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About a band and a friend.

She worked on Ethan and Billy Earl quickly as she wanted to get back to Travis ASAP. All three guys had been so stimulated by the night's activity they did not take long. Billy Earl came before she was ready so a lot of his jizzum landed on her tits. Ethan pointed his dick at her face and came over the side of her head. Reed came on the other side of her face. So as she got up her face and tits were covered in cum.

"Well, I certainly look like I had fun," Sarah said smiling at Joshua. She looked at the TV and realized the game was over. "Looks like the game is over. Sorry I ruined the final five minutes."

"Believe me, we would not have had it any other way," Reed said.

"Guys it is after eleven. I am going to say good night so I can get cleaned up and go to bed. My boss is an ass hole about being on time." As she said this she looked at Reed and smiled.

"Yeah that bastard!" Reed said.

She grabbed Travis's hand, still with his pants off and pulled him after her. As she got to Joshua she kissed him on the cheek and said, "Little brother can you show our guests out? Travis is going to help me get cleaned up."

"I have it sis. Will call you tomorrow."

Sarah lead Travis to the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom Sarah said, "Do you like your sluts cum covered or clean?"

"I like you just like you are."

"Then you know I do kiss on the first date," Sarah laughed. Travis removed his shirt to be as nude as she had been all night, took her in his arms and gave her a good slow kiss. She grabbed his hard tight ass at the same time as he grabbed her big soft ass.

Travis guided her to the bed, laid her down on her back and straddled her to kiss her as her head laid on the pillow. He kissed her all over her face. He kissed down her neck to her shoulder and to her tits. He spent a good amount of time kissing all around her soft smooth tits to her nipples. She had small pink areola and tight nipples that responded to being stimulated. As he sucked and tongued her nipples he easily found the spot Evelyn had shown Sarah. He took his index finger and thumb and gently stroke under the clitoral hood. Sarah came immediately. She could not believe the intensity of having this beautiful male exploring her body. This was a feeling she had never experienced.

As he continued to stroke her clit and nipples she found his balls and lightly stroked them. When she thought she could not be more ready he kissed down to the navel, to her stomach, and to her clit. For the first time someone tongued into her slit. She could not believe how this felt. Her pussy was convulsing, squirting in Travis' face.

Travis stopped, rocked back and looked at Sarah with her ejaculation on her face. "Has that ever happen to you before?" Travis asked.

"No," Sarah said, "and I don't know what that was."

"You squirted."

"I'm sorry Travis."

"Hey don't be sorry, I have never seen it before but I like it. I am going to see if you will do it again."

Travis took his finger and thumb to manipulate her clit then added his tongue. It did not take long before she squirted on his face again. This time he did not stop. Sarah could not stand it anymore. "Please put it in. I want your dick in me."

"Yep, it's time but I couldn't resist eating your sweet pussy. I love the taste of your cum."

Travis got on top of her missionary style and slipped his hard dick into her soft wet pussy. He let it enter all the way and stopped to let her feel it. "How's that?" Travis asked.

She opened her eyes, looked in his dark eyes and had the biggest orgasm of her short sex life. As this orgasm began to subside she cooed, "Does that answer the question?"
"Yeah, I felt that answer."

Travis started rocking back and forth on his knees while bending to kiss her nipples.

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