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Costume party turns interesting.

Martha could only stand there. She was so shocked that she couldn't have moved if she had wanted to. She felt thrills shooting through her body as John sucked and nibbled on her breast. Then he moved to the other one and it started all over again. She felt his hand caressing her ass move down behind her thigh and then between her legs. She could feel his fingers lightly gliding over her pussy, softly stroking her lips as he sucked on her tits.
Then John put his hands on her waist and lifted her up until she was sitting on the table in front of him. She felt panic overtaking her as he gently parted her knees, opening them, then pushed them up until her feet were resting on the edge of the table much as Barbara had done. She had to use her hands to prop herself up, but she could still see that John's face was only six inches from her wide-spread pussy. Even with her soft downy blonde hair she could see that her pussy lips were parted and she could even see the tip of her clit peeking out from between them.

She couldn't believe that this was about to happen as John leaned forward, gently blowing on her pussy. Then she watched as his tongue snaked out and softly traced up the inside of one of her pussy lips and then back down the other. Then he did it again, this time letting his tongue probed deeper between her lips than before, gliding over and around her hole and circling her clit. She was gasping in panic and ecstacy as she watched John's tongue begin to explore her pussy. She realized that everyone had gathered around and they were all watching as John slid his tongue into her hole, not stopping until his face was jammed into her pussy. She almost died when she felt him sucking on her.

She looked up for a second and met Harry's eyes. He had a gentle smile on his face as he watched how Martha reacted to John eating her pussy. As a spasm shot through her body from her pussy outwards, Martha gasped and then smiled at Harry, becoming enraptured with the feelings that John was eliciting with his tongue. She leaned further back, then just lay back altogether, her feet up on the edge of the table and John eating her pussy while everyone watched.

She couldn't believe how excited she was, and how little she cared. She felt so disembodied from the whole experience. Then she felt the waves begin to move through her body, one after the other after the other, and she realized that she was cumming, something that she now knew she had never done before. She felt John's tongue sliding in and out of her hole as she continued to cum, felt him sucking at her as he drank up her juices. Then she felt herself go limp as it ended. She felt totally drained, like she had run a marathon.

She lay there for a minute, stunned by the experience. Then hands were helping her to a sitting position where she rested for a moment.

"You have a very tasty pussy," John said, smiling at her, her juices smeared across his face. "Harry's a lucky guy."

"He's never done that to me," Martha said without thinking.

"Harry!" Barbara said, "The way you ate me I thought it was a regular thing with you. You eat pussy like a pro."

"Let's play cards," Harry said, trying to change the subject.

"Wasn't that wonderful?" Barbara asked as she helped Martha down off the table. "You were beautiful," she added, her arm around her shoulders as she moved back a couple of steps and sat on the sofa.

"That felt so nice," Martha whispered. "I can't believe I just did that."

"You were great," Barbara said. "I was nervous as hell the first time too. I'd never been with anyone since I had married John."

"I've never been with anyone but Harry," Martha said, "ever."

"Well, tonight's your night then," Barbara said. "Enjoy it. You have such cute tits," she said, letting one hand cup and caress her. "And your pussy was so cute," Barbara said, letting her hand drop down to gently rub the inside of Martha's thigh. "I've never seen another woman before like that."

"Me too," Martha said, remembering how Barbara had looked, feeling

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