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Julie's sexy college friend visits.

The musty stench of the empty cottage took her by surprise.

"When were you last here," she coughed.

"Maybe two or three moons ago," he replied as he shut the door.

He began to strip off the armor. Each piece made a small clanging noise as it hit the floor of the tiny cottage. Zahava watched as he struggled with each piece of armor. He was particularly struggling with the piece that covered his crotch. He struggled for nearly five minutes before she intervened.

"Let me help you," she laughed as she walked up to him.

She bent over and pulled at the piece and yanked it as hard as she could. It didn't budge. She then pulled with the same ferocity as before. This time she pulled both his pants and the crotch piece. She saw his cock for about a second before he cupped it with both hands.

"Oh my gods," she laughed.

He stood in shock for a few seconds and she continued to laugh.

"Let me see it," she asked while grabbing his wrists.

"No," he let out, "it's small and you wouldn't like it."

"Let me see it," she said in a more serious tone, "and you can see mine."

He slowly moved his hands away from his crotch and she looked over his flaccid cock. She let out a quick giggle before reaching forward with her hands. She played with it briefly before it grew in size and became fully erect. She stroked it with her dry hands before spitting into her palms and stroking it. She cradled his scrotum and exhaled and took the length of his cock in her mouth. She sucked it for nearly a minute before he moaned in an unsure noise.

"You okay," she said looking up at him.

"I think so," he laughed as she let go of his cock.

She removed her dress and jumped on the bed. She lie down and smiled.

"Now it's time for me to show you mine," she laughed.

He looked over her naked body. Her long flowing red curls caught his attention first. He ran his hands through them first. Her hair was a bit dirty and matted. There was some dirt in it. Her grey eyes pierced deep into his soul. Her lips were full and red. Her skin was pale white, similar to alabaster. Her arms were thin and looked fragile. Her legs were long and seemed a bit more defined than the rest of her limbs. Her feet and toes were well proportioned and they weren't gnarled or blistered.

"You're so beautiful," he exhaled before placing a hand over her right breast.

"Thank you," she laughed as his hand gripped her large breast.

He took a breast in each hand and squeezed tightly. He tweaked her nipples before leaning in and sucking on the right one. He moved to her left breast and gave it long deep suck. He ran his hand down her abdomen and felt her lower undergarments. She assisted him by removing her bloomers. She giggled as she threw them on the floor. He ran his tongue her abdomen and stopped at the small tuft of pubic hair above her cunt. He was in awe of her small cunt. He played with the fiery pubic hairs for moment before he slowly spread her legs to reveal her cunt. He bent over and sniffed it. The scent made him euphoric. He spread her legs further apart and inspected her cunt. It was tight and well kept. Unlike many peasant women she was in good shape. He pushed his tongue deep into her cunt and she let out a sigh of pleasure. He pulled it out and ran it down the length of her cunt. It was dry at first but soon began to lubricate and become wet. She was beginning to relax with each stroke of his tongue. She gripped the bed as his tongue worked over her cunt.

"Feels good," she exhaled.

He continued for a few minutes before abruptly stopping.

"Ready," he asked.

"Yes," she replied.

She looked up at him as he grabbed his cock with his right hand.

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