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Danielle finds her soulmate.

Her thick ass bounced back and forth as she made her way over the side of the hot tub, finally standing up and staring down at him. Her eyes darted quickly towards the nearby restroom and her head beckoned him to follow.

Blinking to himself, Brad felt as if he must be in trapped in some hallucinated wet-dream. Moment ago, he was simply minding his own business. Now, his shaft was pulsating, his step-sister having fondled him discreetly under the warm water. The experience was everything his hormonal-body had craved and more, though his conscience coated him in a suffocating fog of shame.

Now, as his step-sister's wet feet stepped one after another, her hips swaying back and forth, Brad could only exit the pool himself and follow her into the female restroom just by the door to the hotel lobby.

* * *

Iris nearly tackled Brad as the bathroom door swung shut on its hinges behind him, her bikini-clad figure pushing him firmly against the wall. Without wasting a second, her eager lips pressed themselves against Brad's, her tongue playfully licking at his lips. In moments, his mouth had opened to allow his step-sister's tongue inside to explore. Her warm muscle circled around his own tongue again and again, each time bringing a fresh throb beneath Brad's dripping-wet, tight swim shorts.

In the heat of the moment, he hadn't released he was trembling. Perhaps it was from the anticipation of finally experiencing some form of what he had only fantasized about all these years, or maybe it was due to the creeping anxiety of his step-sister jamming her tongue into his mouth here, inside the girl's hotel bathroom.

A strong fear weighed on him; it would only be a matter of time before someone walked in and caught them in the act.

Whatever the reason, Brad couldn't stop himself from quaking to the bone.

He also couldn't break his lips away from his step-sister.

Iris had taken notice.

"Let me calm you down..." she let out, breaking their kiss and thrusting her hand down into Brad's shorts. In no time, she found his cock and gripped it tight, this time working her hand up and down his length in slow, sensual motions.

"You think I haven't noticed your eyes on me all these years? The eyes that so desperately want to be fucked?" Iris began, her teeth nibbling at her step-brother's ear lobe as she pushed her barely clothed body against him harder, pinning him against the cold, tile wall. "You're so transparent... so predictable.." so continued, her fingertips now rotating against the pounding head of Brad's cock.

The eighteen-year-old was now moaning much more than softly, his eyes beginning to roll back in his head from the pleasure.

Suddenly, Iris released him and stepped away, breaking her stranglehold upon his senses.

"Just be careful what you wish for; I'm not your average girl, so don't expect this to be just an average fuck," her words echoed off the bathroom walls and into Brad's head. They repeated inside of his mind, growing loader and loader. For a moment, he almost told her to be quiet... almost.

To him, it seemed like his sister hadn't a care in the world. In fact, she seemed like a different person altogether. This couldn't have been the girl he grew up next to all these years - something about her had changed.

The thoughts and words slowly dissipated as Brad watched Iris' plump ass trail away from him down the bathroom, her bathing suit swallowed between her ass cheeks. She stopping at the stall furthest from the entrance door and turned quickly, lifting her hand and beckoning him closer with her index finger.

Brad found himself obeying without a word of protest, barely shaking; the pervasive fear of being walked-in on still coiled tightly around him.

As soon as he was within reach, Iris grabbed him by the waistband and pulled him inside the large, handicap-accessible stall before closing the door and locking it behind her with a click.

Within seconds, she had her step-brother's swim shorts down betwe

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