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The lovely librarian gets her limits pushed again.

The language of an animal.

Vagina, was hers, with a capital V. She controlled its power, let herself release, relax fully. There was never any nervousness. She would bind the man before her with her glistening folds and aroma. Moisture has such a powerful effect, always. And besides, she thought, as she slipped her finger out and brought it to her lips, she very much enjoyed how she tasted.

She drew her hand from her mouth, her lips drawing off every bit trace of her fluids as her tongue slipped between her fingers before slipping back into her mouth.

"Oh Erik, my keep," she said, often referring to her lovers as her keep. "That tastes so good. Would you like some?" She asked, raising one eyebrow. The effect on Erik was profound as he sat there with his cock in his hand. Yes, "cock". She liked the word. Just as she liked to be "fucked", not be made love to. It's just that there were different velocities, pressures at being fucked. And, as always, it was under her command. Slow, deep, penetrating. Fast and shallow. A mixture of the two combined with different body positioning. It was all so...her way.

Erik's hand on his cock froze as he waited for her next words. He was hers fully. She could tell him to do just about anything for the promise of what was before him. Perhaps one day she would find out just how far she could make them go.

Erik nodded. It was a small nod. One. She had already trained him that anything more than subtlety was not well received by her. This was his fourth time back from such learning. Her dissatisfaction was always expressed swiftly, firmly, and without recourse. He knew that if he were to have anything to do with her and her body, he had to get past the directives of her mind and her will. But there was something about Erik she enjoyed toying with. More so than with others. Some men had been dismissed after their first digression. Seldom would any get beyond two. Yet here was Erik. On number four. She smiled and opened her lips a bit more.

She slid her finger back into herself, brushing against her clitoris a bit more firmly than before. She felt her eyebrows contract with the sensation.

Erik started to move, to sit back and adjust himself. He almost took his hand off of his cock, but a small tilt of her head and a lowering of one of her brows froze him in place. His eyes darted about slightly, and she could read his thoughts in them. He was wondering if he had moved too much. If he had blown it in some way he couldn't readily imagine.

She held her fingers still for a moment, watching him almost shake with the muscle tension his position was causing. She wondered how long she could make him stay there before he collapsed.

She smiled again. Later for that. They had already been at this for nearly forty minutes. Him watching her trace her hands over her body, enjoying herself. She had allowed him to stroke himself off slowly. She was surprised at how immediately hard he had gotten, and stayed. He was quite fit.

Her smile had eased his mind, but not his body. He stayed where he was like a good boy. She made another small, expanding circle with her fingers, collecting her own moisture until she could actually feel enough to cause it to drip. Two, maybe three drips worth. She raised her hand up, and in the soft light of the room one large, clear drop could be seen pendant on the end of her middle finger. She tiled her head back slightly and watched Erik's mouth open more as she opened her own.

As she got to her lips, she let the drop touch her bottom lip and drew a line across it to deposit the rest of her "collection" there.

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