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Girl meets a boy in skirt.

"Do it, lover, do it hard and fast," she sobbed.

Brenda came quickly as their bodies bucked against each other in their dance of love. Her orgasm lasted only seconds and after the pause, they resumed the dance. She was moaning and crying softly when her second orgasm came, it taking longer to achieve than the first and seemingly lasting much longer than the first.

Gary's orgasm came shortly afterwards as he pushed his rod forcefully, as deeply as he could, to pump his seed at the mouth of her womb, with three or four strong contractions of his groin muscles. Then, as his cock quickly deflated, he fell full length onto Brenda's body, exhausted. Both were temporarily satiated.

It was late afternoon when, after three tiring bouts of intense pleasure, they both fell into a deep sleep, cradling each other in their arms. It was Brenda who awoke first, concious of the sheet under her, cold and saturated with the evidence of their torrid love making. She smiled at the sleeping Gary, next to her, snoring softly. Carefully, so as not to wake him, she disentangled herself from his arms and rolled to the far side of the bed to rise and go into her bathroom to clean herself. Her red pubic hair was matted with a mixture of her own fluids and Gary's sperm and it took several minutes to clean and dry it.

Returning to the bedroom, she found Gary just as she had left him. She bent over his sleeping form and rained kisses on his face and neck. His response was to stir slightly then resume his snoring. Satisfied that he was too deeply asleep, she picked up the nightgown from the floor where it had been discarded some time during their love making and threw it onto the chair at her make-up table. Naked, she padded into the kitchen, they would have to eat something.

She emptied the pot of now cold coffee, placed their mugs into the sink and threw the cold toast into the trash can. While setting the table for two, she heard the toilet in her bedroom flush and a moment later a similarly nude Gary, entered the kitchen. Without a word he gathered her into his arms and they kissed, deeply and passionately.

Brenda felt his flaccid cock stir against her thigh and, breaking the kiss, she smiled and said, "I see that there's still some life left so I guess we haven't fucked our brains out yet."

Gary laughed. "No, but I'm glad to see that you need something in your belly besides a hard prick cause I feel the need of some sustenance too." Then, "Where do you keep your sheets, we made quite a mess of the one on the bed. Next time we'll have to put a towel under us." After directing him to the linen closet, he left, saying he'd take care of changing the sheet while she prepared their food.

Brenda had microwaved a vegetable dinner for two from the freezer, adding some already cleaned and cooked shrimp to the dish during the last few minutes of cooking. Scrummaging in her small pantry, she found a bottle of wine, red, but it wouldn't make any difference if they drank it, instead of the white wine that was supposed to go with seafood.

For the most part, they ate in silence with Gary acquitely aware of the adoring looks that Brenda gave him. Several times they simultaneously reached out to touch each others hand. At the meals end, Brenda stood to clear the table and while rinsing their plates, Gary came to stand behind her, reaching around to cup her breasts and toy with her nipples. Brenda gave up the rinsing, tilting her head back to rest on Gary's shoulder as she enjoyed the attention he was giving her. Her body shivered as he kissed her neck and ear. Whispering into her ear, he softly said, "I put a towel on the bed."

Brenda broke out in a fit of laughter at that.

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