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The creation of a sex slave.

And by doing so, I would claim what now belongs to me!"

She took my left hand in hers, pulled it to her mouth, and inserted my fingers inside. One by one she sucked each finger with a tender passion that caused me to melt further onto the bed. And when she reached my ring finger, I felt her teeth clamp down. As she withdrew my finger from her mouth, her teeth inched my ring off until it was no longer on my hand, but dangling from her tongue like a prize she had just won. She extended her left hand to me...toward my face. "Now you take mine," she said. "Just like I took yours...you take my rings and claim me as your own!"

I did as she commanded. Placing her fingers in my mouth I made love to each one individually - my tongue sliding between them; pausing when I felt her ring against my soft flesh. With her ring finger firmly in my mouth I looked directly into her eyes and felt the heat of her gaze upon me. The desire she had was unmistakable. She wanted this! She wanted my teeth to remove her rings as forcefully as she had removed mine. I felt her desire well inside me. I felt it grow. And in that moment, I ripped the rings from her hand and laid claim to what was now rightfully mine! I had taken her mind, I had taken her heart, and now...I had finally taken her body. Tonight she belonged to me, and I wished in that moment that tonight would last forever!

With each other's rings still in our mouths, we placed our naked fingers together - entwining them in a gesture that proved to each of us our new commitment was to one another. This gesture was symbolic to each of us in many ways because we both know that it marked the beginning of this new stage of our relationship. We both know that this simple gesture, taken wordlessly and freely, was what we both had been so eagerly awaiting - that single moment when we ceased to belong to anyone except ourselves. I was hers, she was mine, and together we were one.

Our mouths came together again, not allowing the memory of each other's lips to fade so quickly. This time, however, our entwined hands keep our lips at bay. With renewed vigor we each took the other's newly bared finger with our tongues. Sucking on just the tip and replacing the strange ring-less feelings with rings of our lips. The rings themselves, symbols meant to keep us apart, were secured in each other's mouths.

As she pulled my hand out of the way I once again tasted her lips, ripe with passion and laced with tender lust. I was mesmerized by her kiss - so much that I barely noticed that she has moved my hand down to her panties. Sliding my hand inside the cool satiny fabric I felt just a tuft of hair -strategically placed like a welcome mat...begging me to enter. As she guided my hand further, pressing it against her moist sensual lips I felt them swell under my touch. With once simple stroke of my middle finger I felt them part and allow me unimpeded access to her most precious secrets. Covering my hand with her own she forced my ring finger between her lips. "I want to feel this finger right there," she moaned in my ear. "I want to feel this finger between my lips...to cover it with my juices." Then as abruptly as she pushed my finger inside her, she pulled my hand up to her mouth. Her lips wrapped around it with renewed vigor. "I want to taste myself where your ring used to be. To know that what once belong to her, is now completely and utterly mine! I want to mark you forever with the moisture of my love. A wetness that you created and now I've used to claim you as my own."

Getting back to her feet she stands before me and I watch as she drops the robe off her shoulders.

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