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Man pays for Maid's service, and more.

You are very outspoken there."

"Cause I actually read the text book and have original thought," he said a bit coldly. He didn't even move as she touched him and a lot of guys were squirming. She'd have to use more severe measures.

"Maybe we could help each other out?" she whispered at him.

"How?" he asked. He said it with an arrogant laughter underneath it. It pissed her off.

"I'll show you," she got down on her knees and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped. She reached for her camera but was fell to the floor as the beast in his pants flopped down and hit her on the forehead.

"Holy shit!" she shouted and backed up a bit. It was huge. It was still a bit soft and it was growing. Her body felt a twinge of fear throughout.

"I'll show you," he sneered, "Then show me you little cocktease." He leaned back against the door blocking her exit. She looked at him like a deer caught in headlights. He grabbed his cock and waved it in front of her.

"Okay I'm sorry, I was joking, I didn't expect..."

"You didn't expect what little girl?" he said looking down at her, "That I wasn't going to be your typical attempt at humiliation?"

"No I..."

"All work and no play does make Terrell a dull boy, but Terrell also gets pissed off when his work is interrupted. You came and interrupted, and now you're going to finish what you started," it kept growing and growing in front of her.


"You have a choice, you can get through this the hard way or the easy way, and trust me, you won't like the hard way."

She tentatively reached out and attempted to wrap her hand around his cock. It wouldn't go all the way around as she yanked at it a bit. Maybe a handjob will get her out of the situation. She looked up at him in a bit of fear as she ran her fingers over the head of his cock and down the shaft. He beat the usual five seconds. She thought he might have finally finished growing. It had to be almost a foot long but she didn't dare ask.

"You're going to have to do more then that," he said looking down with her,

"Suck it."

"It won't fit!" she cried out, "I know it!"

"Oh poor baby! You should have thought about that before you started trying to tease me."

"If I suck your cock can I leave?" She asked.

"You'll leave when I'm done with you," he said.

She started to tear up, "I'm afraid."

"That's the first honest thing you said all night," he said, "But sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way, and this will be the hard way."

"Just head okay, I'm a virgin."

"You should have thought about that too," he said grinning wickedly, "Now suck my cock."

She closed her eyes and started to lick his shaft. She had to try to get him to shoot off and get things over with. She felt him reach over her back and flip her skirt up, reaching into her booty shorts.

"I didn't say that you could..."

"I didn't say that you could talk while you are sucking my cock either did I?" he said. She took the head into her mouth and the head stretched her lips wide. She gagged and choked as it pushed up at her throat. She licked and sucked at the head of his cock, keeping her eyes closed, a part of her feeling shameful for starting to get a bit wet from this, but he didn't have to know that. A few moments of this she heard something drop, and she looked up at him, taking the cock out of her mouth long enough to spit on it and run her hand over it, "Are you going to get off soon? My jaw is getting tired."

"Not with your abilities," he said, "get on the bed."


"Don't fucking question me, get on the fucking bed on your hands and knees."

"But I..." She was interrupted with a slap from his cock to her face, "Hey that's rude!"

To which he responded with another slap to her other cheek. She got up and headed over to the bed, "What are you going to do to me?"

"You keep asking questions, so you'll have to take things the hard way." He flipped over her skirt and pulled down her booty shorts down to her knees.

"You're not going to...OW!" she cried as a hand firmly slapped her ass.

"You're going to learn that yo

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