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Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

You have two hours to wait before the others arrive and the orientation begins. You can go out in the private garden but you may not leave this room or the garden."

The four of us walked out into the spacious garden. Included was a small pool that was more for soaking rather than swimming laps. We each found a lounge and got comfortable. Tina laughed and said, "Ladies, you will come to enjoy these lounges before the night is over."

We all chuckled and Sara got a look of mild terror on her face. I watched Sara's reaction and turned to her, "Are you OK? You seem to be a little worried about later.?

"Yes, I am only twenty and not very experienced with group situations. I have had sex with several guys but always just the two of us and in the dark."

"You will be alright, look at this as a learning adventure that will give you a lot of pleasure."

Margo brought us all some drinks and we noticed that she too was now naked. Tina smiled, "are you joining us tonight Margo?"

"Yes, we are a girl short tonight. But I only take up space; the guys are more interested in you younger girls. When your tits start to sag a little and your butt starts to droop, then we become observers. On the other hand, I have a great desire to satisfy anyone who comes my way. I hope it will attract others."

"George said you were great. You are as tight as a virgin and can really control your muscles. He said you could bring a guy off with out him or you moving your hips."

"Yes, I only have experience as an asset."

Margo jumped up and put on a gown to meet the later arrivals. Finally, ten of us plus Margo were sitting around the garden. A light tap on the door brought Margo to action, "Ladies, it is time to get ready."

We all followed her into the room and found that some changes had been made. First, a beautician was setting up in the corner and a portable table had been set up in the center of the room. The table was covered with several layers of sheets and a two examination stirrups were pointing away from the end of the table.

A man came out of the restroom as we were all finding seats in order to listen to the instructions from Margo.

Margo went to the center of the group, "All of you know what is going to happen tonight. I assume since you are here, you want to be a part of it. First, we will all be examined by Doctor Ed here who will make sure that you have no problems and appear to be able to have multiple sexual encounters. Also Jane and her assistant will set your hair after you have washed it in the restroom/shower behind me. Before you shower, make sure that you douche at least twice, you will also be expected to douche again after the party is over."

"Just before we go out, you will be given a dress for the evening. These garments are specially designed to expose a lot of you at dinner, make your body accessible to dinner companions and also easy to remove when you are up on stage. Tina, since you were here we have a new electronic toy for us all to wear at dinner. The old ben wahs will only be used after the Doctor has checked us and just before we dress."

"Now, we have a lot to do. Tina since you and Jessica were the first to get here, the three of us will be Doctor Ed's first victims while the rest of you get in the showers and start on your hair and make up."

Tina and I followed Margo over to the examining table. This will be a night of firsts, an exam of my sexual parts, sex with multiple partners and using ben wah balls for the first time. Margo sat down on the table as Tina and stood off to the side. Margo looked at us, "Don't leave, we can talk while Doc looks."

Doctor Ed put Margo's ankles up in the stirrups and spread them as far apart as possible. He put on a pair of gloves and sat down on a roller seat that put his eyes at the same level as Margo's pubes. Doctor Ed picked up some small scissors, "Margo, you need a little trim. You of all people should know that a pubic hair in the wrong place can be painful."

Margo laughed, "If it hadn't been f

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