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Mike watches another guy pleasure his fiancee Jen.

"I think I can live with that myself. How about you mom, can you live without having to wear clothes around here?"

"I think so. I usually cleaned the house while nude when I was the only one home, which was when Carla here was at school, and that ex, was at work. I just might have to work on being nude with other people in the house now, and seeing others in the nude as well."

"Did you enjoy being nude while cleaning the house, when it was just you in the house?" Julie asked, then taking another drink of her ice tea."

"Yes I did, as long as the house was warm and not cold. I must say I even missed being nude in the summer time while cleaning the house, with school being out for the summer."

"Did you ever go out in the back yard and lay around, to work on a tan in the summer at all?"

"No for two reasons. One was because Carla was home usually and or she had a friend over, and the second was because, I didn't want to take a chance that one of the neighbors would see me through the privacy fence, we had around the back yard."

"I wouldn't minded it had you went around the house cleaning in the nude, when it was just you and me there mom."

"I didn't think I would feel very comfortable being nude with you there, and not really knowing if and when one of your friends would happen to show up, while I was nude."

"Please do not get mad with me mom, but when I was home alone, I would run around nude in the house if I had any idea as to when you would be home, and dad was never home early, which he was usually home later but not early."

"I'm not mad dear. You are right about your dad never being early about getting home. He was usually home late more than on time, which I had my suspicion as to why he was late more than on time like he was, before you were born. The other thing that made me suspect him was, he never wanted to touch me or want me to touch him even, which means going without."

"I know he sure got a girlfriend real fast after the two of you divorced."

"Oh? How do you know this?"

"I saw him at the Street Corner Caf__ with another woman the day after the divorce, sitting with his arm around her and kissing her like lovers do, and putting their hands all over each other like they just couldn't keep their hands off of the other."

"Why didn't you tell me this? And did he see you there?"

"You told me you didn't want to hear anything about what he was doing, or where he may be at. And no he didn't even look at me when they came in, and when they got up and left, he still never even looked at me, and I was sitting three tables behind where they had sat down at."

"I did say that about not wanting to know what he's doing or where he may be at, so I'm sorry for asking that. Now I hope you don't get a big hard dick when you are running around here nude Dan. Which brings me to, the two of you? The last I was told by mom is you were going to have a boy, but she never told me what his name was going to be, but I do remember something about her saying the name of Danny, or Dan, or something like that. But never whom he was."

"I'll tell you or we will, if you really promise to keep your mouth shut, and that it goes no further than this house, or even told to any one that comes to this house."

"I promise it will never leave my lips or mouth."

"I promise the same thing too."

Mother told her side of the story, and then I told my side of the story, and when we finished telling the story about mother and me getting together, after the death of grandma, mother's mom, Kathy then asked, "Let get this right. Marcie is your daughter sister, and Julie's daughter?"

"Yes that is right."

"Now is something going on between you and Marcie too? The reason I ask is, by the way you two kiss and act around each other."

"To be truth full yes, we are a family that plays together in one on one or three-way around here only, and nowhere else.

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