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The Adventures of Steve and Jamie.

The ropes keep my hands out to the sides and my frustration makes me cry out. Your mouth leaves my nipples and moves up my chest, nibbling and nuzzling the curve of my neck, driving me insane. The tip of your tongue traces my lips before pushing inside my mouth. I feel your clothed body pressing against my naked skin as we kiss wildly, nipping at each others lips, your hands balled up in my hair, pulling my head back.

You break the kiss and begun dropping sucking kisses around my jaw line, my cheeks and back to my neck. Taking the loops of rope from my wrists and then my ankles, you instruct me to turn over, lying on my stomach. You slide the ropes back into place, leaving me spread eagle, face down on the bed. You are between my legs again, your hands moving slowly up and down my body, lingering to cup and squeeze the cheeks of my ass. I feel your breath on the skin at the back of my knee a split second before your lips touch me there, a wet kiss with your tongue swirling around on my skin. I moan as your mouth moves up the inside of my thigh, kissing, licking, biting and sucking. My hands grab the ropes as the incredible sensations wash over my body in waves.

Your mouth is just a breath away from the damp heat of my pussy when you pause, waiting, teasing me. I can feel your breath and I struggle to bring myself into contact with you but it is useless. You watch my frustration growing, my animal lust for you coming to the surface and you chuckle softly, enjoying making me squirm and beg, completely at your mercy. Without touching my pussy you begin your journey down the inside of my other leg, licking, kissing, biting and sucking your way to my toes. When you've run out of skin to tease there, you move back up and start the same treatment on my ass and lower back. I love having you lick and kiss my back and you know how crazy it drives me.

As you move up to the back of my neck and shoulders I am almost in tears I'm so frustrated. I need you to make me cum. My pussy is so wet I can feel it dripping and I have such an empty feeling inside it I need you to satisfy. While you are biting and sucking my neck I faintly hear the metallic sound of a zipper sliding down and I feel the hot hardness of your dick against the cheeks of my ass. It feels so incredible rubbing up and down from my clit to my ass, I try to move so that it slips inside my pussy but you aren't ready for that yet. Your fingers push between the swollen lips of my pussy and lightly brush against my clit again and again. All your teasing has me so wet and so turned on that in just a few moments you feel the muscles in my body tighten and I start screaming as my orgasm hits hard and fast. I cum for what seems like forever before you stop.

You lift my hips, shoving a pillow under them to make my pussy more accessible and in one fluid stroke; your dick fills my pussy to the top. You fill me up and stretch me so wonderfully. With one hand on my shoulder, and the other roaming my body touching and squeezing, you begin to pound away hard and fast in my pussy, pushing me to cum again even harder, squeezing my pussy muscles tight around your dick. After I cum you pull out of my pussy causing me to whimper in protest but you have plans of your own. Undoing the ropes and turning me over to my back again and retying me, you move off the bed.

The blindfold makes me have to listen closely to try to figure out what you are doing and what will happen next. I hear a rustling and I assume you are undressing. You undress while looking at my naked, slightly sweaty body spread open for you to do whatever you want. Even in the faint candle light you can see how excited I am, my flushed face, my hard nipples, and the thin sheen of sweat on my skin.

Looking at my pussy completely revealed from the position my legs are tied in and the pillow under my hips, you can see the juices shining in the dim light, the slightly red puffy look of my pussy lips, my swollen clit begging for attention.

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