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A cool guy confuses Brigit initially.

If we all get accepted to jobs right away, which I highly doubt, we still won't get money by next week to pay rent. I sighed again, "I'll ask my parents to help me out."

"Taking one for the team, best friend," Victor pats me on the back before walking to the kitchen to grab food.

Matt looks at me with sadness in his eyes. "You didn't have to do that."

Sweet Matt, he's always been by my side no matter what happens. "It's fine," I nodded. "I just need a job right away so I don't have to ask."

A week later, I got the half and gave it to Matt who made his way to Hunter's room during the evening. I still don't have a job, Victor is "looking", and Matt doesn't want Hannah to work.

I lay on my bed, regretting the decision to move out of my parents' place until Matt came into my room with smiles.

I laughed. "What put a smile on your face?"

"I got you and Victor a job," Matt said as he on the edge of my bed.

I sat up, excited. "What, really?! What kind of job is it?"

"Well, you don't have the job unless you accept it. I'm only giving you this decision because I've already decided for Victor to be the one working the front desk," he said.

"What is it?" I asked again, anxious to know what the job was.

Matt sighs. "Okay, I know we just met Hunter. He noticed that I looked troubled when giving him the money. So I explained to him that half of the money was from my job and the other half was from your parents. He seemed like a cool guy, so I told him I was stressed out because you and Victor are trying to find work."

I nod for him to continue.

"So Hunter offered Victor a job 'cause he believes he's...sociable, so he said he needed someone for the front desk, I automatically told him Vic will do it because his searching is not working out."

I laughed. "I think he barely looked at the newspaper."

"He doesn't even read. I doubt he knows what the newspaper is."

I laughed harder. "Okay, enough about Victor. What about me?"

He chuckled. "Actually, his cousin Melody pointed out on the job. Hunter needs an assistant. As Melody said, he needs some organizing in his life."

"I don't know anything about assisting, Matt," I said, looking down.

"But you know about organizing," he said. "Look at your room."

I looked around. My books are organized neatly, my dirty clothes are in the hamper in the closet out of sight, my desk has neatly stacked papers on the side, and not one thing looked out of place. "I guess," I said to Matt.

"Great," he said, getting up. "All you need to do is to go to Hunter's place, tell him you accept the job and he'll take it from there."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait," I chanted following Matt out the door. "I have to go and talk to him?"

"Talk to who?" Victor walks to us, eating an apple.

"Oh, you have a job and you start in two days," Matt said. "Tomorrow you're going to Hunter's place so he could introduce you."

"Shitty," Victor said, going to his room.

"Yes," Matt turns to look at me. "You have to talk to him, so he knows you're serious about it. Go now."

"Where does he live?" I ask nervously as Matt gently pushes me out the door.

"The top floor, there's only one door," Matt said when I'm fully outside. "See you later," he closes the door.

I sigh in frustration as I walk to the elevator. Once I reach the top floor, no kidding there was only one door. I reach up and knocked twice.

It took a while until the door opened, revealing Melody. She smiles at me, "Hi Elizabeth."

"Hi," I said, shyly.

"Come in. Hunter!" she calls out as I stepped inside.

The place was very masculine and modern. White walls with black furniture, the only dash of color is that flowers were placed in vases throughout the place. My guess it was Melody's idea. But no kidding about the organizing; there were papers piled messily on tables. One room, which I think is an office, is totally messy. I'm afraid of the bedroom.

Wait, why would I think about the bedroom?

Hunter came out just then, instead of dressing in a suit, he was dressed in a tight black t-shirt, jeans and socks.

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