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Fraternizing with celebrity chefs on a cruise ship.

hour later I shot to the surface, gulped for air!

"Divine!" she said, and disappeared beneath the surface. Her warm mouth engulfed my rock hard cock. Too soon she was up and I went back down. I felt her outer lips-labia?- (I took Shop, not Health)- become engorged with blood and she grabbed my ears and ground her cunt against my face. My lungs were bursting, I struggled to get free. Just as I was about to panic, she released me and I shot to the surface. She had a dazed look on her face and a dreamy smile on her lips. After a moment she sucked in a great gulp of air and went back down. This time her tongue was frantic and I blew great gobs of cum into her mouth. She surfaced and I fell back into the water, unable to stand. Wow!

We climbed out of the pool and toweled off. She led me, naked, into the house, where she tossed my clothes and sneakers in the drier. She lit a cigarette and poured us both a glass of icy cold white wine. We sat at the kitchen table, waiting for my clothes to dry. "So," she asked, blowing a plume of smoke above my head, "What are you? A Sadist or a Masochist?"

I thought about it for a bit, then looked her in the eye, and smiled. "A little bit of both?"

She threw her head back and laughed and laughed and laughed."

I turned to Alice and smiled. Her eyes were wet with tears. She pressed her mouth against mine, crushing my lips with hers. She knew the real story- a scared shitless eighteen year old PFC, paying a Saigon B girl five bucks for a quick suck'n'fuck.

Baby put her hand on my thigh, squeezed. "Holy samoly! You sure out-weirded my first time by a long shot. Getting eaten under water sounds really kinky! Speaking of which-under water, I mean- I'm gonna go take a shower."

As she left the room Alice kissed me again and put her hand on the bulge in my trousers. "You horny little rascal! Was it my sister's story or your piece of fiction that grew this lump?"

"It was sitting here in the dark with two gorgeous gals."

"Yeah, right. Thanks, by the way, for not telling Baby about your real first time, in 'Nam. She's pretty fucked up, still, from her divorce. Love a guy for three years in college, go down on him, let him screw your butt, marry him, and six months later he tells you he's queer!" Alice took her hand away from my crotch, looked into my eyes. "I mean it, Dave, Baby's really screwed up. She's been trying to keep it hidden all week, but she broke down yesterday and cried, told me that she hated men, wanted to try lesbian sex. Don't give me that look! No with ME, you dope!" She leaned over and sucked my earlobe, massaged the back of my neck. Anyway, I came up with an idea- that's what those 'first time' stories were all about, by the way. My way of priming the pump. Dave, I want you to give my kid sister a 'mercy fuck.'

I turned and looked at her. "Are you out of your MIND?"

"Dave, I've had sex with, oh, about six or seven guys; none since we got married. And you're absofuckinglutely the best ever! Gentle, tender, loving. You know all the right bases to touch, and when to touch them. If you'll do this for my sister, for ME, well. . .I'll owe you, BIG time!"

She smiled at me. The reddish glow of the firelight illuminated her face. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. "Does. . . does Baby know about this plan of yours?"

Alice nodded. "We talked about it, after dinner. I assured her I was O.K. with this; sharing you. I know you love me as much as I love you. I know there's no danger here to our marriage."

I thought about that for a moment.

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