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Lauren still has a lot to learn & her virginity on the line.

Cliff could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed in Steven's ass. Cliff tried to make it last as long as possible but once Steven contracted his anal muscles Cliff lost it.

Cliff fired a barrage of cum in Steven's ass filling it to overflowing. Cliff couldn't remember when he came so much. As Cliff continued to fuck, his jizm backed up in Steven's rectum and oozed out flowing over Steven's balls. Steven used his talented anal muscles to milk Cliff's cock and drained it dry. Steven's milking action weakened Cliff and sent tingles through his body. Cliff pulled out of Steven and collapsed on the bed next to him. Steven rolled over on his back and jerked off once again. Cliff watched as Steven stroked his cock. Steven fired another round of spunk into the air. The first blast landed on Steven's face, neck and chest. The remainder of his load landed on his abs and pooled around his pubes.

Cliff decided that he needed another shower and Steven showered with him. Even though Cliff had nothing left it was still fun to wash Steven's shapely ass and play with it. The two of them dried off, dressed and then Cliff left for his home. Steven thanked him for a marvelous afternoon and said that he hoped they could get together some more. Cliff was bewildered as he walked home. He had clearly crossed the line in more ways than one and he had to decide what to do next. Cliff then thought about Steven's mother Clara. What would she say if she knew that Cliff was fucking her son? Then Cliff thought that he could still fuck Clara and take care of her pussy but when he needed a good blow job or ass fuck he could rely on Steven. It was an arrangement he never anticipated but one that he planned to take advantage of. It was half way through the summer and Cliff had not had sex with any girl his won age but he was clearly enjoying his new found sexuality.

The rain continued into Wednesday so the pool installation project was put on hold for another day. Cliff ate breakfast and then he decided to visit Steven again. He had given it a lot of thought and although he knew that he had no interest in another guy's cock, fucking Steven was not so bad. Cliff made his way over to Steven's house. Steven was looking at the magazine again and jerking off as he fantasized about Cliff fucking him. Steven had just cum on his chest when he heard the knock on the back door. He knew it was Cliff. Steven was pleased to see Cliff standing at the door and Steven didn't even bother to put on any clothes even though he had just cum, he felt his loins stir with Cliff's presence. Steven opened the door for Cliff and invited him in. Cliff stared at his pretty neighbor for a second once again taking in his body. Cliff noticed the spunk that was beginning to dry on Steven's body.

Steven smiled and told Cliff to come in, "I was just looking at the magazine and thinking about you."

Cliff laughed and said, "I can see that!"

Steven turned to walk back in the family room and Cliff watched as the shapely boy walked ahead of him. Cliff felt that familiar stirring in his groin as he watched Steven's curvy ass all the way into the family room. Cliff could smell the sex in the family room and he was sure that Steven had unleashed one of his volcanic orgasms. Then Steven turned when he reached the room and spoke to Cliff.

"I was just going to take a shower. Would you like to join me? Would you like to fuck me in the shower? Steven asked.

"Sure I didn't shower this morning and I would love to join you," Cliff replied trying to hide his excitement.

Cliff followed Steven up the stairs to his bathroom and as he did he watched Steven's hot ass sway from side to side.

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