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Pakistani wife.

"Now that's an asshole worth getting fired over" She moaned between gritted teeth.


Although she slept for most of the day, Janice did spend some of the daylight hours indulging her passion for girl-watching. Her next door neighbors were a divorcee, Jennifer Annensky, and her twin 18 year old daughters Candy and Mandy. Both girls were on the cheerleading squad and consequently there was a steady stream of friends from the squad at the house: lounging by the pool or working through routines in the garden. All of this was keenly observed by the 27 year old former security guard.

Strangely, her response to the squad's wonderful enthusiasm wasn't the usual 'go Roxboro!' or 'go team!', but 'oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit, shake those fuckin huuugge tittsss ahhh!' together with 'squelch, sloop, squelch, sloop'.

Indeed, many of the young teens were awesomely endowed - in fact were legends for this reason through 3 counties. Many were already a D-cup at 18; those that weren't so lucky relied on water bras thereby provoking next-door's, and other, acts of onanism under false pretences; but the bouncing balloons were enjoyed as if they were real. The 'enjoyees' included several members of the ultra-conservative town of Roxboro's firmly closeted lesbian community, such as the supposedly 'divorced' 39 year old assistant cheerleading coach; the 45 year old 'never found the right man' head of the English department and devoted supporter of female athletics; and the tiny, hooked-nosed 25 year old redhead [concentrating on her career] who was one of the student counsellors.

Oddly enough, the expression of their enthusiasm for the girls' routines, in bathrooms, bedrooms and otherwise deserted lunch-time classrooms wasn't 'go, team! either, but also 'squelch, sloop, squelch, sloop'.


At 3 the following afternoon, Janice snorted, groaned and dragged her fat ass out of bed and headed for the shower, pausing to look at herself in the bathroom's full-length mirror. She tried to be original in her life, tried to make an original statement to the world, but, if truth be told, her appearance was stereotypical bull-dyke. 5'5", 185 pounds, muscular, tree-trunk legs, wide ass, small pointy tits, thick biceps, and a crew-cut. She showered quickly before returning to wade through the mess on the bedroom floor, looking for her sweatpants.

"Fuck, I better clear up in here; this place is a sty" she muttered, as she negotiated assorted empty beer cans, pizza boxes, dirty boxers and pussy magazines well acquainted with her left hand.

Feeling a little horny, she considered whether to give the Hustler with the beer stain on the cover a perusal, but decided to lie back and rerun a piece of video from her mental spank bank. The piece in question wasn't her friend Carla's big sister soaping her giant 23 year old jugs observed through a crack in the door in Freshman year; or even walking in on Lena, her room-mate in the police academy, jerking off to a porno; it was Madeleine East from her old workplace, exposing her gigantic knockers in exchange for 'immunity' from the consequences of her attempted theft. Just as she decided to wallow in the latter memory for the three hundredth time she heard delightful girly squeals coming from the neighbor's garden.

"Oh, fuuuuuckk yeaahhh!" said Janice as she took in the clit-stiffening sight of 6 teenage girls in micro-bikinis waiving pom-poms and bending over in unison.

"Fuck 'Melons' Maddy. Live jerk-off material delivered to my window! What a fucking great country!"

Meanwhile Candy, Mandy and their four friends were going through the routine they intended to use at the next football game.

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