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Young lovers enjoy an early summer day.

He sensed the interest in her, more than the last time they were together. She wasn't so distant, it was like she just needed a push in his direction. The banter was killing him, he adored talking with her. Now, it was just watching her work that was making him excited. The first time he was here it was just flirting and hoping he would get a piece of her. Now, he knew how she kissed and he would be damned if he didn't taste her lips before he left tonight.

"Here's your drink sexy man, you done with that plate?" She smiled and reached out.

"Yea, so how about my hotel after this?"

"I told you before, I don't sign agreements." She smiled and they both looked up as a flood of new customers came in. Apparently some game had let out and this was the aftermath.

Vee moved into action quickly making sure all of her bar customers were set before she turned to the guys approaching and started taking orders. Jesse watched as she moved so fluidly assuring that she took an order punched it into the system and started mixing before putting the drink and the change or card back on the bar. He found it so graceful. She would stop occasionally and place the card next to the register in a checkerboard type pattern that she seemed to have memorized. He couldn't believe how quick and yet easy each movement seemed from shaking a drink to pouring a beer. It was like a dance she did.

Hours went by and she continued her dance checking in with him only briefly as she made her rounds. His drink would empty and there she was asking if he needed more. It was like she was born to do this job. He was getting excited just watching her. His mind drifted as he saw the smile she flashed customers. The thought of her mouth on him again made his body respond and he was suddenly thankful to be up at the bar. His mind wandered like that for hours until he heard a bell ring.

"There you go folks, it is now 1:45, time for that last call and your last chance to make that lovely guy or gal think you are worth taking home. Come on up." Vee called out over the crowd with the music off. Another wave of customers flooded the bar and she seemed to handle it with the same ease. When it was finished she looked up at the clock seeing that it was only 5 minutes before 2. She usually waited until 10 after when it was super busy to make the announcement so that everyone that just got their drink could finish it.

"Hey, can I get a last one for me and one for you so that you'll give me permission to stay and chat as you close up?"

"Absolutely, sorry about not chatting before, but it gets crazy sometimes." She smiled forgetting that she was trying to play it cool.

Jesse took that smile as his window and started to wonder just exactly what he was going to say to her when she came back. He had to think of something anything to get her to go with him. She brought the check over and he looked down seeing a double shot of Jack Daniel's on the bottom. At least that would allow him a starting point he figured.

"Make it up to me. Pour your Jack and then give me a ride to my hotel so we can chat in private." He put it out there trying for anything.

"You really need to get this app called Uber for when you don't have a driver. Anyways, looks like the last of them are leaving so give me five minutes and I'll pour that drink." Vee gave up, it had been a rough night and who was she to pass up a drink and perhaps some fun conversation. Besides, she was so intrigued by the fact that he wanted to even chat with her.

When she finally finished out the register and things looked empty, Vee turned to him in the now lit bar and pulled out the rocks glass. The Jack filled the glass halfway. She smiled at him and raised it. He clinked his glass with it and they downed them together.
"So, I took some of your advice and talked to my people.

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