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He can't resist the young woman any longer.

The whip kissed Rita with a loud crack. Rita convulsed in pain but didn't scream. The kneeling girls watched. The second blow was a backhand strike from Rita's left shoulder to her right flank. The third blow was to be across Rita's buttocks.

Preparing for the blow across Rita's buttocks, Karen commanded her ward to lean forward, pulling against the chains, standing on tiptoes, and elevating her derriere for maximal presentation. Rita held this position as long as she could. Finally she had to slip back to a regular stance. Quickly she returned to the required pose. Karen waited. Soon Rita would tire again. She recovered again. Then, the third time Rita had to reposition herself Karen knew that the time was right. The girl's calves and ankles were exhausted and her legs aching from tension. The whip made a semicircle and lashed about Rita's derriere with a cruel cracking sound. There were three more lashes to go.

In strokes four and five, Rita was to face Karen and raise a leg, exposing the smooth, creamy inner thigh for Karen's use and abuse. Rita would have to beg for Karen to be strong. Karen would not disappoint the request. Again, Karen was an artist of pain. She would have Rita hold up her leg until exhaustion set in before making her strike. She coupled the tension with Rita's breathing to doubly reinforce the event.

The last blow was the pinnacle. In this blow Rita had to face the wall and spread her legs as far apart as possible. She would pull against the overhead chain and stand on the very tips of her toes, lifting her underpinnings so that Karen could tan her from her navel, over her hypogastric triangle, across her vulnerable, unprotected pudenda, and terminating at her perineum. Karen rubbed the whip against Rita's sweaty vulva and over her wet armpits. The wet leather would be much more effective in inducing pain and bruising than dry cowhide. Rita tensed. Karen made a 270 degree arc with the five-pronged leather whip. The tips of the prongs cracked as they broke the sound barrier and nipped Rita's navel. The flat body of the prongs licked from navel to perineum with a tongue of fire. Rita convulsed and tried to vomit, but her stomach was empty. She shook from the fierce blow.

Following the whipping, Karen would force liquid on Rita. The idea was to hydrate the girl until she was compelled to empty her bladder. Rita's ordeal was to continue for several more hours, culminating with her final punishment the next morning.

Karen forced two two-liter bottles of water down Rita, who was standing with her hands high above her head, tethered by her wrists. Rita was grateful that her wrists were cuffed with leather rather than steel. The leather restraints didn't cut into her skin. The assembly viewing Rita's punishment was dismissed; the female inmates were returned to their cells and Rita was left standing. Karen left her to tend to other matters. After a while she felt the burning urge to urinate. She knew that she would have to hold her urine until she was allowed to relieve herself.

While Rita was writhing in her misery, another inmate was coming down the corridor. The guard had his ward stop and kneel before Rita. Rita was ordered to relieve herself in the kneeling girl's mouth. Rita flushed crimson with embarrassment. The kneeling girl looked up hopefully. Failure to obey an order from a guard is a serious offense. Rita, whose bladder was severely distended, still had to force the urine stream. At first the girl could accommodate it, swallowing in short gulps. Then Rita's natural reflexes took over and the girl's mouth was flooded. Urine soaked her bare chest and torso. Rita was so ashamed at having wet a fellow inmate.

Karen returned and took Rita to her cell.

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