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A Damsel in Distress.

Smiling to herself, Sue withdrew her fingers and left Krisy craving more. Finally, she judged that the enema had had its desired effect. She moved Kristy over to the toilet and advised her that she was going to withdraw the plug.

"Make sure that you hold everything in until I tell you to release," she warned. "If you do not obey me, you will regret it!"

Kristy assured her mistress that she would do as she told and steeled herself as she felt the plug being eased out. By clenching her asshole tight, she managed to prevent all but a tiny dribble from escaping.

Sue watched for a moment before nodding. "Very good, slave, it seems as if you are finally learning control!" she said. "You may now release."

Kristy gratefully complied, sighing in relief as the distension in her bowels eased away.

"Now slave, clean yourself off thoroughly, and I mean everywhere!" Sue said.

Kristy moved back to the shower and once more turned on the water. This time she made sure to soap her asshole thoroughly, inserting her finger inside to make sure everywhere was clean. Finally her mistress signalled that she was satisfied and allowed Kristy to step out of the shower.

She was allowed a comb and wincing slightly when it hit a tangle, she managed to tame her long tresses into a semblance of order. Sue stood and watched.

"Put it into a plait," she ordered.

Kristy hesitated, she hadn't worn a plait since she was a schoolgirl. Still, the look in her mistress' eyes brooked no disobedience and she quickly fumbled it into a rough plait. Frowning, Sue handed her a band with which to tie it off.

"You will have to practice that hairstyle." she said. "It is one which you will be expected to wear on many occasions and your Master will not accept an untidy slave. For now, however, it will do."

Kristy was puzzled. What she had just been told didn't make sense! This was her final day on the island and she had no intention of ever coming near the place again. Mentally shrugging her shoulders, she dismissed the comment as yet another attempt at controlling and humiliating her.

Her mistress handed her a rough towel and told her to dry herself off. Kristy gratefully complied. Once she was finished, Sue clipped the leash back to her collar and ordered her back to her hands and knees. She proceeded to walk out of the bathroom towards the discipline room, with Kristy dutifully crawling behind her. When they reached the centre of the room Sue commanded Kristy to assume Position 3. As Kristy obeyed, she picked up a leather blindfold from a nearby table and wrapped it around her head. Satisfied that the slave could now see nothing, she pressed an intercom button to inform David that all was ready for him. He entered silently and Kristy jumped when she heard his voice behind her.

"Well, slave, I hope you have spent the time we have so generously allowed you this afternoon in contemplating your actions and behaviour!"

"Yes Master, I have," she replied.

"Good," he said. "However, before I hear what you have to say, I will inspect you."

Kristy felt his fingers part her pussy lips and slide inside easily. She blushed in shame as she heard him comment to Mistress S that she appeared to be a randy little bitch, but with her legs spread wide she could do little to hide the fact that her pussy was hot and wet. Then his fingers found and pinched her clit and she couldn't prevent a moan of desire from escaping her lips.

"Well, well," David said. "It looks like our slave wants some attention! Mistress S, I think something needs to be done about this!"

Kristy briefly wondered what this comment meant before drawing in her breath with a gasp as she felt him insert first one, then two, then finally three fingers into her ass. To her surprise, this did not hurt her as much as expected.

Very good, Mistress S. You have done well in preparing our slave." David said. "She is finally acceptable.

Sue smiled at him and held up a special pair of nipple clamps.

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