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A strong modern woman is forced to lose control.

As usual the weight had gone to where it does with many women my 'tits 'n ass' so I was sporting a pair of double Ds.

"You can. Look how much they are all looking forward to it," Ken was saying as he pulled me round to look at the guys standing round three sides of the training mat. As I stared at them, they all undid their towels and let them fall to the floor. Even in my distressed and surprised state, I could not help gasping when I saw the five erect and semi-erect cocks. Most of the guys let their fingers stroke their erections.


"Ken, no," I moaned, beginning to realise that there was no way out of this. I turned back to face him. "Look Ken I can't, I really cannot do this."

He smiled, leaned forward and kissed me. "I think you can, I think really you want to and, most importantly I think you will."

I hadn't heard anything, but suddenly I was grabbed by the wrists and my arms were pulled behind me making me let go of the robe. It ballooned open showing everything, just as Ken turned me to face the others.

"Oh yes."

"Wow baby."

"Way to go."

Were some of the comments that greeted my nudity?

Ken and the black guy edged me towards the mat, I had stopped struggling, it was clearly pointless. The robe vanished and I stood naked for a moment or two confronting the five equally naked guys. As if on cue, they moved forward, they surrounded me in the middle of the mat. They all started touching me, stroking and caressing me; my back, my arms, my face, my hair and my legs. They pressed themselves against me, two, three four and five erections on my legs, my thighs my bottom and my stomach. Five cocks pressed against me and ten hands wandering over my body. I was being caressed everywhere; on my legs, my tummy, my chest, my bum, my breasts and my stomach.

I had, obviously never experienced anything like this before, and, I had to admit, it was amazing. I was going dizzy with the sheer intensity of so much male sexuality. My wrist was grabbed and my hand was pressed against a cock, as another slid between the cheeks of my bum and yet another pressed right against my pubic mound and up my tummy. I was now groaning and sighing as each new experience hit me and as each new set of sensations washed over me. I was turned round and pulled forward and backwards, all the time though feeling male flesh or hands and fingers on me.

Three cocks pressed against me and one in each hand.

Cocks against both cheeks of my bum and my pubes as two mouths licked and chewed my breasts.

Hands rubbing, caressing and squeezing my buttocks, my thighs, my breasts and my nipples.

Fingers pinching and stroking my nipples, my pussy lips and between the cheeks of my bum.

It was happening. I didn't think it would. I had felt that this was just too outrageous and my major feeling would be fear, but it wasn't. Far from it. I was feeling other sensations, but mostly I was getting a massive buzz.

My resistance was waning. My inhibitions were lessening and my worry and concern barriers were coming down.

I opened my mouth and allowed a tongue past my lips. I felt myself stroking a cock and leaning back to make my tits more easily available to the Indian or Pakistani guy's mouth. My legs opened and I grunted as one guy from behind and another from the front slid their fingersright up my worryingly, wet cunt.

I was gone now.

Both I and Ken knew that and the others guessed it as Ken took his robe off and joined them on the mat. I and he kissed as I gratifyingly, but rather surprisingly, felt his full erection, that was so unlike him just an hour or so after sex.

The guys seemed to be as aroused as me and appeared to be itching to take this further.

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