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The next door neighbour is a fat cow.

.. but I was so broke that even the idea of fixing it became absurd.

The next day I went to my classes like normal, I considered getting dressed up today to go places, but the normal in the area had become one of two standards for the women because of winter. Either sweats or sluts. One of the options was beyond my wardrobe and comfort zone, so sweats was pretty much everything I dared to wear. Especially after yesterday I couldn't stand to be noticed by anyone until a few weeks went by. I couldn't tell if anyone else had seen me accidentally click the link to the slideshow or if it was just the goth. I felt myself shiver and I gripped a hand at the backpack strap on my shoulder that held the books I needed for the day. I had two classes so it wasn't a huge deal to get them over with and fade away at home. Luckily my parents were willing to put out the money for school and the dorm, and I got a cash allowance of twenty dollars a week for food. We weren't rich, but it was the best they could do to help get my feet on the ground. I stayed thin as I tried to cut back on food to scrape by anything extra to help out where I could on the school payments, but that was life. If I ever felt like I was going to pass out from starvation a small zip lock of cheerios could do wonders.

I reached down into the pouch on my sweater and pulled out a small handful of the food I could afford and began to nibble on them like a child, when a familiar voice whispered in my ear, "I bet you wish that a horse cock could cum into a bowl of cheerios just so you could gobble it down." I felt my whole body flush with fear. I turned on my heel to see the goth smiling at me. She was a few inches taller than me and it made her even more intimidating. That and she had the most knock out body of a woman I had ever seen in person and not in a magazine. Honestly why did she take pleasure in torturing me when she could get picked up by any modeling agency. I went to say something to her but felt myself at a loss of words. I choked on the mouthful of cheerios I had and coughed turning away from her and ran away ashamed of being so stupid.

I went through class completely distracted. The idea of this girl making fun of me for accidentally clicking a link to see more lewd pictures was absurd. This was college, there was no place for me to get made fun of over this. I shivered as the images flooded back into my mind. Before I knew it the lecture was over and I was uncomfortably turned on without meaning to be. I was not attracted to the idea of a horse cock on a woman. That was disgusting and filthy beyond any of my wildest dreams. I tried to be pure and maintained my virginity happily. I didn't even get tempted to go out to the bars with the students from the dorm, though that did have something to do with money. Not completely though, I knew most of those girls were sluts and would bang anything that could fill them.

I slammed a palm to my forehead that was now breaking out in a cold sweat. I couldn't get these images out of mind. First the horse cocked wonder, to the sexy goth, to the girls in the dorm riding anything, to the horse cock again. My head was swimming and I had to take a chair outside my next lecture. I had to get myself together or I would be getting bad grades this semester. I had to really rely on my notes because my electronic methods of study were now on a halt until I came into some way of earning money to fix my situation. I leaned forward and put my head between my knees taking deep breaths. I was probably just having a nervous breakdown. The pressure of everything was probably just finally going to my head. Honestly I was getting worked up over something completely stupid. I took a deep breath and let out another. The sound of people walking nearby made me not want to raise my head in case someone decided to ask me what was wrong. People should know that on campus there will be loads of people freaking out just like I was right then.

A pair of footsteps slowly made their way toward me in an empty hallwa

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