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A Conversation.

"Sorry..." She said, trying to sound embarrassed. "Like I said...I get pretty sensitive down there."

She pulled the woman's hand up and saw a small glisten on her index finger. She stepped closer, their breasts almost touching and pulled the finger up to her mouth. "Can't have you walking around smelling like my pussy." She said softly and sucked the finger clean.

It was Wendy's turn to moan softly and she swirled her tongue provocatively over her finger. She pulled it out of her mouth and licked it once like a little cock. "Unless that sounds better than a hot tub."

Their mouths met slowly. She kissed hungrily, her breath increasing as she grabbed Jen's bare ass, squeezing and pulling her closer. She played with Wendy's breasts for a moment and then untied the knot that was holding the jersey up before lifting it over her head.

Wendy unstrapped her own bra and it fell on the floor. The more experienced woman walked her to the edge of the bed and she sat down on the edge. She caught a brief glimpse of Jack in the doorway but ignored him.

Wendy climbed over her and Jen's back hit the mattress. She knew Jack had a perfect view of Wendy's ass as the woman sucked and licked her nipples. She still wore the shorts but the buzzing had stopped. Apparently Jack didn't want her cumming unless it was because of Jen's mouth.

His girlfriend had different ideas though. Jen held her hair back as she kissed and sucked her way down to Jen's navel. Leaving little wet spots that chilled and thrilled her. Wendy knew what she was doing and by the time she was spreading Jen's legs and kissing her pussy lips, she was climbing the walls with anticipation.

She could feel her breath on her cunt and she squirmed. Resisting the urge to pull the woman's face down to her pulsing wetness. She didn't have to wait long before she could feel Wendy's tongue slide between her lips and flick her clit. She shuddered and moaned.

"That's so good." She cooed at the woman between her legs. She only used her tongue at first, seeming to savor Jen's taste as she licked her sopping cunt from top to bottom. Then she felt Wendy's fingers pushing into her and she sat up on her elbows so she could watch the show.

Wendy was engrossed in eating her pussy so she spared a look to Jack. She could tell he had his cock out and was pumping it slowly as she locked eyes with him and started to play with her tits. Putting on a little show as his girlfriend brought her closer to orgasm.

"Mmm...eat my cunt, baby." She sat up further, pulling Wendy's head up and kissing her mouth. Tasting her pussy on the other woman's tongue. She pulled back and smiled wickedly at the woman and took off her wedding ring. She hadn't been able to do this with the two men she cheated with as their hands were far too large. With a groan of pleasure she pulled out Wendy's fingers and brought them up, kissing the tips, tasting her cum.

Deliberately she pushed the wedding ring down Wendy's middle finger. It slipped on easily, coated and slick with her sex. "Fuck me with it." She begged, kissing Wendy again and leaning back. Wendy smiled up at her, knowingly and slipped two fingers back inside her.

She couldn't tell that the ring was on but she hadn't done it for the physical sensation. She was going wild with the thought of someone fucking her with the most visible symbol of her marriage. As soon as she felt Wendy's tongue on her clit she began to cum. Bucking against the woman's face and fingers.

"Oh god...fuck my married cunt." She gripped Wendy's hair in her hand and locked eyes with Jack as her orgasm rolled over her. She finished, her body still shuddering and looked down at Wendy. Her lips and cheeks were glistening with her orgasm and she kissed the woman deeply.

"Wow...I've never done that before." She said, not entirely untruthful. She'd never had a woman eat her out before and she was hoping she could return the favor. She blushed, now that her orgasm had subsided.


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