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Handsome arranges a double date for the girls.

Each pass over the little hole sent shivers through Toy eliciting a squeal and a sharp bucking of her hips, wanting the tongue to linger there a bit more. To her credit, alecia always obliged and lapped at her ass a spell longer. The first orgasm hit Toy out of nowhere and nearly dropped her flat to the bed. Her knees shaking and her head lightly swimming from the tonguing she was receiving, Toy whimpered and begged for mercy. Alecia only turned to Jimmy, her face covered in girl cum, smiled, then dove back in, this time deeply tongue fucking the girl while pushing two fingers into her cunt, keeping her thumb on the girls clit. This drove Toy over the edge once again and she nearly fell, again. "Oh fuck ok fuck.. please, I can't take it, too .. too.. sensitive, please slow down please!!" she begged. Alecia loved having fun with another girl and she loved seeing a girl beg for her to stop. This just drove her on further, tonguing Toy's ass deeper and working her fingers faster in and out of her cunt. Her free hand found Toy's ass and gave it several good slaps "You just keep still while Im eating, you have such a sweet cunt and ass, I just love it. Now be a good girl and cum for me again!" Toy didn't have to be told, the unexpected slaps brought a delicious sting to her bottom and drove her over the edge once again. Screaming out, "Ohhhhhhhh FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK... CUMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!" and she dropped limp to the bed.

Alecia turned to Jimmy, grinning as she searched around her mouth with her tongue, lapping up as much pussy-juice as she could reach, "Master, I think I tongued her to death" she giggled. Jimmy smiled and pointed down to his feet, causing alecia to slip from the bed and crawl to him, kneeling between his parted legs. "Suck me my slut" he said. Her little hands quickly rose to his belt, opening the fly and pulling out his engorged cock. Her Master's cock, a bit over six inches and at least two inches wide stared back at her. Her eyes drifted to catch the gaze of her Master as she leaned forward, taking his thick cock deep into her mouth, sucking upon it the way she knew he loved. Her eyes spoke to him, telling him how much she loved him. It was easy for her to convey that, as she did. There was something just so wonderful to her about it all. Sucking him, pleasing him with her mouth while her eyes never left his. She would do anything he asked, as she loved to serve him, in fact, lived to serve him. It brought her all the joy the world could offer. She was soft, delicate, and he protected her, guided her, and taught her. But above all, he loved her. He would take care of her in all ways for their lifetime together. No matter what the need or desire, how big or how small, he would provide for her. A small tear slipped from the corner of her eye as she contently slurped upon his cock.

Jimmy smiled and gently collected the tear with his finger, raising it to his lips and sucking it clean. He knew how she could get emotional when she was happy and got to thinking about them. He smiled down and petted her.

She smiled up at him as he suckled her tear. Well she tried to at least with his thick cock stretching her lips. Her hands went to his hips, trying to pull him in even deeper as the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, making her gag for a moment. She loved that feeling, and she pressed on, pushing it past and into her tight throat. Her moan brought a chill to his spine and caused his cock to swell even more, making her choke a bit and smile as she continued to suck hard on his cock. His hands moved down and found her head. Strong fingers slipping through her hair, caressing her, letting her know in his own soft touch that she was a good girl, and that he loved her.

Jimmy's eye caught motion on the bed as Toy began to stir.

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