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Demon Pi Part Eleven

Suddenly, guys were looking at her and she found she liked it! She began to become a bit of a party girl, flirting, dancing, drinking, and pretty much everything but going all the way. Then she overheard a couple guys talking about her. "She's a solid eleven if she wears a bag over her face. She's only about a six otherwise." the guys high-fived each other as they laughed over the jibe. That night she wept as she asked her mom for make-up tips.

Samantha threw herself at the challenge of being cool and popular. High school became a swirl of classes, parties, discovering the joys of full-penetration sex, and more parties. It was a rare Sunday now that did not find her hung-over and reeking of sweat and sex. She had developed a real love of oral and tit-fucking and rarely had difficulty finding someone to take her up on it. She fought with her mom all the time now- grades, hem lengths, boyfriends, birth control, peircings, her growing drinking problem. At least she never got into drugs.

She made it to college by the skin of her teeth and dire threats from her mom. She started in a general studies program and partied so much that she nearly flunked out. Thankfully, some of her friends held an intervention for her in her sophomore year and she got her act together- her Sunday mornings were still pretty rough but the rest of the week she focused on her classes. She managed to make it into the Bachelor of Nursing program, and graduated with acceptable grades and an acceptable class rank.

As Samantha walked to the nursing lounge on the familiar/unfamiliar floor, she thought about graduation and after. Her parents were at graduation and she enjoyed a wonderful time with them, but the after-party with her sorority and some frats was epic. She did not drink a lot but she danced with anyone who asked, kissed people who did not even ask, and competed against some of her sisters to see who could get the most guys off. She practiced her signature move from her 'bad days'- rubbing her giant tits against a guy as she kissed and stroked both his cock and his ego until he popped. She laughed as she 'remembered' scoring three different guys at once with that technique.

Reality set in soon after that and she had to find a job. The market was tight, especially with her unspectacular grades, and many interviewers seemed jealous of or intimidated by her body. She asked her mom for help out of desperation. She went into the next series of interviews looking like she ran the place. She wore taller heels, a perfectly tailored power suit that revealed a long line of cleavage but still kept her breasts 'locked and loaded' right where she wanted them, and make-up designed to make her look smart and in-charge. Her secret weapons were an intoxicating perfume, a carefully cultivated wiggle as she walked, and a new resume that her mom had her HR department friends polish to perfection.

She had her choice of jobs from the next three interviews she gave. The one she selected offered the best long-term opportunities even if it did not start at quite as high of a pay level. She had diligently worked her way through various departments in the hospital's system and was now the head nurse for their women's hospital division, with an eye on the Director of Nursing's job. On the other hand, she really liked working with her patients so was perfectly happy where she was for now.

As she made it into her office, she was reminded of another perk of her job. Roger was sitting in her office, all muscular and tan, trying so hard to look debonaire and cool. He was the tech rep assigned to the hospital to take care of his company's equipment. He was also almost painfully shy around women and it had taken Samantha some time just to get him relaxed enough to talk to her. She smiled at him. "So, does the fact you are here mean you have a little 'down' time you'd like to turn to 'up' time?"

His grin

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