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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

I turned around, hoping it wasn't one of those mean-ass employees whom I couldn't stand. I left my security gig at this big box store because one of the customer service managers, a chubby Arab fucker named Ahmad, sent four of his thug-ass friends after me. I had to fight them off. I asked my manager to transfer me to another store not long after that.

"Suleiman, I thought that was you, don't you remember me? It's Marie Bemba," came a female voice, and I turned around to face the source of said voice. A tall, chubby, dark-skinned and short-haired Black woman in her forties stood before me, a big smile on her face. The lady looked indeed familiar. I vaguely remembered Marie, the big-booty sister who would come in late in my shift because she was part of the store's overnight crew.

"Hello, Marie, happy holidays," I said, feeling a bit funny about saying those words. Is it okay to say happy holidays on December 27? Or does the holiday season extend until the first of January? I don't know. I smiled at Marie and held out my hand for her to shake, and she batted my hand away and gave me an impromptu hug instead. I don't like random people hugging me but if I said I minded feeling Marie's curves against my body, I would have been lying...

"Happy holidays, Suleiman, I know you're Muslim but I hope you had a good holiday," Marie said, and I saw that twinkle in her brown eyes and smiled. The lady looked me up and down, then licked her lips. This gesture definitely registered with a certain part of my masculine anatomy, if you know what I mean. I returned Marie's smile and checked her out, then nodded almost imperceptibly.

"I had a good holiday, just hanging around here to check up on some friends, good to see you Marie, you look good, sister," I said, totally flirting with this fine-looking Black woman who was at least a decade and a half older than me. I am twenty six years old ( yeah, I should have finished university already, sue me ) and I don't mind dealing with older women. In fact, I got a thing for fine-looking older Black women like Marie here...

"Oh, goody, say, Suleiman, we should keep in touch," Marie said, and she took out her cell phone. I knew the jig was up, and punched her number into my cellphone, then sent her a ping so she could save mine. Marie winked at me and brushed her hand against my arm before walking away. I watched her as she headed to the backroom of the big box store, sashaying that thick Black ass in her too-tight jeans and looking mighty good doing it. Ladies and gentlemen, this brother wants to smash. What's a brother to do?

"I am going to smash your fine booty, Miss Marie," I said to myself as I watched Marie head straight to the store's back room door. Before entering she turned around, and even though a distance of three hundred feet separated us, I knew she saw me still staring at her. And I swear I knew that she smiled. The lady knows what she is doing and if she wants some of this, then she is definitely going to frigging get it!

"Hmm, you taste good," I said to Marie, as I laid her on her couch, and spread her thick dark thighs wide open. I inhaled her womanly fragrance and looked up at her. Marie smiled and nodded at me, while pinching the areolas of her huge breasts. I resumed eating her pussy, not believing my damn luck. I'd called Marie on my day off, two days after we ran into each other, and invited her to grab coffee. Marie didn't feel like coffee but invited me over for some tea. And now I'm eating her sweet pussy...

"Hmm, you got a wicked tongue, Suleiman," Marie remarked, and I continued to lather her pussy with my tongue. Later, I put Marie on all fours and proceeded to worship her thick, round and deliciously dark booty. Marie giggled as I smacked her ass, then spread her cheeks and began licking her booty hole. A lot of Black men cannot admit that they eat female ass, but I am not one of them. This brother loves the Black female posterior...

After I gave her booty hole a tongue bath, tasting her booty juices, Marie rewarded me by grabbing my long and thick da

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