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He'd waited for her for so long.

...... "Then what are you doing here? You should have said something earlier. You will never mention this conversation again." Mrs Evans had again adopted her over-bearing tone, then pointed to the door. Her attitude had suddenly rattled me - she could have apologised, she could have been polite about it, she could have asked nicely for me to say nothing. But this over-bearing tone was not on.

After a few moments I had collected my thoughts. "Mrs Evans, I was only doing my job. I was brought here. I was regaled by your diatribe. And in the end you cannot apologise properly. I don't think that is acceptable."

"Nonsense, man." Her voice had now turned patronising, and perhaps more offensive for it. "Just run along and we will speak no more about it."

I wasn't to be moved. "Mrs Evans," I spoke in measured tones. "Sadly for you I have just recorded what has happened - I find it is a useful precaution at times like this." I showed her the mini tape-recorder. I continued "I think you will find that you have broken many parts of your code of practice. You did not check out whether I was the right person. You gave me a huge amount of confidential information. You have said things to me which were both offensive and slanderous. And now you cannot even apologise. If you had apologised I would simply have walked out. However, I think you will find there is more than enough material for instant dismissal, and certainly for your name to be spread all over the local papers, if not the national papers. It doesn't look good for you, does it?" In the space of a minute Mrs Evans had changed, crumpled from a domineering overpowering woman, into a person almost quivering with fear, her face ashen white with the horror of what had happened.

She just managed to gasp out a couple of words: "Please no............". She suddenly looked very vulnerable in that moment, and I knew something deep had happened somewhere within her. I continued rather more gently.

"Mrs Evans. You remind me of Mrs Turner who was my head-teacher. She terrified me. She also punished us all freely and liberally and regularly. It is still something that is etched on my mind. You make me want to strike back. So I have an idea. I will walk out of this office. I will walk about a bit and return in ten minutes. You then have a choice. You can let me go to the authorities with this tape and all that entails. Or you can have a cane on the table ready for me and receive all I received from Mrs turner. The choice is yours."

With that I stood up, went outside and walked up and down the corridor a couple of times, before returning to the office door, knocking then walking inside. Mrs Evans was still sat behind the table, but on the table was a thin cane - It was a good guess that she might have one stashed somewhere. By now the bluster had gone out of her, she was tapping nervously on the desk, her eyes looking down into her lap.

I spoke much more gently to her. "This is a good choice. What's your first name, Mrs Evans?" She was called Joan.

"Okay Joan" I spoke gently to her. "I received 8 from Mrs turner in my school career, so that is how many you are going to get. And Mrs Turner used to drop our trouser and pants for a caning."

I paused as the implications of what I just said suddenly dawned and she gasped "No!"

However she did as I told her "Stand up, go around the end of the desk and bend over. Hold onto the sides and do not let go or try to move away".

I was amazed when she did - she stood up, bent over the desk, and I was suddenly aware of the nice shape of her ass. I took the sides of her skirt and lifted it above her waist, tucking it into the waist-band. Her legs were pleasantly slim, her ass as attractive as I thought it might be.

I pulled her white panties to her knees and left them there, revealing the ass with all its fullness, revealing a glimpse of pussy and pubic hair between her legs. She stood with her feet perhaps fifteen inches apart.

I spoke to her again: "Are you ready for this?"

She nodded.

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