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Maybe she would finally try something he asked.

Oh, I guess I've made my first mistake! Since you didn't have a secretary, I must be the new one." And then, she laughed at her own booboo.

"Hello! Glad to meet you. You undoubtedly know that I have just been promoted to this office so, let's get off on the right foot. Whenever you and I are alone in the office, I'd like you to call me John and, if you don't mind, I'll call you - by the way, what is your name?"

"Betty, Mr. Mar.....er .... John. I'm Betty. I've spent the time since this morning drawing our office supplies and, in general, trying to get things laid out for you. If there is anything you want, just let me know and I can get it."

"Thanks, Betty. I'm a sort of straightforward kind of a guy so I'm sure what you've gotten will do me just fine. I think it would be a good idea if I paid a call upon my new boss and get some idea of what he wants me to do. See you later."

Upon my return, Betty greeted me in something of an excited manner.

"Mr. Er...John, you have been invited to a get-acquainted party at the house of Miss Weatherly! All of the bigwigs will probably be there.

"When is it to be?"

"This Friday night and she has had her secretary bring your costume here to the office. The big parties with all of the staff in attendance are always held on Friday nights so that the attendees have the entire weekend to recover. I understand that these parties can get rather rowdy. Sometimes, from what I hear, these parties can last the whole weekend!""

"Costume? I know she said something about a big staff party, but she didn't say anything about a costume affair. And, besides, I'm almost certain that she said it would be sometime next week. Are you certain that this thing is to be held this Friday?"

"That's what her secretary said. From time-to-time, Miss Weatherly gives little affairs for a select group of the executives and their wives. So, I guess this is what she is doing." With that, Betty shrugged her shoulders and our brief conversation was ended.

The garb that Weatherly had sent up for me to wear was just as strange as this whole affair. It consisted of a monk's half robe with a draw string around the top, sandals and a kind of headpiece. The headpiece was of the order of some of the things I had seen nuns wearing except that this was a complete cowl. When I put it on over my head, the cowl portion hid my face.

"Aha! So, this is to be a masked ball of sorts!"

For the next several days, I was busy getting in sync with my new duties. So busy, in fact, that I completely forgot Weatherly and her weird party. Then, a casual remark brought me back to the immediate future.

"Oh, John. Don't forget that Miss Weatherly's party is tonight! You are going aren't you?"

"Thanks for reminding me. I had completely forgotten about that. Yes, I intend to be there."

I didn't understand the rather happy smile that Betty gave me.

* * * * * * *

There were a number of cars lined up before the large house that Anita Weatherly was reported to own. I had no idea how many people she might have invited, but it looked like it must be quite a few. I sat there for several minutes feeling like a damn fool. Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was no need in waiting any longer so I climbed out of the car - nearly losing the lower half of my costume in the process - and strode up to the front door. It was opened by a near-naked female. I say she was nearly naked because she had discarded the bottom portion of her costume thereby exposing most of her female charms. The cowl that she was wearing concealed the major part of her head and face so I wasn't sure just who she was. She didn't speak. She just gestured for me to proceed through a wide-open doorway. There, I was greeted by the sight of quite a lot of nearly nude males and females. As I stood there gaping like a rube just out of the country, the female who had greeted me reached around my waist, undid the drawstring that held up the bottom half of my attire and let it slide to the floor. I was as naked as all the others!

A male came up to me a

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