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Alexa sets me up with Mei to lose her virginity.

She pulled back trying to escape it.

"What do you mean don't make you. We agreed. One day a week you're mine. I act like I don't mind going to the gym. I hate your slutty friends sneering at me. Their fake smiles and bad boob jobs.. Again I act like I don't mind. We both have to make sacrifices to get this marriage to work. Basically in the past nineteen years we have been married.. you have systematically destroyed everything I loved about you. Its like you killed my wife." I shoved the gag back into place. I pushed her over the bed ass first. The tiny pair of panties wouldn't have protected her for this anyway as she felt around the bed for them. I flipped her back onto her stomach after she had rolled onto her side. I grabbed for the paddle under the mattress and began to rhythmically slap her ass. Her body began to tense as her ass turned from pink to crimson. I relaxed my hand. I tossed the paddle to one side and began to spank her hard. Her body tensed with each slap as it rang out in the small room.

"You need to stay off the stair master. My hand hurt." She was a connoisseur of pilates and yoga. Her and her snide little friends looked down on the "aerobics bimbos" to make themselves feel superior. She more than likely didn't feel that way. She always wanted friends though and if it meant putting down someone to make them .. so be it. I shook my hand and delivered a final slap. I grabbed the straps from under the bed and began to wrap her right arm and leg after flipping her onto her ass. A muffled moan of pain and wince were all that I got as a reward. I unlocked the cuffs and pinned her left arm back. I pushed her arms over her head. Apparently me going to the gym did have some benefits after all. Her struggling amounted to nothing. I wrapped the restraint over her left wrist and tightened it. Her legs began to flail as soon as I released the lock on the chains. I grabbed the free one and quickly tightened it down.

"There we go much more cooperative?" All I could hear was a small whimper leave her throat. I sat down and began to eat the stir fry. Her grunting began to become less pronounced. Her chest heaved up and down like a track star after a big race. I snapped a bit of celery in my mouth and she was taken back by the sound as her head flinched. The sounds began to come more steady then. I could make out a few words but none seemed to be the bit persuasive. I just smiled. Maybe its because I had loved her more than she loved me and she knew it. Maybe it was just the way I am. I walked back over to the bed and sat down beside her.

"You alright?" I rubbed her chest as she shook her head back and forth quickly. I continued lower towards her waist. She froze as I ran my fingers below her waist. My fingertips were still warm from holding the bowl of hot food. I leaned in close to her head near her ear.

"I don't care." I kissed her neck and bit hard. I licked around her throat. Her skin felt smooth between her thighs. I had watched her emerge from the bathroom each morning when I was getting ready for work to apply her lotion to each leg. Her robe was parted to one side as it hung limp from one arm. Her neck craned to one side with her eyes intent on every inch of skin. Each time I had approached her she had begged off saying I would be late for work or that she had to check on breakfast. I leaned my head to one side. The smile wouldn't leave my face.

"You know I should just let you go right now. You know why?" Her teeth bit hard into the ball between them.

"Because its just nice knowing you were mine completely and you didn't have a choice in the matter.

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