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The continued awakening of Regina's libido.

When their orgasms came at last, the groans were muffled against wet flesh as hips heaved against bobbing heads. Finally they collapsed on the damp sheet, both women wonderfully exhausted from their efforts.

Jack sat at the bar, his eyes wandering toward the two women. The blonde noticed him walk in and had glanced in his direction a couple of times. Then he saw the brunette peering toward him. He held her eyes for a moment, then smiled his warmest smile. The brunette turned toward her friend, then suddenly eased off the bench and started walking in his direction. Unlike Marilyn, this beautiful young woman was wearing a dress that showed off the lovely round curves of her very full breasts. This was definitely a woman! He turned on his stool and followed her with his eyes as she came closer, her hips swinging sensually, breasts shifting with each step.


"Hi yourself."

"My friend and I were hoping you could join us for a drink." My how times have changed he mused, delighted to receive such an invitation.

"I'd love to. My name is Jack."

"I'm Brandi and my friend is Cass."

"Wonderful, lead the way." He picked up his drink and followed Brandi, his eyes appreciating the roundness of her bottom beneath the clinging silk dress. He eased onto the seat facing the two remarkably lovely young women.

"Cass, my name's Jack." He reached across the table to offer his hand, which she immediately took.

"Hi Jack."

They were well into their second drink together before they'd filled each other in on what was important in their lives. The girls seemed particularly interested in his decision to move north after a failed relationship. He didn't go into any details, but they seemed pleased to learn he'd made no connections up here yet. They also noted with interest the fact he didn't work. He simply said he was an artist, not expanding on the subject.

"My friend and I have been looking for someone who might be interested in a girl friend." Jack peered over at Cass, who seemed to be taking the lead from that side of the table.

"That shouldn't be too hard, I wouldn't imagine." Brandi smiled and Cass continued.

"Well, its got to be the right guy for the right girl."

"And you think I might be the right guy?" He knew he was good looking. He'd never had any difficulty attracting beautiful women. He also knew he was an excellent lover, his recent dalliance with Marilyn not withstanding.

"We wanted to check out the possibility." He smiled, aware she hadn't answered his question directly.

"And who is the lucky girl who has such considerate friends." Brandi lowered her eyes, waiting for her friend to continue.

"Well, that piece of information isn't ready for publication quite yet."

"I see. So once you've made your selection, then you'll divulge the woman's identity. Is it safe to assume this woman is as lovely as her two friends?" Cass smiled.

"It would be very safe to assume so."

"Well, then if I'm considered a worthy candidate, I'd love to meet your friend, though certainly no more so than I love having met the two of you." He raised his glass in their direction.

They sat in silence for a time before Jack asked if they'd care to stop by his new home and help him christen it with a bottle of champagne he had chilling in the refrigerator. He watched the two of them turn to face one another and somehow wordlessly decide they would. A quick taxi ride got them to his home, which was the penthouse of a very exclusive building with views toward the bay and downtown. They made small talk as the elevator rose to the eighth floor. He could tell from the expressions on their faces that they were impressed. It was one of those rare times when his money seemed worth having. More often than not the accoutrements of wealth held little interest for him, but it never hurt to impress a beautiful woman. To impress two beautiful women at the same time was especially nice.

It was still warm enough that they took their fluted champagne glasses out onto the deck with its magnificent view of the sparkling city lights and the distant Bay B

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