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What always follows after a fight with the one you love.r

and need to be punished?"

"Both... but, I prefer the second."

He smiled wickedly, "We'll see what you get then. Get undressed," he demanded as he pulled of his shirt. His pants were still out in the living room, long since abandoned.

I pulled my dress off over my head and undid my bra.

"That's enough for now," he told me when I went to pull my panties down.

He pushed me back on the bed and slid his hand along the inside of my thighs, brushing his knuckles against the thin lace covering my pussy, "Someone is very wet," he toyed with the edge of my panties, "I know you want me to take these off, but I'm not going to yet. If you want that tight, wet pussy to get some attention you'll have to beg for it."

I pouted at him and he spanked my pussy. Even through the lace it stung, but I moaned. I tried to close my legs and he pushed them apart, "Bad girl. Keep them spread for me. You're not done yet."

He spanked me again, and again. Making me cry out each time, but when he'd caress me through the lace he could feel how wet I was.

I whimpered wordlessly.

"What was that?"

"No more, please," I asked.

"You think you've had enough?" he asked and I nodded, he tugged at my panties and I lifted my hips up to let him pull them off, "So, what do you want?"

"I want to feel your fingers in my pussy," I whined softly.

"Ask me nicely," he demanded.

"Please, will you touch my pussy, I'm so wet and it needs to be filled," I spread my legs invitingly for him and he ran his fingers up my thighs, they played across my lips and delved in. Two fingers pushed in deep and it felt amazing, like an answer to a prayer. He fingered me gently and hooked his fingers, tickling at my g-spot briefly before he pulled them out. I pouted at him, thrust my hips up to his hand that lingered just out of reach.

"Nope, you're not done yet, you've been a good girl so I gave you a little reward. But, you didn't beg like you really needed it," he swatted my pussy again and shoved my panties inside me.

"Taste?" he offered his fingers to me and I sucked them greedily. As I did, he started to roll my nipple around between his fingertips with his other hand. Gradually increasing pressure until he was cruelly twisting it. I opened my mouth to scream, but he gagged me with his fingers.

"Safe word? Just in case.

"Red," I panted as he continued to twist, "Ouch!"


"Yes," I moaned, "Harder?"

He smiled and twisted harder, "Such a dirty girl..."

He continued to torture my nipples, twisting and pulling them at them as he crushed them between his fingertips. It hurt so good; I moaned and whimpered and writhed for him until I couldn't take it any more. As I was about to beg for mercy he stopped.

"You're doing so well, you're such a good girl," he cooed in my ear before gently kissing and sucking my nipples, soothing the hurt... but, just a little.

"All better?" he asked me and I nodded, "Good. Now, up on your knees, stick your ass out for me. Punishment isn't quite over."

I complied eagerly and he caressed my ass. His hand slid against my skin. He pulled his hand back and I tensed in anticipation, but his hand landed in a light tap and then played across my ass. Then they traveled down along the cleft between my ass cheeks. His fingers found my pussy and gently teased along the slit. I relaxed, allowing myself to enjoy the sensation, and then... Smack! His other hand landed surprising me. I cried out loudly and he tisk-tisked at me.

"That's an awful lot of noise. Try to be a good girl for me and stay quiet. Can you do that?"

I nodded and he smacked my ass cheek again in the same spot and I gritted my teeth and muffled the scream that wanted to bubble up.

"Good girl," he praised me, "Do you think you could take a few more?


"How many?"


"Ten, hu? Keep count for me. No other noise."

He pulled back his hand, landed his first smack, and I counted it off.

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