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Wife goes too far.

She played gofer for the night and ended up leaving about a half hour before we actually closed.

John, who was my closer for the night, came up to me after she left. "God, man. She's hot!"

I laughed a little. "You should see her aunt."

"Oh no, man," he said with a smile. "Go for the young stuff. It's tighter and fresher."

"Oh really? And how many older aunts have you tried out?"

He just blushed. He was all of eighteen himself. "I wouldn't mind trying out Stevie that's for sure."

I considered what he said and remembered how I felt when I first saw her. Had I been John's age, I'd have had her in bed before she could have filled out a W-4. But I was older now and had better fish to fry.

Over the next week, Stevie really came into her own. She learned the register and started closing three nights a week. Unbelievably I came to realize how much we had in common, liking the same movies and the same music. Even though I felt like a grandpa next to her. But her sense of humor and her quick mind made her seem ageless to me. After a month, I was really super attracted to her, and the fact that Dorine had been to busy to take my calls for that return of her favor didn't help.

Three days ago I left Stevie in charge of the shop for the last half hour. I was unbelievably horny from being around her all day. Watching her swish and sway in that denim mini skirt, black boots that reach up to her milky white thighs was akin to torture. And when she bent down I could see straight down into what a bra should have been covering - only she was so young she didn't need anything to hold anything anywhere. And man, when she smiles those full lips just beg to be kissed. As I was passing her in the back room where there was only room for one to pass, I could tell I was in dangerous territory. We sort of stood still for a minute, neither of us moving, but both of us keenly aware of each and every contour of the other. She looked up at me, her green eyes bright and wide, and she bit her lip just a bit.

I had to get outta there. I had to get a piece of ass before I did something I was going to regret.

I called Dorine on my cell, but she wasn't answering. I cursed and threw the phone down on the car seat next to me. I was going to explode. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out to get a breath of cool, fresh air as I sped down the Boulevard. On the sidewalk were working girls, and it crossed my mind only for a moment. But I'd never before paid for sex, I wasn't going to start now.

I drove like that for at least an hour, hoping I gave Stevie a chance to close up and leave. Finally I pulled up to the store, and there were no lights on inside. I let out a sigh, but still didn't feel any better.

I let myself in and to my surprise was met with music playing from the back room. It was slow and seductive, one of my favorites. There were lights flashing in the back, like a strobe. That was new. And I was curious.

As I peered into the back room I was surprised not only to see Stevie but to see as much of her as I was seeing. She was dancing to the music, only this time she'd taken off her miniskirt and even her top. She stood there dancing only in a g-string and those thigh high boots. Her hair was long and wild over her perky breasts. She gyrated around, lifting her arms above her head and grinding her hips as she licked her lips. "Like what you see, Greg?"

My heart stopped. How did she know I was here? She hadn't caught sight of me and the music was pounding so loud I know she couldn't hear me. Then I realized... she wasn't talking to me. She was fantasizing about me.

This young, hot girl I've been driving myself crazy to stay away from was fantasizing about *me*! My rod jumped to attention and I sat down hard in a chair that was out of her view. It was the first time I'd ever been a voyeur but boy what a way to start.

I thought my cock would explode as she ran her hands down her taunt stomach and over the satin front of her panties.

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