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"That's true Jay, but I'm not sure how I'll feel about it if your dad does get hurt by it; I'm just being honest about how I feel right now. And that is a bit anxious and conflicted but without regret."

"I feel the same way," Jay responded.

"I feel kinda guilty," said Ray, "not exactly because of what we did, but because we did it behind Dad's back. We all kinda cheated on him."

"Well I don't regret a goddam thing about it," Chase offered, "and I'd have no problem telling him all about it. Hell I'd even share the videos with him if he wanted to see them."

"Well I'm grateful that decision isn't yours to make, Chase."

"What makes you think that, Penny?" Chase grinned.

She paused, her hand resting on her phone. "Because you gave me my phone back, Chase..." she ventured. He grinned.

"Chase, please tell me there are no other copies of these videos."

"Well Penny, I could tell you that, but maybe we should stick with honesty here."

"What the fuck Chase?!?!?" Penny exploded onto her feet, the twins quickly following suit.

"Chill y'all; remember, no drama." He chuckled. "I gave you something you wanted and I got something I wanted. You can delete those videos if you don't want them, I left that for you to decide, but you can't make what happened disappear, and I for one sure don't ever want to lose those memories."

"What do you plan to do with them Chase?

"I'm sure they will 'come in handy' (the jerking gesture again) if you get my drift. I'm expecting there will be plenty times once I'm in the Corps that I don't have a sexy MILF on hand; think of it as a morale booster."

"Chase, I'm asking you now to delete all those videos; I do not feel good about having them loose in the world."

"Well Mrs C, I'm feeling pretty attached to them and I promise I'll take extra special care of them. If you really want to make sure they don't get accidentally leaked, maybe you could make me an offer."

"Dude, this is not cool!" Ray challenged him.

"Dude, you are the one losing his cool. I'm just laying it out as it is."

"This sounds like blackmail, Chase," Jay coolly observed. "That's a felony. That could kill your chance of getting in the Marines."

"Did I threaten anyone? I said I'll keep them safe and offered Penny a chance to...buy some insurance. But I'm not trying to force anyone to do anything they don't want to. I'm just enjoying some adult fun with some friends. Come on, if you guys had those videos what would you do?"

Crickets..."Honestly, I'd probably keep copies," Jay admitted; Ray nodded agreement.

Penny flushed. "So what do you want Chase? What does your insurance cost."

"Like I said, make me an offer, whatever feels good to you. I'm sure you have some idea by now what would feel good to me."

"Pass me the bong," Penny replied.


[k mom, c u tomoro, 4:20+ ;)]

'Well look what happens when a girl makes a wish.' She was pretty high at the moment and it seemed Mel would be arriving tomoro afternoon to make sure it continued for a while; Penny thought it might be helpful for dealing with Marshall when he returned. Regardless how it all played out, it was clear to her that her life had somehow shifted irrevocably since this afternoon.

The guys (she could no longer refer to them as boys, that had shifted) were out in the jacuzzi; Chase had suggested she take some time to figure out what she really wanted, as none of them could help her with that decision, so they went out to soak their aches away (and no doubt share counsel), leaving her alone to work at the mental knots left in the wake of this unravelling.

She had managed to untangle the mess into 3 distinct problems:

1) past: her illicit behavior with the guys and how to deal with Marshall about it;

2) present: the evidence and how to mitigate its further spread out of her control;

3) future: the aftermath, as in 'where do I want to go from here?'

The first two were more straightforward.

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