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A jungle woman is born.

Tom went over to the coffee table, picking up the note that was there and reading it out loud, "We r out for a pint. Was gonna wait for u but u took ages".

I saw him frowning at the note as he read it out loud, I was suddenly feeling guilty at being in his house. He put the note back down, and we both stood awkwardly for a moment.

"Well, em, I guess you're here now.." he said, seeming genuinely a little embarrassed at the failure of his plans.

"yeah, I guess I am.." I said, feeling a little confused. Unsure what I was supposed to do. We were in his house, together. It was awkward yes, but not in a casual way. It was the awkwardness of two people who try to avoid being anywhere private alone. I guess this was the moment when we'd both have to deal with the situation we'd so successfully avoided so far.

"Wanna watch a film?" He blurted out suddenly. He didn't wait for my answer, "Yes, that's a good idea, a film. Let's see where did I put that one that we watched..." he mumbled, turning around and knocking over a pile of DVD's from the unit behind him. He looked at me bashfully before kneeling to retrieve all of them clumsily.

I knelt down to give him a hand and smiled at his ridiculousness. We were inches away from each other. I tried to keep my breathing calm, afraid that it he would notice it speed up. All I could hear apart from my breathing was the sound our hands made as we tried to pick up all of the DVD's. I was acutely aware at the distance, or lack of, between us. We kept our eyes on the floor, trying to avoid the mix of feelings that I could tell were plaguing him too.

Finally we had all of them and we placed them back on the unit, temporarily relieving the pressure that had built up between us. We both looked at the pile for what seemed like a lifetime, but it seemed that neither of us was really agonizing over which film to watch. Finally he pointed one out, "How about this one?". I eagerly nodded. I don't think either of us was really bothered as to what it was, as long as it gave us something else to focus our attention on.

We mechanically sat on the sofa, making sure to put at least half a meter of space between us. The film started but all we really noticed was distance between us and the silence that was covered by the sounds of gunfire in the film.

I decided to try and get something, anything to happen. I playfully pushed him, smiling. He seemed relieved at the interaction and pushed me back. We were giggling and play fighting for a while.

Slowly, the distance between us disappeared. Neither of us noticed. My breathing became heavier and my eyes darkened as I felt the familiar twinge down below that signalled need and desire. I noticed his breathing become more erratic. We were still play fighting, but as the distance between us dwindled into nothing it became more of a token action.

He was right next to me, and as we realised what was happening we slowly stopped moving. One of his hands rested on my shoulder, the other on my waist. We looked at each other for a moment, the sound from the t.v. now seeming non-existent.

We knew what was happening, it wasn't a surprise to either of us. I knew I had thought about it for so long, and now as I was staring into his eyes I knew he had thought about it too. We had been avoiding this for so long, scared of what would happen, but somehow, it was happening.

It was like an unspoken decision had been made. The moment had come when we had to decide whether to cross that threshold, lingering at the boundaries of temptation. Wordlessly he moved in, closing the distance between our lips and weaving his hand through my straight hair.

I felt passion well up in me, amazed that this was finally happening I pressed my lips against his harder, telling him how much I yearned for him. My body pressing up against his as we both reveled in this new discovery. Both of his hands wound around my hips as he pulled me closer to him, under him.

My head leaned against the armrest of the sofa.

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