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A romantic first time.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night feeling quite refreshed. I got up and realized that I was still dressed, probably not a good idea. I wandered into the bathroom and after a quick shower threw on a fresh pair of jeans and a flannel button down shirt that I saw no point in actually buttoning. I wandered into my office and found the computer screens exactly as I had left them. After glancing at them, I decided to go get a coke before continuing my quest for the ever-elusive bug.

I had gotten so focused on what I was doing that I had not noticed the passage of time or the rising of the sun until I heard the front door open and close. Raylene? I thought to myself and with the thought instantly remembered the pile of money that she had sent to me. I opened the drawer and grabbed a handful of twenties, which I shoved into my pocket before wandering out towards the living room.

I found her bent over as she picked up my coke can that I had left on the coffee table the day before. She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a black button down blouse. The blouse had long sleeves the she had rolled up slightly. I paused for a moment gazing hungrily at her ass as she stuck it up in the air and then noticed it wiggle. My eyes shifted slightly and I saw that she was once again looking at me from her upside down vantage.

"Do you live in the gutter?" she asked me with a grin.

"Pretty much, yeah." I told her then pointed towards the dark shirt, "Guess coke wouldn't be so noticeable on that, eh?"

"Pretty much, yeah." She said with a laugh mocking my previous answer.

"That is a nice shirt, though." I told her, trying to back her into a corner but I knew that she was already ahead of me.
"The shirt, or the titties?" she asked with a wicked grin as she cupped them in her head and pushed them up, straining against one of the buttons. I was taken back at first but quickly recover, or at least I thought so.

"Haven't seen 'em yet, but they are quite impressive." I smiled to her, "Where could I get a shirt like that?" I asked her my smile returning.

"Oh," she started then held her arms out as though she were modeling the shirt, "This is 100% cotton, double stitch seams," she spun around slowly, "Could probably get one for about thirty dollars from most mail order places."

"Hmmm." I said feigning a thoughtful moment, "But I want that one." I said pointing. She smiled at me, her eyes dancing, as she pulled the shirt lightly away from her body.

"Well, since its you who is asking, you could probably get this one for sixty bucks." She stated matter-of-factly. I reached into my pocket and pulled out three of the twenties. These I presented to her and I saw for a moment that she was surprised, but she quickly recovered. "I see." She said as she strolled forward seductively and took the money from my hand. She began to unbutton the highest button, which was actually the third one. She moved her fingers ever so slowly until finally the button was free. She used her fingertips to slowly spread the shirt open revealing the creamy texture of her skin and the obvious swell of her breasts that I was suddenly beside myself. She paused. My eyes moved up to hers and I saw that she was staring at me intently. She licked her lips and smiled, then with a laugh gave a violent jerk that broke the rest of the buttons free on her shirt. Her breasts darted out to freedom, the large nipples clearly visible beneath the black lace bra that just barely covered them. She pulled her arms out of the shirt and tossed it to me. My vision was suddenly obscured as the shirt landed on my head.

By the time I got the shirt off of my head, I saw that Raylene had gone back to her cleaning, though there was really nothing left to clean.

"Now what do you think of 'em?" she asked me as she spun back around and shook her shoulders from side to side making her breasts sway.

"I don't know." I said as I rubbed the stubble on my chin with one hand, "Can't really see them that well."

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