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Roxy makes a stunning debut in TV drama.

I leaned back on my heels and gave all my thought to getting in his ass. I pushed forward and the head was in. Colin's eyes flew open and I told him to relax, I was gonna take him on a ride. He just kept beating his meat and I leaned into his ass and pushed my hard in another inch. He gasped a bit, but didn't try to get away. I pulled back and pushed in . Another two inches of my meat in his ass. I pulled back and just sat leaving my head in and felt the tightness of his sphincter enveloping me. I decided it was time to fuck my brother. I leaned over him and slammed in all the way to my balls in his ass. He gave a holler and stopped pounding his rod. I backed out and plunged back in to the hilt. Again and again. I began to fuck him. Slowly he started wanking his dick again and after a minute he was holding his butt up for me to get better access. I pounded and pounded, lost in the feel of my dick inside him. I knew nothing except the feel of me sliding in his rectum over and over. So hot, so tight, his chocolate chute was massaging every inch of my fuckpole. I felt the cum boiling up and knew I was gonna cum up his ass soon. I told Colin to get ready I was gonna spray his insides and I wanted him to cum with me. He didn't say anything, just kept working his tool in his fist.

I started to cum. I felt it leave the tip if my penis and I felt my head pushing the gobs further up his chute. I was shooting my cum up my brothers ass. Over and over I felt it shoot out. I kept pumping, it felt so damn good. I was unaware of anything except the feeling in my dick, when I suddenly felt his ass gripping down hard on me. He was shooting his own cum up his belly, under his neck, he kept shooting as his brother was stroking his iron dick up his ass. I felt another load leave my dick and I continued pumping as the last of my cum emptied into his bowels. Colin's dick was now limp and lying on his belly. He was rubbing his cum into his skin as I pumped the last few times before I was totally limp. I lay down on top of him, my balls up against his butt and felt his rectum pushing my flaccid tool out of him. It fell out and I reached down and rubbed my dick in his balls. I looked up gave him a grin and then pushed off him. He just lay there, cum drooling out of his ass hole. I got up and went over to Sammi and poked my groin at her. She got the hint and began to clean my cock and balls. Jean had gone to Colin and was sucking his shriveled member and my mom got under Colin's asshole and began to clean up the sperm leaking from his butt. Colin groaned "Mommmm, stop that." Mom paid no attention and did her thing. Dad was just sitting there, cum up his belly, watching the scene. Sammi told me later that they had just sat there and watched, each of them frigging themselves to orgasm.

I was feeling pretty good. I just wanted to take Sammi upstairs and take a shower and then get in bed with her and have her talented mouth bring me off again. Then I wanted to put my dick inside her sweet pussy and ride to heaven on her. I felt really great about having fucked Colin. Somehow it did something inside me to know I had fucked him. I was the youngest, he the oldest. It was a powerful feeling being over him, holding his legs in front of me while I slammed into his butt. I had had my fill of being inside a guy, and I knew I didn't want to suck another cock. I just wanted to take that sweet nypho girlfriend of mine and explore all her holes and her fantasies.

Sammi evidently had the same idea.

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