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Man gets screwed without having intercourse.

I finish by licking you clean, you grab a towel beside the bed and clean me off. We climb in bed and you hold me till I fall asleep.

I wake to you standing beside the bed saying, "We have some things to talk about, babygirl."

Your riding crop is in your hand. You start by telling me even though I turned you on with what I was doing before you came in, yes you were watching everything. I knew what I had done wrong and that I was going to be punished. You stand me in the middle of the room, place my hands behind my head, legs spread, with you standing behind me. You ask me if I know why I am being punished.

I tell you, "Yes Daddy, I know what I did." You tell me to bend over and grab my ankles and don't stand back up until you tell me to. You tell me to count as you whip me and I better not lose count or you will have to start over.

You tell me I will receive ten on each ass cheek, adding that if I cum while you are whipping me I will get five more even harder on each side. As you start, I count. When you get to six I am getting wet. By the time you get to twelve, the urge to cum gets stronger but I know if I can control the urge it will be well worth it when you are done. By the time you get to twenty, I can feel a single drop run down my leg. You massage my ass and tell me I was a good girl and to go lay on my back on the bed. As I do, you walk over to the bed, lift my legs and tell me to hold them. You start licking, sucking and biting on my clit.

The urge to cum is to strong, I beg, "Please Daddy, can I cum? I have to cum Daddy, please, I can't stop!" But you tell me you want me to wait for you to cum.

Turning me over on my stomach, You tell me to get on my knees, head down and ass in the air. You finger my pussy and asshole, then rub your cock up and down between the wet folds. I am ready to explode by now, then, all of a sudden, you slam your cock deep into my ass. It almost sends me over the edge, ready to black-out, but I hold on. Keeping it inside, waiting for your permission to cum.

"Oh God Daddy, it feels so good when you fuck my ass! Fuck me HARD Daddy!!" Oh GOD, PLEASE, Daddy I NEED TO CUM!!

You tell me to turn around and take Your cock deep in my throat, when you are ready to cum, You tell me, "Cum for me babygirl, while you gag on my cock. Cum hard."

Feeling your cum hit the back of my throat, drives me over the edge. I am cumming, gushing more like it, as we finish I am left breathless. I lick you clean, making sure there is nothing left on you. You help me up, kiss my forehead, hug me, release my arms and tell me to go take a shower. When I am done, we sit on the couch, you hold me as we watch TV until it's time to go to bed.

The next morning I let you sleep as I go about my chores. You are awake in bed when I come back from walking to the store. I'm cold and you look so warm there under the covers. You lay back and watch me. I let my coat fall to the bedroom floor, then take my boots off, dropping them by the bed. I slowly undress, starting by unfastening my jeans, grab the belt loops and slowly wiggling out of them, turning so my ass is facing you as I step out of them.

As I stand up, I run my fingers down the crack of my ass and into the slit of my pussy, sliding two fingers inside. I turn to you, licking my fingers, slowly I remove my top and bra. I start rubbing and squeezing my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples, fingers moving to my clit just until I am ready to cum. Climbing on the bed I start kissing your neck, then across your chest with a quick little bite on each nipple. I kiss down your stomach, teasing with my tongue. I slowly kiss and lick your dick. When I get to the head, I watch your reaction as I take you deep in my throat.

As if I had flipped a switch, You grab my pigtails and fuck my throat deep and hard.

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