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Two women find more than fugitives in the Alaskan Wilderness

But I stopped sniffing and stopped rubbing my cock to look at her hand and fingers working her pussy. My heart was beating so fast I had difficulty breathing. I had fantasised about Sheila for so long and this all seemed like a dream. She stopped rubbing her pussy and let her arms relax down her side. I could see her pussy lips had blossomed through her pubic hair. Tentatively, I slipped my shorts off letting them fall around my feet. Sheila stared at my throbbing dick, skin retracted and glans glistening.

"Wow, I am flattered!" she said. "And so soon after cumming over my panties." She hesitated a little, clearing her throat self-consciously. "Do you want to sniff me? You'll get the real smell then."

I swallowed hard again, and quickly replayed what she had just said, just to make sure I wasn't imagining it.

"Do you mean, um....do you mean....?" I said, hesitantly. . As she stood there, I took in the sight of her naked body, the subject of so many of my fantasies now revealed in front of me. My dick was aching now.

"I mean, you know, do you want to sniff me.....as in here, down below..." She pointed to her pussy. I didn't think my heart could beat any faster, and I actually thought I would faint. Would she let me sniff her ass too? Oh wow! I thought.

"Ummm.....yes...if....if that's ok?" Please don't change your mind Sheila!!

"Ok." She said. She stood still for a moment as if unsure what to do. Then she moved back a few paces and leant against the back of the settee, moving her feet apart a little to expose her crotch a little more. I shuffled my shorts away from my feet and realised my hands were shaking.

It was as if there was a magnet pulling me towards her and down on to my knees, lowering myself down a little further so my face was slightly below her pussy. I could see that she was wet, her pubic hair glistening with a little juice, her pussy lips blossoming like a pink flower. We were both breathing harder as I slowly moved my face closer to her pussy until her pubic hair touched and tickled my nose. I looked up briefly to see that she was looking down at me. She closed her eyes as I moved in further and pressed up against her pussy and sniffed long and deep. Sheila let out a small gasp and opened her legs a little farther. Her smell was strong and filled my nostrils, taking me by surprise. But it was so good. Sniffing deeply I moved my nose up and down her pussy crack taking in the wonderful variety of odours and feeling my lips slip across her labia , soft and wet. My excitement was growing and so was hers. She lifted one foot off the floor to open up more for me. I started to use my tongue, licking up and down her quivering pink folds. Every time I came into contact with her clit she let out a gasp and bucked her hips. She tasted so good. I didn't want this to end. My fantasy was coming true.

I stopped using my tongue and continued to sniff, the smell an amplified version of her knickers I had sniffed so many times before. This was so much better. Gradually my mouth and nose became slick with juices and covered in her wonderful aroma.

"Is this ok?" I asked her.

"Fantastic! Is it ok for you? It's not too smelly for you?"

"No, it's fantastic!" I said. I had never meant anything so much!

Sheila lowered her leg. "Do you want me to turn around?" This was leading up to what to what I had been fantasising about for so long. Or was it? She saw my hesitation. "To sniff my bum? You can if you want."

"Yes I'd love to....I mean, if it's ok with you?" My heart was trying to jump out of my chest.

"Yeah, sure." She said. "Shall I kneel on the edge of the settee?"

I nodded.

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