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Continuing saga of Sara's sexual adventures.

He looked at her more sternly.

"You're not lying too me? Because I've been told different. She told me you, John Morgan and his daughter have been having sex, over at his house!" he accused her, his voice louder now. She was angry now, not liking being yelled at...even if it was true.

"Don't yell at me Steve Granger! I didn't sleep with John Morgan! And did you say one of his daughter's...how can you imagine me having sex with both of them? I hardly know them Steve! Who's this 'she' you are talking about?" She asked him, her voice raised, as she paced back and forth now. Her heart was racing and she felt ill, both from her anger and the lies. He hesitated for a moment, as if he didn't want to tell her who it was.

"It was Monica, his wife. She saw you three tonight over at her house when she came home. I believe her." He told her quietly. Barbra sighed deeply.

"So you believe her over me? From everything you have told me about her she seems to have a lot of personal problems." Barbra told him, she then remembered what John and the girls told her about their mother accusing him of 'rape' every time they had sex. "When I talked to John Morgan and his daughter's they said she often accused him of rape...John said it was sex, sex she often would instigate, but then she would call him a rapist! Did you know that?" She asked him loudly, her anger still showing at being yelled at. She knew she had scored a hit on him, because he looked pale suddenly.

"Yes...yes, she admitted that to me once or twice." He said quietly, his thoughts going back to what had happened in the church tonight. Barbra saw that he was unsure now and figured she should press the point.

"Well, if she admitted lying about them having sex, maybe this is some sort of lie as well?" Barbra told him, more confident now that he was unsure of the source. She noticed he now looked like a landed fish and he sat back down on the couch. He closed his eyes for a second as he sighed.

"I guess it's possible Barbra." He told her quietly. She smiled, knowing she had him convinced. She turned around so he wouldn't see the smile if he opened his eyes. She then glanced back at him more seriously.

"So you come home and accuse me of fucking around on you and the source is a bitch you know to be a liar!" Barbra growled at him and he opened his eyes with anger in them as she spoke.

"Don't use that language in here Barbra." He told her sternly, though he kept his voice low.

"I'll use whatever fucking language I want in here...it's my house too! Remember, you were the one to accuse me of screwing around, not the other way around! I can use whatever language I want Steve." She told him loudly, her breathing heavy as she paced back and forth in front of him, her anger very real now.

"I'm sorry Barbra, I shouldn't have believed her, not after..." he started to say and fell silent. She continued pacing for a second, but finally caught what he said. She stopped and looked at him with curiosity. She saw that he was definitely holding something back. She wanted to know what it was...she didn't want any surprises later for her to deal with if she could help it.

"What is it Steve? What else are you going to accuse me of? Did I shoot Kennedy or something?" She said sarcastically. He glanced up at her, still hesitating, and Barbra's chest tightened, wanting to know even worse than before. "Dammit Steve, what is it?" She asked him forcefully and she saw him slowly nod.

"I suppose you have...have a right to know..." he said, then sighed deeply. "Especially if Monica was lying about..." he sighed yet again, not wanting to speak further. "After she told me about you...you and the others, she was crying a lot. I was crying, thinking you had cheated on me...we comforted each other." He told her, and Barbra had a sudden flash of unreality, half realizing what was coming but unable to fully form it into thought in her head.

"Comforted?" She asked him quie

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