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The handy man gets a big surprise.

She leaned back and pushed her dress off her breasts; she rubbed her nipples erect, while reading the various phrases and commands, her glance often dropping down to the holes, trying to notice any movement in the other stalls.

Doors were opening and closing, people were laughing hysterically and others yelled trying to top the blasting music; for a couple of minutes nothing had changed in the stall, which brought on a vast feeling of disappointment in Jennie's mind and pussy.

Jennie lifted her dress to her waist and began rubbing herself, determined to at least have an orgasm before returning to the dancefloor; she moaned heavily, as she fingered herself, biting her lower lip, drawing inspiration from the writing of others, who were encouraging her to "suck the cock, you filthy cockslut"... and then, as she continued fucking herself with three fingers, stretching herself out to a climax, a thick cock emerged through the hole, standing in attention, slightly tilted upwards.

She was caught aback, as she had never truly expected it actually to happen... she stayed frozen, staring at the throbbing cock and its protruding veins... countless thoughts rapidly traversed her mind, various voices battled inside of her... yet, in the end, her excitement and her near-orgasm state stood victorious, as she reached out and gently, and hesitantly, touched the cock; she swirled her fingers around the dark-purple head, ran them across the meat, down to its base... she helped the balls come through the hole too, giving them a tender squeeze and a soft massage.

The cock jerked and she smiled, watching the direct results her touches had on the faceless owner of the cock; suddenly, she realized the entirety of the anonymity thrill entailed in the situation. She did not know who was behind the wall, nor did the man know her... it was the coldest sexual transaction, just a living cock coming through the wall, hers to please (or even torment) according to her whims and desires.

Getting drunk on excitement alone, she bent forth and licked the head; she tasted salty sweat and manliness. She stroked the shaft slowly and wrapped her soft, full lips around the tip, twirling her tongue around it. The cock jerked violently, when she bit it gently, and Jennie's face brightened with a wicked smirk; she then ran her tongue along the shaft, rubbing the balls together in her palm, and the man behind the wall seemingly relaxed once more.

She squatted deep and squeezed the shaft between her breasts, bending her head down so as to keep the tip in her mouth; she jerked her body up and down, her tongue sticking out, as she let the cock fuck her sternum. Her erect nipples were being rubbed against the rough, cold wall, sending more chills up her spine.

Jennie felt lost in the excitement of the situation, her mind emptied of all thoughts and worries; she was doing just what the words on the wall commanded her to, she was acting like a filthy cockslut, pleasuring the strange man, and merely the thought of her acting out like this got her pussy dripping on the dirty tiled floor.

She returned to blowing the faceless meat, taking it all in down her throat, gagging on the stranger; it was thick and filling her mouth up, making breathing hard. Yet, she didn't care, the seclusion of the locked stall door allowed her to feel freer than ever before, bringing out a nastier side of her, which only in daydreams and sex-chatrooms she had set free.

With the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a black, long rod dangling from the other hole behind her; a bright glint appeared in her eyes and her mind nearly turned numb. She reached behind her and took the newcomer in her hand, jerking him off, while still sucking and licking the other.

Jennie sat back on the toilet lid, one cock in each hand and legs spread wide; they both throbbed and pulsated under her fast, steady strokes, her grip tightly wrapped around the sha

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