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Mum gives her son his birthday wish.

ll is that?"

"A butt plug dumb ass."

"For what?"

I smiled and started rubbing it against his distended ass lips. "For your ass, I want to keep you nice and primed."

"Oh god. Yes. That feels nice."

With that I move the plug back and spat on his hole to give him a little lube. Then I ground the butt plug into his asshole, watching his ass lips stretch around it, pausing at the widest point to twist it inside his butt.

"Oh fuck! That feels good. Put it in Matt, shove that fucker in me!"

And with that I shoved the toy completely into him. Once it popped past the inner sphincter, I released it and watch with fascination as Shane's ass sucked it into place.

"Oh god damn. That feels so hot. Come on Matt. Play with my ass. I'm really getting horny!"

I smacked him hard on the ass and laughed, "Put your shorts on Shane. The pizza will be here soon."

"What? You're going to leave it in?"

"Yeah, it should get you nice and hot."

Shane nodded and slowly moved from the chair, with numerous small moans and gasps as the plug bumped against his prostrate. The show continued as he put on his shorts, balancing on one foot and then the other, causing the butt plug to twist inside him and his cock to drip precum. Once he was finally dressed he sat down beside me, with a loud gasp as the butt plug pressed deep inside him.

"Fuck, this feels amazing!" said Shane.

"Good, and you can get the door, because I think the pizza is about to be delivered."

And just on cue the doorbell rang. Shane shambled across the room, opening the door and trying to keep focused as he paid the kid for the pizza. Walking back he sat the box between us, taking out a piece and began eating as he also obviously was grinding the plug into his butt. Looking down I remembered that he had ordered the pizza with the damn fish on it. But I was enjoying his show enough that I didn't press the anchovy issue any further.

When he finally finished the pizza, and it was finished, he'd eaten every crumb, Shane started taking matters into this own hands. He started rocking harder on the butt plug as he ran his hands over his body. After a few minutes it was obvious that he was going for broke and I was just going to be a voyeur to his fun. He groped his cock through his shorts while he continued to caress himself. After a few minutes both hands moved to his hard nipples and he twisted and pulled on them as he rode the plug.

Suddenly Shane stood up and ripped off his shorts. Looking over at me, he stood panting with sweat glistening on his body. Walking over to me he sat on my knee, I could feel the firm rubber against my thigh as he ground his ass into my leg. He wrapped his arms around me in a surprisingly affectionate way. His panting was filling my ears as his hot body rubbed against mine.

"Oh god Matt, you feel so good. Your body makes me hard and horny. I need to come Matt, please let me come," said Shane in a whisper.

In answer I reached between us and found his hard dick. Wrapping both hands tightly around it I started stroking up and down. Shane responded by leaning back as far as he could while still grinding his ass against my leg. In a surprisingly gentle session, we moved and sighed as the levels of pleasure built in Shane. Eventually he started thrusting into my hands and I knew he was about to unload. Slipping one hand to his balls, I wrapped my hand around them and squeezed while stroking his cock.

"Oh fuck, shit! Yeah, that's it," said Shane. The words had barely left his lips then he erupted. The plug apparently did its job because he coated both of us with hot jizz. Once his body stopped twitching, he fell against my shoulder and kissed me.

"Oh fuck. That was so good," said Shane.

"So the butt plug is a toy you like?"

"Oh fuck yes. I love how that thing felt."

Shane ran his hands over my chest, smearing his cum into my chest hair.

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