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He surprises his wife & embarasses the pizza boy.

Her back rested against Kat who wrapped her arms around the woman, taking a handful of her luscious tits in each hand and began whispering all sorts of naughty things in her ear, biting down on her lobe every so often.

When the slow, sensuous mating of their hips under the water finally caused her to go over the edge Michael and Kat picked up the pace, drawing out her climax and sharing their love with her. Her cries echoed around the marble room, amidst the heat and steam.

After they'd dragged the limp woman to the edge of the bath, Kat laid next to her sister in all but blood and wrapped her arms around her, grinding her body against Aurora's, their wet tits mashing together. Michael busied himself with worshiping Kat's feet which hung over the edge of the marble. Massaging each sole he kissed each toe softly and worked little nips up her legs, showing his devotion.

Getting out of the water, he crawled up her body continuing his passionate caress until Kat turned to lie on her back and opened her legs for him. Giving her steaming pussy a lick he drifted still upwards, painting her stomach with kisses. When he'd reached her mouth, their lips locked and he placed his prick at her entrance. Kat draped her arms around his neck and they moved as one. Their intimacy was defined by their actions and they knew they were as close as two people could possibly be.

Aurora propped herself up on one elbow to watch the couple. After a while she said, "You know Stacey has a crush on you?"

Kat laughed in Michael's mouth and pulled away, their bodies still moving in concert. "A crush, if she was any more smitten she'd be completely useless on the bridge," she said amused. Cupping Michael's face she murmured, "She can't stop looking at you. She's smart too. I imagine she'll be a welcome addition. I think if you hadn't told the twins to wait until she was 18 they'd of had her in our bed by the first week."

Michael grinned down at her and gave her a soft kiss. "It's always been and always will be your decision, my love."

Kat's eyes gleamed, "Then next month she's going to get one hell of a birthday party."

Aurora laughed, "Maybe there will be two additions." The other two looked at her and she snorted. "Pa-leeaze! I saw the way you were all watching that blue chick like a pack of hyenas. I bet the twins are breaking down her defenses as we speak."

Kat reached over a grabbed Aurora's hair, pulling her into a kiss. "I seem to recall a particular captain regarding her just as intensely," she growled.

Aurora blushed pink. "Well, you can't blame me, did you see her tits? And I bet that fur is soo soft," she moaned, a hand dropping between her legs.

Michael grinned and knew he was the luckiest guy on the planet- or off of it. He groaned and then chuckled as Kat climaxed and bit down hard on his shoulder. With the enhancements they healed fast and she had to make quite an impression. As he achieved his release he pulled out and sprayed his jizz over the two languishing beauties. They proceeded to rub themselves together, licking his offering off of the other and he felt his flagging erection bob upwards again, knowing it wouldn't be long before they went another round.

After they'd relaxed enough, their growling stomachs led the three to the ship's mess. While there were almost a hundred different places to eat onboard, the Mess was an enormous dining hall that could seat thousands and was reserved for crewmembers and military personnel. It was split into two parts, a larger 'ground' level that was open to everyone, and a smaller raised level that only sat officers, Michael and his girls, visiting dignitaries, and the civilian leaders of their sections throughout the ship. Guests could also be invited by any of those previously mentioned to join them at their tables. On this top level, they were served by actual wait staff and ate on white tablecloths with gleaming silverware.

Those seated in the bottom section were met with booths and long tables, ea

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