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The adventure continues at Suzy and Bill's house.

Flirt, but don't pick up.

"How about you do my laundry while I shower?"

"Epic fail, Buster. I don't do any man's bidding. Or his domestic chores for that matter. How about if you fetch me a beer and I'll wait for you right here." Kevin went to the kitchen and poured her a Ballast Point IPA. As he handed it over, Brooke added: "And be quick, or I may be drunk and indecent when you return."

Kevin smiled as he headed to the shower. In another life, Brooke and he would have been a couple ... he was convinced of that. They just had that chemistry that you can't fake or learn - either you have it or you don't. And they definitely had it, from the first time they met. He got undressed and quickly went into the shower. His girlfriend was out of town, and he had not had sex for a while. As he felt the hot water cascading over him, he thought of Brooke sitting in his couch, her smile, her body, with the curves in all the right places. Her ass. Yes, her fantastic ass, that she loved to show to everyone clad in tight, form-fitting spandex.

Kevin looked down and he realized he was holding on to his cock, a hard-on well underway. He was above average both in length and girth, and he wondered what Brooke would think about it. In his mind he started to undress her, layer by layer, until she was standing in front of him wearing only her panties. Her perky breasts looked at him, and urged him to come over and take a nibble. But instead Brooke turned around and slowly slid the panties down, exposing the most fantastic ass he had ever seen ... round and shapely, yet tight. He realized he was stroking himself and close to climaxing. He considered finishing himself off in the shower, but decided against it. His girlfriend would be home soon, and she could take care of it for him.

He toweled off and got dressed, and went to the kitchen for a beer. When he came back to the living room he found Brooke on the floor in front of the stereo, bent over going through his collection of CDs. He just stood there and looked for a while, feeling as aroused as he had been in the shower moments before.

"Are you checking me out?" He was startled out of his reverie. Brooke was looking at him with an amused look on her face.

"What if I were? You're in my apartment, drinking my beer and stealing my CDs. Caveat emptor - buyer beware."

"And did you like what you saw?"

"Meh. I've seen better."

"Really? Then why were you touching yourself?" Kevin could feel himself blushing.

"Yea right I was." She walked up to him and put a hand on the bulge in his jeans.

"Right. I can help you take care of this." Kevin felt an intense mix of desire and shame.

"No we should not be going there."

"Why not? You want it Kevin. Tell me, are you ever thinking of me when you masturbate?" Kevin looked at her in silence, still not knowing what to do. "Perhaps even just now when you showered?" Kevin tried to break free, but she grabbed a hold of his shirt.

"Now Kevin, don't think, just listen. We're both consenting adults. You want it. I want it." For each sentence she spoke she unbuttoned one button in his shirt. Kevin just stood there, finally letting it happen.

"Take your shirt off for me. I liked your shirtless look." Kevin did as he was told.

"Good ... now your pants. I want you to undress for me." Kevin bent down to take his pants off. He felt strangely excited taking his clothes off in the middle of the living room. When he stood up, he felt a huge boner in his underwear.

"But what about the others. They will be here any minute."

"Don't worry, I promise you'll be quick.

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