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Mom had one more errand before leaving for the winter.

At midnight, my phone finally went off. It was a text, from Mary. "Hey, remember that book I told you about?" My stomach dropped. Of course, I remembered the book, it is all I have thought about since you walked out the door, I thought. I thought quickly what to reply. Should I play stupid and say no, or should I immediately tell her I knew what she was leading to? If I played dumb, she might actually go into some details, so I opted for that one.

"Which one, you read a lot of books" I sent.

I waited, staring at the phone the entire time anticipating her next text. The phone went off. "The one about the three brothers" is all it said.

I laughed to myself nervously. Oh shit, she wanted to have a threesome with these young college guys. What to type back, what to type back? I thought repeatedly to myself. Fuck it. "Are you talking threesome now?"

It took her a few minutes and my thought ran wild, was she hesitant to tell me or was she already in the act and trying to fill me in? It felt like hours, but I finally got a text from her. "Yes"

Really, one word that is all I get back! This is sort of a big deal, well to me at least. "Uh... More specific," I texted back to her.

Her next reply seemed to come rather quickly. "Yes, do you care?" The sensation in my chest began to intensify and the feeling in my stomach continued. Be careful, I thought to myself. Whom am I kidding, I wanted her to, I thought this was almost as hot as everything I've seen her do already. What are you waiting for, text her back and say "Hell yeah", I thought.

I timidly replied, "No I don't care"... I did not send that. I quickly erased it. I need something better. I needed to know more details. "What are you doing right now?" There, I sent it. Now, just wait to find out, my thoughts continued to battle through my head.

"Just sitting at the table playing strip poker and I'm losing... badly" she sent back to me.

Oh, shit! My visions of Mary sitting at the table naked, with two other guys flooded me. Well, I thought, if I do not send the OK, it will be even longer before she gets home. Then I will not find out any details for a long time. I had a new thought. "Did they ask you to have a threesome?"

Again, it took a while for her reply. Maybe it's her turn, and that's why it's taking so long.

"No. I want to bring it up."

Damn. She really is enjoying the choice she made to be a slut. Evidently the biggest slut she could be. "OK" I sent her.

I set the phone down on the coffee table, as I was sure I would not hear any more from her, until she returned home. I tried to go back to the T.V. show I had been watching, but the feeling in my chest was taking priority. Damn it, I needed a beer. I walked to the kitchen to see if we had any. No beer, I had to go to the store that could be good. A nice drive to take my mind off the events that were unfolding, I grabbed my keys off the table and headed out the door.

I decided to go to the store the next town over, to take up more time. It was easier for me to clear my mind when driving and the time did seem to past faster. I returned home at about one a.m. I had already cracked two beers on the drive and took the remaining four to the fridge. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Just making sure, I did not miss anything, even though I have been caring the phone close for about an hour.

I went through all the texts we had sent earlier. Rereading them just elevated my anticipation of her return. God, I hated the waiting. But, it was worthwhile when she returned with wonderful stories about her slutty adventures in another man's arms.

I grabbed another beer and headed back to the couch. I flipped though several channels, as my show had gone off while I was away. Finding something decent, I managed to watch.

Several hours past, and I looked up to the clock.

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