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A step-brother's lust leads to taboo acts of masturbation.

Kevin and Brad watched in silence as Ethan approached the woman, sidling up next to her at the bar and gesturing to the bartender, and then her drink, which appeared to be a simple orange juice. She seemingly agreed to his offered refill, and in no time she and Ethan were huddled in close together, talking in hushed tones. Kevin watched in shock as Ethan pulled out his phone and showed something to the woman, which caused her to blush and glance back to the table where Kevin and Brad sat. They quickly averted their eyes.

"What the hell is he doing, showing her the pictures?!" Brad demanded of Kevin.

"Blackmail?" Kevin replied, knowing his friend's unscrupulous nature.

The woman didn't react with anger, however. Indeed, she seemed, to Kevin's well-trained eye, to become even more flirtatious with Ethan, reaching out a hand to touch him lightly on the thigh. Within minutes, Ethan stood up, took her by the hand, and led her from the bar towards the elevator, tossing a salacious wink over his shoulder to where Kevin and Brad sulked.

"Lucky son of a bitch." Brad opined.

"Jesus." Kevin could barely contain his jealousy that his friend was going to get to spend the night with the buxom brunette. "Why didn't I see her first."

Deflated and dejected, Kevin and Brad spent another 30 minutes polishing off their drinks before deciding to call it a night. As Brad split off to his first-floor room, Kevin headed to the elevator, his pants uncomfortably tight with unfulfilled fantasy about the sexy brunette. He resigned himself to spending a frantic few minutes with his member in his hand alone in his room before drifting off to sleep. Head down, and mind on dirty thoughts, he stepped into the empty elevator as the doors opened and stepped inside. Hitting the button for the 4th floor, he leaned back against the wall of the elevator, let his eyes drift back to the floor and his mind wander.

He didn't raise his head as the elevator slowed and the doors opened, knowing that it was too soon for this to be his own floor. A pair of bare feet, small and feminine with French manicured toenails, entered his view. Curious, he let his gaze rise, taking in her toned calves, shoes in her hand, and then her ample butt hidden behind a loose skirt as she turned around to hit the button for her floor. As his gaze rose higher, she began to turn back to face him, and he found himself looking at a pair of large but perky breasts constrained under a form-fitting and slightly askew sweater. The shock or recognition hit his brain moments before he glanced up fair enough to see her familiar face.

She stood looking up at him, grinning as he blushed in embarrassment when their eyes met. She bit her luxuriously thick lower lip while she blatantly gave him a once-over in return, before locking eyes with him again and smiling widely as she extended a small and delicate hand.

"Hi. I'm Lucia." she said. "I saw you down at the bar with your friends earlier."

"I..." Kevin stammered, "Hi. Didn't you leave with my friend Ethan just a few minutes ago?" he blurted out, unable to contain himself and blushing a brighter shade of red.

Lucia, completely unfazed, let out a hearty and sincere chuckle. "Does that matter?" she asked, reaching out to poke him lightly in the chest. "I saw you staring at me downstairs. You liked what you saw."

Kevin found her presence, so close and now touching him, so intoxicating he could hardly form a coherent reply. "Yes." he muttered, taking her in up and down again. "I really like what I see."

With a mischievous twinkle of her eye, and with her hand lightly teasing his chest, she went on. "And I assume he showed you those pictures his friend took of our time together?"

Kevin, knowing his blushing cheeks would reveal the truth anyway, admitted than he had.

"And what did he tell you about me, and the night those pictures were taken?" she demanded playfully, grinning ear to ear. "Be honest."

Kevin fought to quell the nervous fluttering of his heart, and thinking to turn the ta

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