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Correspondence to a dear friend.

Jewelry is exactly the wrong thing to send. Why don't you send her something she'd like. Something personal, from you. Send her Amazons."
- "The game?"

- "Yeah - the game. She loves that game, Dean. She loved playing it, and she loved the fact that you made it for us - for her, at least in part. Make her a copy of the game - and especially a copy of the cards. It would be like sending her a piece of you. If she makes friends down there, she could play it. But every time she sees it, it would remind her of you - of all of us, and the fun we had playing it."

- "Lucy - that's a great idea."

- "You sound surprised. I have great ideas every now and then." she said.

- "That's an awesome idea. How can I thank you?"

- "By helping me find something more personal for Les. I will buy him clothes. You're right about his colors. But I want to get him something he'll really like. Is he into graphic novels?"

We talked for another hour. It was the first really good conversation I had ever had with Lucy. I was really glad we had done it, and told her so.

I didn't ask her what I should get Angie for Christmas.


Angie and I double-dated with Trisha and Gerry, at their request. I was concerned that they might still be at the awkward stage - it's not always a smooth transition from friendship to romance. But they got along surprisingly well. The awkwardness was between Angie and me.

I could laugh and chat with Trisha without hesitation. Our conversation flowed naturally. Gerry, of course, was a one-man conversation. But I had no idea what to say to Angie. I couldn't remember ever having this problem with her before. I liked her, and I certainly wanted to have sex with her ... I just didn't know what to say to her when we weren't alone and naked.

Angie did manage to let me know that she wanted me to come home with her.

- "Trisha's OK with that?" I asked.

- "Yes. I asked her." said Angie.

It was decidedly weird when Gerry dropped the girls off at their apartment. He kissed Trisha goodnight, while I got out of his car and went in with the girls.

We had another drink, sitting at their table, while Trisha de-constructed the date, analyzing Gerry's reactions. She was mostly speaking to Angie, of course, but she did ask me for my impressions.

- "Do you think he liked what I wore? Was it too much?" she said.

I reached over, and took Trisha's hands between mine. "Trish - sweetheart." I said. "Gerry is crazy about you. Honestly, you could have worn a barrel and he would have loved it. I'm not giving away any secrets, here. He is obsessed with you. Just say the word, and he will come running."

That made her very happy. She kissed me goodnight, and kissed Angie, and went off to bed. Angie gave me a look, and then stood up. I followed her into her room.

It was sheer delight to take Angie's clothes off. That lush body had me absolutely fascinated. I kissed her neck and throat while I fondled her ample breasts. Then I caressed her flanks and hips while I licked and tongue-teased the little mole just above her navel.

Angie knew where I was headed, but she surprised me by taking charge and setting the agenda. She took my shirt off, and loosened my pants - enough to slide her hands in and grab my ass. Then she started licking and sucking on my nipples.

When she pulled my pants and underwear down, my engorged cock snapped upwards and slapped her under the chin. She smiled, and grasped it firmly, re-directing it to her mouth. Angie licked it from root to tip, and covered it in saliva. She produced a condom, and rolled it on me.

She pushed me back on her bed, and climbed atop me. She took hold of my cock, and inserted the head between her lower lips. With a groan, Angie sat down on me.

She did all of the work. I grabbed twin handfuls of tit flesh while she rode back and forth. It was especially obvious, now that I had nothing to do other than concentrate on her boobs, that Angie's right breast was noticeably larger than her left.

Then she began to pump up and do

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