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He tried to wake up as his dream became a living nightmare.

"Much better." I said softly as my fingers probed between her satiny thighs. The bound beauty turned her head away and let her hair fall over her face as I rubbed my fingers across the front of her panties and could feel the heat that emanated from between her sculptured thighs. "Spread them." I said and the young beauty quickly slid her feet apart. I eased my hand further between her legs and rubbed her pussy and ass with my fingers as her beautiful body began to squirm. Sliding my fingers into the front of her panties, I pulled them down to her knees in one quick motion. Sliding my fingers back between her thighs, I caressed her swollen labia and she gasped as my fingers pressed between them and entered her tight pussy. "Pretty wet," I commented as Judy turned crimson. She was drenched.

I lay the lash down over Joan's huge, beaten tits and then looked up at her sister. Judy wore a black teddy that came to just over her magnificent ass. The front was closed by a simple bow just below her breasts. I reached up and pulling on the tie, the teddy opened, revealing her deep cleavage and huge tits. I filled my hands with her trembling breasts as I began to squeeze and pinch them. My fingers closed on her taut nipples and I shook her tits gently. The young beauty gasped as she felt me tease her massive titflesh. I slid my hand back down between her thighs and probed her dripping pussy as she gasped. She was a very attractive woman with an exceptional body. I was going to enjoy her.

"What's your name?" I asked the guy she'd been sleeping with.

"John." he answered quickly as he looked down at Joan's beaten tits.

"How is she in bed?" I asked. He didn't answer. Joan screamed again as the lash bit into her tender breasts and another red welt appeared across her creamy, white skin.

"Good, very good." he answered quickly.

"Only good?" I taunted. "With a body like hers, she ought to be spectacular. Does she give good head?" I asked as my fingers continued to probe Judy's tight pussy. He looked over at Judy, who was totally humiliated. I hit Joan across the chest once again and she screamed.

"Yes, she does." John blurted out as he looked at Joan's magnificent tits. The dark, red marks left by the lash stood out distinctively against the creamy, white skin of her breasts.

"I'm pleased to hear that. Have you ever fucked any of these other women?" I asked.

"No." he answered quickly, afraid that I would hit Joan again.

"Are you interested in any of them?" I asked as he watched me probe his girlfriend's pussy with my fingers. He could see how her body writhed as my fingers rubbed between her open thighs. He did not reply. "Come on, pick one." I pressed him. He looked around the room at the bound, young women. Judy watched him closely as his eyes roamed the other captive women. He looked at Sandy, a tall, slender blonde with a beautiful body. Judy was furious as she watched her boyfriend.

"You think about it for awhile." I said as I slid my hand from between Judy's moist pussy lips. "Over there." I said to her and she walked back to her armchair, her panties down around her knees and her teddy open, revealing her massive tits to everyone. As she walked, her panties slid down to her ankles and she kicked them off. As she sat down, her teddy opened further, keeping her massive tits on display.

I walked over to a slender, young girl who sat on the couch. I grabbed the front of her T-shirt and pulled her to her feet. Reaching down between her elbows, I unclipped her cuffs. Sitting down, I looked at the nervous, young girl.


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