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Something I never thought I would do in my life.

At the same time Nick was close to climax as well, he gave his grandmother a few more deep dicking thrusts before mentioning to both his mother and grandmother that he was about to cum.

Both women quickly got onto their knees in front of him, they cupped their breasts up and opened their mouths just in time as Nick started to unload rope after rope of thick seeds into their mouths and unto their bodies. They greedily lapped up as much of the male fluid as possible before swallowing it all down and then turning to each other.
Nick leaned back against the wall as he watched his mother and grandmother engage into an incredible erotic kissing session, swapping his left-over seed back and forth in their mouths.

"Oh God... Speaking about Jen... Shouldn't we return to our spot pretty soon? She must be wondering what's taking us so long..." Said Nick after turning off the shower, his breath still heavy from his climax.

"Oh my! That poor girl!" Said Carrie after releasing her incestuous kiss. Her motherly nature came rising up in her again right away, just after swallowing a steady amount of her son's seed.

"Oh shit! They expect me to be back at our camping spot waiting for them!" Ran through Jenny's mind as she heard them talk. She quickly, and quietly as possible, grabbed all her stuff and changed into her bedtime outfit again. Her pussy and thighs were still soaked so she quickly rubbed herself clean with the towel she had taken with her. Then she sneaked out of her stall, hoping not to alert them.

She could hear the three of them talking and the sounds of clothing being rustled around so she knew that they hadn't hear her leaving. She quickly returned to their tent, opened up the van, got herself decent and got rid of her toiletry accessories. She then plopped down into one of the chairs, letting out a deep sigh as millions of thoughts ran through her head about what she just had witnessed.

About five minutes later Nick, Aileen and Carrie returned to the tent, acting like if nothing had happened.

"Sorry for taking so long honey!" Said Carrie as she walked up to her daughter before giving her an apologetic kiss on her head. "There were some difficulties with the showers but they should be fixed by the time you will be taking one." She added.

"Oh well, that's a bummer I guess. I didn't mind though; I was just enjoying the sun right here." Responded Jenny, knowing damn well what really had happened. She felt a small shock of lust running through her body when her mother kissed her, knowing where that mouth had been a few moments ago.

"Hey Sis! What about we all go to take a swim in the lake after you had your shower?" Asked Nick happily, totally blind that his sister had seen everything. "We might even spot Dad and Grandpa fishing!" He added.

Jenny looked up to her brother and smiled at him. "Yes sure, I can use some cold, clean water to rinse my body some more. I mean, there are certainly various HOT moments each and every day here." She responded.

Carrie then returned with her phone in her hand and sighed. "Well, about spotting your father and grandfather... We won't be seeing them near the lake. They went way upstream with those new 'soulmates' they got acquainted with." She said with a disappointing voice.

"That son of a bitch..." Said Aileen as she angrily stared off into the distance, shocking her grandchildren as they had never heard their grandmother swear like this. (Apart from when she was getting fucked by her grandson a few moments ago)

"I bet Patrick is behind this, he always had a knack for wrapping Marc around his finger... Say sweetie, did they mention if they stayed for the night... Again?" Asked Aileen.

Carrie shook her head. "No Mom... But I have a feeling that that certain message will be coming later today..." She answered.

"Then we are on the same line sweetie... Kids, I hope you don't mind having dinner and the night to our four selves again." Asked Aileen to her grandchildren.

"No! Not at all!

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