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The victim count rises.

Their room was on the fifth floor and she checked the view. It was overlooking the river and was just two floors above the ballroom. The room overlooked the roof of the ballroom and as she looked out she noticed three workmen working on an air conditioner unit on the roof. One was an older guy, another a middle aged one and the third, apparently an apprentice, was quite young.

As she was looking out the window, the middle aged guy noticed her and must have said something to the other guys because they all turned around and looked at her. She waved at them and they waved back.

The window was a full length window, so they could see all of her. And of course an idea flashed through her mind. It's safe, no one else can see, why not?

She started unbuttoning her blouse. She went one button at a time, slowly until the young guy looked over at her and noticed. He must have said something because they all turned again. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt and took it off. I have their interest she thought with a smile. They were all turned watching her. Her hand went to the zipper on her skirt and she paused.

They froze as she paused. Then she slowly lowered the zipper. She stopped again. She could see the young guy say something. It looked like he said take it off. She let it drop to the floor. They all smiled.

She was in her bra and panties. She turned a few times, showing her body to them. They applauded. Then she faced them and reached behind her back to her bra snap and stopped. All three gave her a thumbs up, so she unclasped her bra and held it up to her breasts.

The young guy gave her a pleading sign...take it off, please, she read.

She let it drop, displaying her breasts to them. She could tell that they were hooting their approval. She felt so sexy right then. She lifted her breasts, offering them to the guys. She turned sideways so the could get a good view. They began to walk toward her window to get a better view. They were one floor down so they had a good low angle view.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and cocked her head, as if saying, should I? They all nodded enthusiastically. This is so easy she thought. Three guys are gonna see me naked. This was better than she dreamed.

Susie turned around with her back facing the window and slowly, ever so slowly, started to lower her panties. She looked over her shoulder. They had come close to her window. They were staring at her ass.

Down came her panties, over her ass. She let them stay there for a minute and then lowered them to the floor, bending over, giving them a great view of her ass. She stepped out of her panties and put her hands in front of her pussy and slowly turned around.

Susie just looked innocently at them. She was stark naked with her hands in front of her pussy. They were applauding her. She raised her eyelids. Should I? They all nodded enthusiastically. She moved her hands to her hips and pushed out her breasts. Like a superman pose, she thought giggling.

The guys applauded as she let them take in her body, slowly turning, bending, letting them see all her intimate parts. She was loving this. She loved to be naked in front of men. This wasn't just Jim. This was strangers.

In a minute she walked away from the window. I guess they thought the show was over because they started to walk away, but Susie got the chair from the desk and dragged it over to the window.

When she reappeared they noticed and came back. She sat in the chair and put her feet on the window and spread her legs. All three centered themselves between her legs, taking in her wide open pussy. She lowered her hand to her pussy, running a finger down her slit. Then she took two fingers and spread her pussy lips, letting them see the pink of her cunt. All three had their mouths wide open, jaws dropping.

She slowly began to masturbate for them, slowly putting her fingers in and out of her cunt.

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