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Sequel to rear-ended.

Still kissing gently, tongues exploring each other, her friend was slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The hand slipped into the top of the bra, fingers searching the contours of the soft flesh for the hardened nipple. Time stood still as Sue enjoyed the caress of soft hands on her breasts and nipples.

Then, with a sudden urgency, Cynthia lifted the hem of Susanna's long skirt, bunching it round her waist, before pressing her against the vestry table, at the same time sinking into a crouch. Her face pressed against the crotch of Sue's knickers, nose rubbing against the silk. She inhaled the deep musky scent of her vulva. Superb! Thrilling! Hungrily sucking and nibbling at the hidden vulva and its bunched labia, Cynthia could feel the thighs shudder with delight and desire. She heard the loud gasp. Her own vagina was bubbling over by this time. Gripping the waist of Sue's knickers, she dragged them down the thighs and legs. Her tongue never left the warm slick vulva as she eased the garment over Sue's feet. Cythia hoisted Sue's bottom onto the edge of the table, lifting the legs high and wide, exposing her thighs and buttocks.

Although Cynthia had seen and licked this vulva before, she was still impressed by the mass of coppery pubic hair spreading down her inner thighs and growing up as far as to her navel. A magnificent sight. The labia were completely hidden within the curls, so that Cynthia had to use her thumbs to stretch apart the outer labia, revealing the luscious opening of Sue's vagina, now oozing with the white dribble of her delicious nectar. It overflowed onto her brownish-pink puckered bottom. Cynthia pushed out her long tongue, licked the bum, pressing her tongue inside, then along the crease, the vagina, the whole vulva, up and down. Lick. Lick. Lick.

There was no stopping Sue's orgasm from surfacing quickly. It had been hovering since she woke up, without the time to spare to satisfy her need before getting ready for church. Now, the tongue of the wicked Cynthia finding her bum, vulva and sensitive clit brought it to the surface in a sudden jolt inside her loins. It came with a loud gasp of surprise. No matter the countless orgasms Sue had experienced in life, each one was as new and utterly surprising as the very first.

Her legs were weak. Her loins buzzed and shook with a succession of loud agonizing gasps as Cythia chewed the labia and sucked the clit relentlessly, three fingers plunging deep and fast into the vagina. The middle finger of her other hand was deep inside her bum. In and out. In and out. It took very little time for Sue to hold her breath once again as a second orgasm built up inside her loins. Her belly was aflame. Her legs shook. Her thighs were taught. Her buttocks lifted as the agony grew more intense. Her face screwed up. Her open mouth drawn back. Her tense body hovered on the brink for several painful seconds before the release suddenly struck her. She cried out. 'Oh my God! My God! My God! Yeeeeeeees!' She fell back on the table top, panting hard.

Withdrawing her fingers from Sue's delicious passages, the agile Cynthia hopped onto the table, lifting her skirt as she squatted over Sue's face. Dragging her knickers to one side, she pressed her dripping pussy against Sue's mouth. Cynthia's vulva was large and unwieldy. Her labia were thick, sloppy and long, hanging from a stubby clitoris beneath a hairy hood. Her vagina was set deep in the vulva, well back between her thighs, protected by four puckered flaps of flesh. Cynthia felt Sue fasten her mouth over the generous labia, sucking hard, lapping the swollen clitoris eagerly. Heavenly! She rubbed vigorously against her friend's mouth, nose, cheeks and chin, her own orgasm building quickly.

The pressure on Sue's mouth and teeth was rather painful, but there was no let up.

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