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Porn is key to her family's secrets.

He just seems really creepy when he looks at you." He said sadly, "He didn't do anything else?"

"Actually, he didn't. I'm sorry, I thought it would be fun to tease him, but when I tried to pay him for fixing the door and he refused, I flashed him." Sue looked apologetically at her husband. "He left right after that with the comment, 'Something came up he needed to attend to.'"

Drew groaned, "I wish you wouldn't lead that man on, but just a quick flash is ok."

"Um, well, it wasn't a quick flash. I sort of let him stare for a while. Maybe a half minute. Sorry, honey, but nothing happened. But I could see that he was right, something definitely popped up." Sue looked down at Drew's shorts, "And I see something popping up here." She reached down and started stroking her husband's nice bulge.

"Ok, I guess it's kind of hot, but they are just fantasies and I don't want them to happen. I really do worry you'll cheat on me since I'm gone most of the time." Drew said, pulling away and sitting down at the table. "I'm so frustrated with being gone all the time. I know this is financially a great job, but I miss you, I miss Mark. Plus, I know you need sex every day and this has to drive you up a wall. I wouldn't blame you if you fucked the FedEx guy and Henry, but it hurts thinking about it." Drew said his hands rubbing his face in frustration.

Sue came over, "Look, let's talk about this later. I'm not dismissing your concerns, but the pancakes are cold and we need to get Mark down here for breakfast."

After breakfast, Mark announced he was heading over to the tennis courts and carrying his gear bag, headed out.

Drew watched his wife admire her son as he left in his tennis shorts and shirt. She looked back at him.

"Ok, we're alone. Let's talk, but I'd prefer to sit in the living room where it's a bit more comfortable." Sue said walking out of the kitchen.

Drew sat next to his wife. "Look, I need to do one of two things, quit this job and get something that doesn't take me out of town for weeks at a time, or..." He hesitated, "or we'll have to find an outlet for your needs."

"My needs? Me sexual needs? Drew, don't worry about me, I take care of myself. It doesn't compare to a nice cock, but it feels nice. But I'd definitely support you if you quit. I know you're making three times as much as you were before, and the money is great, but I'm not sure I'd rather have money if you're gone all the time." Sue said.

"I know we talked about this. I really thought I could do this for a year or two and save enough where we could really get our retirement portfolio up there. But I had a thought that might make it easier. For you...I was thinking...never mind. You know when you think something is a great idea but when you hear the words come out of your mouth, it just sounds stupid?" Drew chuckled.

"Ok, so say it, and we'll both laugh at how stupid your idea is. I won't love you any less than I do now." Sue said wondering what Drew was thinking.

"Alright, please don't hit me. Remember I said it was a really bad idea. Mark, I was thinking Mark know, pick up the slack while I'm gone." Seeing his wife stare at him, he continued, "I know, really stupid."

Sue was stunned, aroused, excited, but looked at her husband waiting for him to continue.

Drew saw the stunned look on Sue's face, but plowed on. "I know it sounds really bad, you know, suggesting you as a mother let your son fuck you. God, I knew it sounded stupid. Say something, dammit!"

Sue thought about how to respond. "It actually has its appeal; I can see how you came up with the idea. He sure is one horny boy. Lord knows how many times I've had to retrieve my panties from his room, but it is one thing to jerk off thinking about his mom and another to actually fuck her...I mean why would a good looking boy like him want an old lady like me?" She asked.

Drew laughed, feeling relieved she didn't punch him, and actually seemed to embrace the idea, "Are you kidding me? You look 20, better even since your breasts are bigger than they we

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