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A soldier is lured to a mysterious woman standing by a pool.

The man of course, was Jennifer's husband Cris Judd, standing there slack jawed and staring at us. I'll admit that it was a pretty bad scene - me with my pants around my ankles panting from my orgasm and Jennifer kneeling on the floor in front of me topless with my dick in her hand, and her face covered in my jizz. I of course didn't notice this until I casually looked over to my right towards the door as I stood there, my face freezing in surprise as I noticed the buff dancer glaring at us.

Jennifer wiped some of my cum off with the back of her hand and then too looked over in her husband's direction. She froze in horror, letting my dick drop from her hand.

"'s not what..." she said, but it was too late. His look of shock had turned to rage and he was now walking very quickly towards me, a serious look of anger on his face.

"You mother fucker. You dirty, sleazy mother fucker!" he screamed at me, his fists clinched tightly by his side. I slowly began to back up, stumbling over my pants as I wriggled my feet out of them, standing there without any pants on but still wearing my shoes and socks. What happened next seemed to occur in slow motion. I watched as he passed where Jennifer was kneeling as she jumped up to stop him, only to be greeted with a backhanded slap on the face that sent her flying to the ground.

My back was against the wall now, but at least I could walk. So I did the one thing any person in that situation would have done: I ran.

Darting to the right of Cris as he lunged at me, I narrowly got my shoulder out of reach of his fingers. Moving quickly away as he rebalanced himself, I somehow managed to pick Jennifer up and drag her with me as I headed for the door. At first she resisted a little, confused by what I was doing (and I really didn't know WHAT the hell I was doing at that point, I guess I just didn't want her to get slapped again with show time in 15 minutes.) but she managed to stumble along until she got her footing just as we were flying out the door.

Pulling her robe back on, I let go of Jennifer's hand, expecting her to stop keeping up with me. But she surprised me and ran harder, staying in pace with me. As we headed down the alleyway of the concert hall, I heard Jennifer's dressing room door slam open and the sound of heavy footsteps behind us.

It didn't occur to me until later how silly we must have looked - Jennifer Lopez running alongside a man with no pants on, his dick flopping around every which way and his pale white ass shining like the moon underneath the lights of the hallway. All the while of course, a deranged looking man tearing through anything and everything to keep up with us.

Rounding a corner, we were now directly under the arena. The sound of the opening band playing above us, the bass in the speakers, was almost deafening as the ceiling rattled above us. I don't know how I managed to run as fast I did but soon we were entering into an empty area of the arena, with only the occasional security guard or roadie walking by. This was far better than a few seconds earlier when we had passed through an entourage of dancers, all of whom stopped to stare at us, not believing what they saw.

Finally though, my frantic running caught up with the rest of my body and I almost collapsed on the floor, out of breath. I stopped for a moment, hiding behind a wall as I tried to listen for the sound of Jennifer's husband still chasing us over the sound of my own heartbeat thudding in my chest.

Jennifer too had stopped to listen but there was nothing.

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