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Spankings are fun - for the spanker.

There was no indication that she even cared for him beyond the pleasures that they shared in bed, and even if she would be satisfied with having him in her bed for a short while, he knew he could never be satisfied with that alone.

Eventually he would reveal himself by wanting so much more from her, perhaps acting like the jealous boyfriend and trying to force her to be with him. He couldn't sink that low. He wouldn't allow himself. Then it was better that she never knew what he felt for her. If only he could manage to keep it hidden for the remainder of their time together.


As the day grew darker, Ann grew impatient for the night to come. She longed to lie beside Jared and enjoy every part of their time together. The week had almost passed already and she wanted to make the best of the days ahead.

"We should head back tomorrow," Jared stated suddenly.

"Why? You don't trust in my abilities to catch fish?" Ann said teasingly.

"Not yet, no. But with more practise you'll figure it out."

"Then why don't we stay and practise?"

"Because I want to fuck you in a bed for a change," Jared finally spilled out.
"Oh,..." Ann stared at him, momentarily struck numb with shock.

His unexpected words made her blood boil and she found herself imagining what it would be like to have him in her bed back at the cottage. The heat in his eyes could almost persuade her that he wanted something more than just her body, but she arrested herself before her imaginations ran wild with the thought. It was just sex. Wonderful, earth shattering sex, but still only sex.

"Have you nothing to say about that?" Jared pressed on as if he wasn't satisfied with her response. He couldn't be noticing how the steam was streaming from her ears then, Ann thought ironically.

"Sounds tempting," Ann croaked as she felt her body moisten to his heated stare. "Although, I'm sure I can manage even without a bed," she continued in a throaty voice that seemed not to belong to her.

"We should go to bed early then," Jared suggested, stating the obvious.

"Yes," Ann swallowed past the lump in her throat as she gave his lean body a thorough glance, trying to see if his body reflected the heat that was so evident in his eyes.

She noticed a telltale bulge on the front of his trousers and she smiled as the obvious sign of his need for her. A responding answer was immediately felt in her lower regions and she felt moistness gathering in her pussy. She turned and quickly packed up her belongings and located her toothbrush. She could hear Jared wiping out the fire and rinsing the pans and plates.

She followed him down to the river and washed her face and arms before brushing her teeth. She wanted to look her best if she was spending another night in Jared's arms. She heard him do the same preparations and she anticipated what would happen as she headed inside the tent. Arranging their sleeping bags neatly, she undressed until only her bra and panties remained, before laying down to wait.

Soon after, Jared entered the tent, and gave her body a warm look before he pulled down the zipper, leaving them separated from the outside world. Slowly removing every item of his clothes, Ann could just stare as he revealed every portion of his tempting skin. The semidarkness provided her with the opportunity to see him, although not as clearly as she wanted. She vowed to make love to him in daylight once they came to the cabin. Right now, the semidarkness provided her with the courage to admire him without worrying about her showing too much emotion.

Finally he had removed all his clothing and lay down beside her. Slowly he unclasped her bra and removed her panties, throwing them on top of the pile of clothes that lay near the entrance. Pulling her to him, she lay beside him, her arm over his chest as they simply listened to their own breathing for a while.

Sharing their warmth as he covered their bodies with one of the sleeping bags.

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