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Older brother takes advantage of his sleeping sister.


Master smiles and flatly says, "It is ok, bitch; this time."

Doing this for hours now, bitch begs relentlessly to cum. Each time Mr. and Mistress both say NO. Finally, bitch arches her back as she is about to cum and not tell them. Mr. notices this and pulls out quickly and slaps her mound causing her to squeal.

"Bitch, you were about to cum and weren't even going to ask. Weren't you?"

Bitch casts her eyes downward and she doesn't answer.

Mistress looks down at her pulling her hair saying, "Your charms may get past your Master, but they won't get past Me, liz. There is no cumming yet. You are to stay here like this as a miserable bitch and wait for Us to return to you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

As liz whimpers, T/they leave her there laying on the bed naked, wet; needing so badly to release her orgasm.

Moving to the other side of the room, Master and shelly kiss, Master roughly twists shelly's erect nipple as liz is forced to watch and listen as Master pleasures her Mistress.

Master and Mistress move to the bed a few inches in front of the face of bitch. She is forced to watch as Master passionately kisses shelly, bites and twists the nipple of the very same Mistress that was minutes ago ravagedly fucking liz's bitch hole.

Master reaches over and smacks liz harshly on the ass repeatedly. "I think it is time this bitch makes herself useful to you, what do you think shelly."

"Yes Master, I want the whore, may I please use bitch?"

Liz shyly whispers, "Shelly."

Mr. orders the bitch on to the bed and throws shelly down beside her. Ok bitch now is your time to perform, show your Mistress what you can do.

"Yes, Master. How may a serve you Mistress?" liz asks with nervous energy.

"Well bitch you can get your head between my legs and use that tongue that Master is so proud of. Show me what kind of pussy eating whore you are."

"Yes Ma'am, as You please."

Liz laying down and bending her head down started to slowly lick and kiss shelly's clit.

Master stepped back watching the wonderful site of His slave eating the exposed pussy of His submissive.

Sitting on the side of the bed Mr. twists and brutally tugs at the already overly sensitive nipples of shelly.

Shelly lets out a deep extended moan from the torment Master has given and the pleasure that the bitch was providing between her legs.

Master gets up and walks over to the foot locker that serves as His mobile toy chest. Both slave and submissive hear him rummaging through the locker. They both skip a heart beat as they hear the sound of the familiar torturous toys of Master.

Too afraid to look or ask what Master has planned, shelly encourages liz to continue. Liz taking the hint begins licking her Mistress hard causing shelly to moan.

Master finds the item He was looking for, walking over to sit on the bed. Shelly lay all out stretched on the rumpled sheets. She looks up and smiles as Master slowly withdraws the dagger with a 12 inch curved blade.

Since the bitch was busy serving her Mistress, she does not see Master lower the blade to the small of her back.

Master gives liz a word of warning, "Continue on her cunt, make her cum for me but do not jump."

Bitch gasps for breath as she feels the cold steel blade in the small of her back. Nothing broke the skin but she was still fearful, not knowing what Master has planned.

Liz fears as shelly watches Master drags the sharp cold steel tip up her spine and then back down her right leg. Slowly and with moderate pressure Master traces the natural lines of bitch's skin. The knife finds its way back up her lower leg. Master stops the blade along the back of her knee momentarily. Liz gasps and moans, to her amazement she finds herself getting wet. She eagerly continues sucking on shelly's clit causing shelly to voice the most erotic moans of pleasure Master has ever heard.

Placing the dagger out harms way to either slave or sub, shelly sees Master reach over and pick up a small but much sharper blade.

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