evident what I want, I want to you to suck my pussy for me, you're not going to be a disappointment are you!?!"

"Holy smokes," he said to himself, "what in the hell is going on around here, doesn't anyone ever get any work done!?!" He was snapped back to reality when Heather asked again, but this time with more urgency, "Well, are you gonna suck it or not, cuz if you're not, I'm gonna hafta jerk off right in front of you!!"

"Uh, look, Miss Torrez," he stumbled, "I don't think that this is appropriate behavior between colleagues!!"

"Fuck appropriate," she retorted sharply, "I need a good cunt lapping, and if you're not up to it, just say so and stop wasting my time!!" He wanted to run from the room and go straight home

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