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Ron's depraved year around San Francisco and Mendocino.

I was up $40 by the end of the night, and a bit on a high about that.

Gordon was driving, so Sharon hopped in the middle up front, Dale sat in the back. She was dozing, having a bit of a time keeping her head up.

I had my arm around the back of the seat, I happened to glance back and realized Dale's blouse was undone a couple of buttons too much.

Feeling frisky, I reached back and stroked the top of her right breast. Gordon and Sharon were both facing the front and both a bit out of it too, they didn't notice.

Dale did!

Her head came up and she looked at me in surprise, then a sly smile crossed her lips and she leaned forwards slightly.

I checked to be sure Gordon and Sharon were still not paying attention, then I slid the fingers of my left hand inside her bra. The backs of my fingers found her nipple and rolled it gently as best I could considering the awkward angle.

Dale's mouth came open and she shuddered slightly, then she grinned at me. I stroked Dale's right breast for a good half minute, stopping when Gordon made the turn towards our house.

Sharon and I slid out, said our good nights and went inside.

It was about two weeks later, there was a party down the street and the house of another couple we knew. Sharon couldn't go, she was off for the weekend to visit her mother, so I decided to go and see what was up.

The party was just one of the usual, people sitting around drinking. Someone produced a bowl and some of the people there started smoking but I never touched the stuff. Still, I was getting a buzz anyway. I was sitting on the couch watching a video with some crazy fat comedian, it was hilarious. He made Don Rickles look tame with some of the insults he threw at people managing to make it all funny.

Then I looked up and Dale walked in. She looked beautiful, tight tan slacks and a soft blouse unbuttoned enough to display the tops of her breasts.

"Where's Gordon?" I asked her.

"He is on swing shift this week, he said he would drop by about midnight." She said with that half smile.

I glanced at my watch, it was 10:30.

We looked at each other and we both knew. How do I explain that moment? If it ever happens to you, you would understand.

"Shall we?" Was all I said.


We left and walked the block and a half to Dale and Gordon's house. We weren't even fully in the door before we were kissing, my hands began to roam her body as her head tilted back.

Making our way to the couch, I got her blouse undone, slid it back off her shoulders. My mouth came down to kiss and nuzzle at her bare nipples as my right hand stroked her hip.

I felt her hands fumble with my belt, then the catch on my pants. She managed to get the zipper down as I found and released the buttons on her slacks.

I felt her hands slide inside my briefs, her searching fingers stroked up and down the length of my erection.

My own probing fingers found her pubic hair, then the damp slippery softness between her legs. The flesh was soft and bare at her lips, her pubic hair was sparse and turned upwards.

I managed to first free one of her legs, then the other. She opened then readily to grant me access. I leaned down and tasted her, then began to brush her tiny lips with my tongue.

She lay there holding my firmness with one hand as I twisted my body to reach her, her hips making gentle upwards motions at my efforts. Then she scooted backwards on the couch, reached out and tugged on my sides.

"Oh. I shouldn't be doing this!" She moaned as I slid inside her.

It hit me that I was fucking my best friend's wife on his couch, but that thought was fleeting as I continued.

"You are so goddamned big!" Dale squealed, between pantings as she thrust back at me.

We were back at the party by 11:30, getting some sideways looks from some of the others there.

Gordon arrived about 12:30, he grabbed a beer and plopped down on the couch next to me. He was yapping away about some ball game earlier, I managed to answer.

Funny, I didn't really feel guilty?

I should have.

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