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Barbara's elaborate self bondage & Julie's 1st sub encounter.

I don't know. You try to be helpful and what do you get?

"Language," I reprimanded, giving her her first spank, and it popped very loudly on her bottom.

I followed up that first spank with another five quick stinging spanks. Nothing that would really hurt, but hard enough for her to get the message. I paused at that point, resting my hand on her bottom.

"We didn't decide beforehand," I said. "What's a reasonable amount of spanks for a first offence?"

"Six," squealed Susan. "Six is plenty."

"I agree," chipped in Monie. "Six is ample."

Heather was biting her lip and trying now to laugh and she said nothing.

"I think ten would be better," I said, and Susan squealed again as my hand came firmly down again.

"That's ten," Susan started squealing as soon as I'd given her the next four spanks.

"That's nine," I corrected her. "The first one didn't count as that was for calling me a rude name just because I poked you here."

I didn't get called a name after that little poke. Susan was a fast learner. I gave her her last spank and set her back on her feet.

Susan hastily backed away from me, rubbing her bottom and muttering. Monie was looking increasingly nervous, flicking glances at the door. She desperately wanted to run, but was apparently too pigheaded to admit it. I held out my hand to her and she edged towards me, looking as though I was trying to hand her a spider. A poisonous one.

Monie was out of luck today. She was wearing yoga pants.

"These will have to come down," I pointed out.

"You're not pulling down my pants," Monie stated. Like I said, pigheaded.

I took hold of Monie's hands. She didn't mind, because while I was holding them I wasn't pulling down her pants. She overlooked the fact that it also meant she wasn't holding them up.

"Susan, if you'd be so kind as to help Monie drop her pants" I suggested.

"Susan, no," wailed Monie, but it didn't help. Susan quite gleefully pulled down yoga pants and panties in one swift movement.

Monie squealed and was only too happy to lie across my lap to conceal herself.

"Don't worry, Monie," I told her. "I wasn't looking and didn't even notice that you shaved this morning."

From the silence coming from her I wouldn't have been surprised to see her bottom blush red with fury.

There was no visible reaction from Monie when I actually started spanking her. She didn't squeal or wriggle; just lay across my lap accepting it. Heather and Susan looked a little disappointed at her lack of reaction. I did notice however that she took her own sweet time pulling up her panties and yoga pants afterwards, facing me the entire time so that I had a good view of everything. I could swear she was quietly smirking to herself, but it's a bit hard to prove.

It was finally Heather's turn, and she was lying there looking both nervous and hopeful. She wanted me to spank her, and was anticipating it with a fair degree of sexual excitement. It was going to be a pity to have to disappoint her.

"This is only a spanking," she insisted, and looked quite put out when I blandly agreed.

I eased her over my knee, bottom up. No need to remove panties, so I could get right to the spanking with no delay. I took my time, ten firm spanks as per the other girls, delivered to a nervous white bottom that quickly became a nervous red bottom. Heather provided all the little wriggles and squeals that go with a good spanking, but I could feel her heart wasn't in it.

Heather looked quite irritated when I set her back on her feet.

"That's it?" she asked.

"Of course," I told her. "Ten spanks, the same as the others and nothing else."

"For now," I added, after a short pause.

Heather looked at me, a small frown on her face.

"What do you mean, for now?"

"This," I said, waving my hand at the three of them, "was just a little reprimand for trying to take my car. I still want to have a discussion with you later about your assaulting me last night, but I'll leave that until your friends have gone home. It'll give you something to look forward to."

With that, I stood up, gave Heather a look t

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