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Trouble with Lacy.

"Hi," she whispered.

Sam waited for a moment to see if the woman on the other end was going to say more. "Hello . May I help you with something?" he asked when she didn't add anything else to her hello.

He heard her intake of breath and something inside him clicked. "Pamela?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. Her voice was shaky and a tear slipped down her cheek. She took a seat at the desk and toyed with a pencil. "Do you love him?" she asked.

"Yes," Sam answered. "Very much."

"Oh . . . so do I."

"I see," he said. He waved off his secretary when she popped in the door to ask him a question. "Is he there?"

"No. . . he left me your number though. I guess it's your house number or cell phone?" She rattled off the number and took a deep breath. "You know . . . I guess I always knew."

"Many do. They just don't want to see it."

"Yeah? I guess so," she sniffed and took a deep breath. "When you see him, tell him I'm okay and we'll sit down together later this week to talk about the kids."

"All right. I will," Sam said.

She was about to hang up when she brought the phone back to her mouth. "Samuel."


"He's special. You know that right?"

Sam smiled into the phone. "Yes, Pamela. I know he is." He heard her hang up the phone and then he did. He buzzed his secretary and told her he was taking off the rest of the day and he'd see her Monday. She kept her thoughts to herself and agreed to cancel his meetings and reschedule them. He walked out of the office and headed to the parking garage to get his car.

On the way home he stopped and grabbed some Chinese and a bottle of wine. He wasn't planning on romance this evening. Victor wouldn't be in the mood for that. Samuel just wanted to be his friend tonight. From this moment on they had all the time in the world to be lovers. He got back onto the highway and was soon lost in thought while he drove toward his future.

He remembered the first time Victor and him hit it off sexually. It wasn't too long after they'd been introduced at work. Victor had come to deliver a rather large box to Samuel's office, but his secretary had been out to lunch, so Victor knocked on Sam's door and asked what he wanted done with it.

Sam had waved him in and held up his hand signaling for Victor to stay a moment. Victor did and while he glanced over the room, Sam found himself studying the man. When Victor finally felt the gaze of the other man he looked back at him and returned the appraisal. Their eyes connected and Sam knew Victor's pulse quickened, just as his did. That was the beginning. Samuel asked Victor out that night and from then on they were inseparable with the exception of when Victor went home to his wife. That thought would normally bring a sad expression to Sam's face, but today it didn't; today Sam was going home to Victor.

Victor was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee when he saw Sam's car pull in. He grinned and drained the cup dry. He rinsed it out and placed it in the sink. Vic gazed out the window, Sam waved to him. The bottle of wine and Chinese take out was lifted in the air and Sam nodded for Victor to meet him at the front door.

The first thing Samuel noticed when he walked in was the emptiness of his home was gone. He no longer felt alone. He felt at peace. Victor took the wine and pressed his lips to Sam's. Their tongues touched and slipped along the sides of each others. Though the kiss was short, it spoke volumes and Sam knew that the wine would wait as would the food.

"Let's put this on ice," Victor said, taking the bottle of wine from his friend and lover.

Sam agreed and he followed Vic into the kitchen. His eyes moved over his friend's 6'-2" figure and he felt himself continuing to respond with each step Victor made. "Vic. . . I don't know if I can wait till we get upstairs."

Victor took the Chinese food and placed it in the fridge along with the wine, deciding that the wine would taste just as good coming from the fridge as it would from an ice

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