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Single girl with unexpected visitors.

She opened her door.


My legs were jelly. I could just stay in the cab and go home, backside undamaged.

Fuck it. I lurched out of the cab and followed her tight black skirt up the path to her door.

Inside she turned and kissed me hard, hands gripping my buttocks. "Strip and stand in the corner with your hands on your head. If I get back and my instructions haven't been followed, you won't like it."

She disappeared up the stairs. I took off my clothes and contemplated the corner, my fingers gently stroking my naked backside. I remembered how much her cane had hurt the last time. That was payment for damaging her car. I owed her nothing now and could just walk out the door, I thought. I stripped and stood in the corner, hands on my head feeling a complete idiot. I entertained myself by touching the tip of my hot, throbbing erection to the coolness of the wall.

"Are you fucking my wall?" Andrea laughed. I turned. She had removed her shirt and was clad in black bra and her tight black skirt and was gently flexing the same cane she had used on me last time.

"I was -" It was too hard to explain. "Let's just get on with this. How do you want me?"

"All business huh?" Andrea laughed again. She was certainly in a good mood, which I hoped was a good thing. She strode forward, grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her couch.

"Kneel on the seat, lean over the back, stick your arse out."

I did as instructed. She walked around in front of me and took off her bra.

"Oh fuck." I feasted my eyes. She leaned forward and I took a nipple in my mouth. She shuddered and put her hands in my hair.

"Oh Dan, I'm going to make you scream."

She disengaged her nipple and her bare feet padded on the carpet as she positioned herself to my left. Tap tap tap, I felt the cane on my bare buttocks. Tap tap tap. She rested it lightly on my unblemished skin. It was cool and hard.

"A dozen I think." She murmured.

Swish swick!

A line of fire across my arse. I gasped, crazily thinking how different a cane striking my bottom sounded in a carpeted loungeroom compared to last time in the floorboarded kitchen. That thought was blown out of my head by a second swick! across my arse.

I thought I'd remembered the pain, but it was far worse than I had braced myself for.



"Fuck! Andrea-"


That one was extra hard. I took the hint and tried to stay silent.


Another hard one right on my sit spot. I jerked and grunted. Andrea's hand gently caressed my now-welted behind.

"That's six. Get up."

I stood shakily. Her skirt whispered to the ground. She was naked. She lay on the couch and spread her legs wide. The invitation was clear.

My cock rose and I mounted her, my cock sliding gloriously into her hot, wet cunt. I started thrusting slowly.


I pumped my hips. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard, our tongues entwined.

"You still - ahh - have six - ohh to go. If you come, it will hurt - uhh - twice as much."

She grinned at me evilly as I fucked her. She knew I was close. I knew she was right. With more self-control than I knew I possessed, I pulled my cock out of her velvety cunt and stood, my arse burning, my penis hard as rock.

"Smart boy," she murmured, fingering her pussy, then rose gracefully to continue my torture.

"Grab your ankles this time."

I bent, feeling utterly vulnerable and off-balance mentally and physically.

Tap tap tap. My arse was taut in this position. My hard-on poked into my stomach.


"Oh my god!" It hurt even more in this position.

"Count them."



"T - two."


Oh the pain! It was at a crescendo now and I swayed. Andrea's hands gently steadied me.

"Don't want you falling and hurting yourself." She said.

"Thanks." I replied to the woman caning me.

She patted my flaming behind.

"Ready? We'll have to do that one again as you forgot to count."

"What? You bitch!"

CRACK! She spanked my right cheek hard, igniting the cane-welts.

"Ready, Dan?"


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