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Carl & Eve have sex in a Lay-By.

"The Feds are asking us to extradite her to their custody. Any problem with that?"

"Not only 'yes', but 'hell yes!'." I said. "We are not giving up custody of May Cialis until this murder case is resolved... likely by the Jury's verdict in her trial. And don't try to end run me, Krasney; Judge Folsom has already been told, and has made it clear to his subordinate judges, that no extradition is to take place."

"Why not let them have her?" asked Krasney. "Take her off our hands, save the taxpayers some money..."

"It's called 'murder in the first degree', Mr. Krasney." I said. "Even Mr. Masterson here knows what that is. I am not letting that murderer get away with it by getting into Federal custody, then getting released at the request of the CIA Director."

"We'll just take this to Federal Court." said Masterson.

"Which has no jurisdiction over murder cases." I replied. "And if they did try to let her be extradited, she stays in my jails until the appeals are done with."

Krasney looked resigned as he said to Masterson. "It's not going to happen, Masterson. So are you May Cialis's counsel now?"

"Yes, I've taken back over the case." said Masterson. "And I want to talk to my client."

"Fine." I said. "Make sure you give her good legal advice... like how she's facing the death penalty, and how I'm gunning to have her put on the table at Jacksonville State Prison and put to death by lethal injection if and when she's convicted of murdering her husband. Also make sure she understands that any stories of her boyfriend making her do it won't work too well with the competent juries of this County."

Masterson looked displeased, but the Duty Desk Sergeant, called in by the Chief, was already there to escort him to I-1 to talk to his client.

"You're going to push this, aren't you?" asked Krasney.

"You know something, Mr. Kraaaaaasney?" drawled the Chief. "If you'd allow the Iron Crowbar to do his job, you'll probably have this woman confessing to her crimes, and you'd save the taxpayers a lot of money that way. Why are you trying so hard to cut a deal with a woman who has nothing to give us?"

"Mason believes she had an accomplice." said Krasney. "He fears 'reasonable doubt' issues, and, frankly, so do I."

"You've been living in fear for years, Krasney." I said, then added brutally: "Which is why you're not going to be D.A. after the Election in November. Right now, you're wasting my time. Let's go get May Cialis's confession, so you can move on to things that don't scare you so much. If you'll excuse me, Chief..." With that, I walked to the door and out. Krasney was tall and long-legged, but had to hustle to keep up with me as I strode down the hall...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"My client wishes to make a statement," said Masterson, "which will implicate the true criminal in the murder of her husband. She will also give you much more information about him, and about certain er, Federal cases which might be of value to you and to the FBI. In exchange, she'll be given full immunity for any part she played in her husband's murder, and you'll allow her to be extradited to Federal custody."

I couldn't help it; I just began laughing.

"Come on, Masterson." said Krasney, who was sitting next to me. "You know we can't accept that. I'm not giving her unconditional immunity until I know it's worth it. And you've gotta convince Commander Troy more than me."

"Hypothetical, then?" asked Masterson.

"No." I said sourly. "No loopholes."

"Even if her information might be of value to you in saving your wife's life?" asked Masterson, peering at me. May was looking hard at me, also.

So that was their trump card, I thought to myself. They're trying to get her off by giving me information they think I don't know.

Stupid to bluff the Iron Crowbar when one is holding an empty hand, I thought to myself. Very stupid, indeed.

"No." I said. "No hypotheticals. No loopholes. I know what happened at the crime scene; there is nothing you can give me that will change the truth of that."

"Did you not hear me?" gasp

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