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It was evident that he liked what she was telling him. She reached down and stroked the throbbing pecker gently, causing him to quiver, then leaned over and sucked the bulbous head of it into her mouth. Phil's hips jerked upward and she sat up long enough to tell him, "Phil, you cannot come until I tell you to."

I was a virgin, and had certainly never seen anyone actively engaged in sexual activity before, so I stood and watched, enthralled by what I saw.

Madeline sucked on Phil's cock, slowly lowering her head until she had the whole thing in her mouth. Phil had a look of intense concentration on his face, and looked as if he were in some sort of exquisite pain. I figured out that it must be exquisite pleasure instead, but at first it frightened me.

Then Madeline stood and pulled her nightgown off. Her slender body gleamed in the moonlight, making her skin look like white alabaster in stark contrast to the black ebony of her hair. It was a beautiful sight.

She climbed onto the bed and crouched over my brother in a way that reminded me somehow of a predator feeding on its prey. Then, reaching down with one hand, she spread her pussy lips while with the other she guided Phil's pecker into herself as she squatted down.

At about this time, I became aware of the fact that my hand was busily stroking the soft wetness of my own pussy. The feelings that this aroused in me were not unfamiliar, at thirteen I had spent a great deal of time developing my techniques for masturbation.

As I watched Madeline's pussy slowly slide down the length of Phil's cock, I slid a finger into my cunt, imagining that it was my pussy that cock was sliding into. It didn't matter to me that this was my brother's cock, all that mattered was that it felt good.
Madeline made little whimpering noises as she guided the rod into herself, working her hips slowly down until, finally, she had swallowed the entire thing into her pussy. She sat, poised atop my brother for a few moments before she began to slowly rock back and forth as if she was on a rocking horse. Her breathing was loud and ragged, coming in gasps, and her hands were busily squeezing her tits and pinching the nipples. One of my hands drifted up to my own small tit in imitation of her actions.

I was just beginning to feel the swelling warm pressure of impending orgasm when she gasped, "Phil, come inside me NOW!" The heat blossomed inside me as she choked off a scream by biting her own hand and Phil heaved and bucked, nearly unseating her. She fell forward across his chest, still impaled on his cock as he pumped his hips with diminishing force and finally stopped.

Phil lay there sweating as Madeline slowly recovered her composure and slid off of him. I heard her say something about cleaning him up as I slipped away to get back to my bed before she became aware of my presence.


It felt so good to get that cock into me! It was thicker than I had imagined it would be, and my pussy was stretched wider than it had been stretched in a long time. While I revelled in the feel of that hard rod smoothly sliding in and out of my pussy, I became aware of a slurping noise that did not originate with Phil and me. I knew that Amanda must have awakened and was in the doorway, probably fingering her own pussy from the sound of it. I was glad. My plans for Phil had room in them for her too.

But I didn't have time to think about her right at the moment.

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