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The adventures of two hunky young superheroes.

What Chase didn't know is how into him Melina truly was. She found him suave, debonair and not at all full of himself, rare for someone so young. If her husband had been this gentile and considerate, she wouldn't have divorced him.

When they walked into the large hall where the Prom was being held, everyone gasped. They certainly were the most controversial couple in the room.

"Did you see who Chase came with? Where's Helena?" One young man said.

"Who cares, his date's smoking hot!" Another youth exclaimed.

"Yeah, but she's like, old," His date said. "She's got to be at least 30."

The last comment made Melina smile. She didn't even feel 30, she felt young and alive and as the music started and Chase swept her to the dance floor, she just enjoyed the feelings.

Melina noticed something immediately. "Chase, you're a wonderful dancer!" She told him as they moved on the dance floor.

He grinned at her. "Thanks. I took dance classes for the past few years to prepare for this."

Melina gritted her teeth. "I'm just sorry that Helena stood you up. She doesn't know what she's missing."

Chase grinned again. "Don't worry about it; it certainly isn't your fault. Besides, have you heard me complaining about the substitution?"

Melina and Chase spent an entire evening dancing and laughing. He was a lovely, attentive date and got her drinks, made sure she wasn't tired, he complimented her at least 3 times on how beautiful she looked. She was happy that she'd chosen to do everything right this night, the package had been expensive, but Chase was making her feel it had all been worthwhile.

The night ended far too soon to suit Melina. She intended to do something about that. Chase and she walked into the moonlit night, it illuminated her face beautifully. For a moment, she thought Chase was going to kiss her, but he didn't. She intended to do something about that as well. She pulled him close, spun him around and kissed him, with passion that had been building throughout the night. Chase began to kiss her back and as expected, he was also a wonderful kisser. Was her daughter out of her fucking mind?

"There's more where that came from if you're interested in the full Prom experience," Melina said as she finally broke their kiss. "Take me home and I'll let you see what's under this dress."

"Melina, are you sure?"

She nodded. "If you don't want to, I understand."

"Are you insane? You're the most beautiful woman I've ever been with, of course I want to. My family's out of town, we could go to my place," Chase suggested.

"I can be more creative in my own bed," Melina purred, running a finger across his lips. "Let's go, handsome. I've been waiting all night and I don't want to wait a minute longer."

Melina was glad that Chase was a sensible young man or else they likely would have broken speed limits getting back to her home. Once inside the door, any pretext of subtlety went out the door. She dropped the dress to the ground and stood in front of Chase clad in sexy mauve and black lingerie, her body on display in that and heels. She walked towards him again and kissed him, hard.

"Take me upstairs and fuck me, Chase. Make me yours, even if it's just for tonight. Do whatever you want, I'm not a good girl in the bedroom," Melina growled.

He looked at the beautiful, sensual blonde with the smoky blue eyes that were staring at him intently and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She stretched seductively out on the bed, waiting for sex she had anticipated all evening. Helena's loss was her gain; she was going to give Chase a fucking he would never forget.

When she finally saw Chase naked, she was so hot for him she couldn't control herself. She pulled him to the bed and pounced on top of him. Melina saw his cock jump and then she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it. She could feel it pulsate underneath her fingers and then she took it in her mouth.

Chase's cock was like the man himself, big and strong a

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