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Legless blow-job and sexing.

Ida and her looked like they had just shot a lingerie pictorial

"Sorry, Alex, you're right I shouldn't tease anybody but you," mom said as she came up to me and gave me a tight hug and an un-motherly kiss.

Ida sighed and said " Well if you two are going to be getting affectionate already I'm going somewhere else," then left us to ourselves.

"Now mom if you ever want to have grandchildren you have to stop being so mean to Ida," I said.

"I'll stop being mean, but I'm not sure I'm even ready to stop being a mom let alone becoming a grandmother. I'm only fifteen years older than you, I still might have another baby," mom said.

Mom made a good point. She's only thirty-seven so she could easily have another child. "Are you and dad trying to have another baby?" I asked.

"Not with him," mom giggled as she gave me another hot kiss. Mom had me really turned on and when she finally touched my cock she found it rock hard. "Does that turn you on baby, the thought of making your own mom pregnant?"

She knew it was a fantasy of mine so I just kept on kissing her as well as caressing her wonderful body. I massaged her breast with my left while I cupped her pussy with my right.

"At least go to our bedroom so the neighbors don't find out I married a motherfucker," Ida said as she came back into the living room after she had put on a robe.

After we broke our kiss mom said, "No, I have a better idea." Mom said then dropped to her knees and pulled my sleep pants down enough to expose my cock to her and Ida. "No wonder I can't resist , what a cock I made, all nine inches of it."

Ida didn't say much as my mom began to suck on my cock. She just stood there dumbfounded. I didn't really like the situation but I always enjoy how my mom sucks me so I just stood there with my fingers entwined in mom's hair watching her blow me and occasionally looking at Ida who was still standing there watching her husband receive a blow job from his mother.

Mom stopped blowing me and looked to Ida then said, "I have some more bad news for you Ida, Alex's dad just left this morning on a business trip that will keep him out of town for two months so your not getting my baby's cock for a long time." With that said Ida turned and left the room.

"I thought she'd never leave," mom said

"Mom I thought I asked you to stop being mean," I said.

"Sorry, Alex, I'll try not to let it happen again while I'm here," mom said. Then we went to the bedroom and as I turned around after closing the door I saw mom slide her panties off and as I approached her she sat down on the bed. "I'm ready honey come here and show mommy how much you love her."

I pushed mom down onto her back then put my cock at the entrance of her beautiful pussy. Mom pushed herself up onto her elbows so she could watch my cock enter her. Mom was so wet but it still took quite a few strokes to finally work my cock in to the base.

"This feels so good," I said when I started a slow fucking rhythm.

"Oh, baby's got such a big cock for mommy's puss, now really give it to mommy cause she wants to come bad," mom said as she gyrated beneath me.

"Mom this is going to be great to have you all to myself for a couple of months," I said as I began to increase the pace of our fuck.

"That's it baby fuck me with that huge cock of yours," mom said as I really began slamming in and out of her grasping cunt. "Oh you're making me come all over your cock baby , mommy's coming all over her baby's cock, all over his big motherfucking cock."

Mom's pussy really clamped down on me at this point and I said, "Here I come mom, here comes your son's incest seed to fill up your son loving cunt," I yelled as I started to spray her womb with my semen and then I lay down completely on top of her and returned to French kissing her as we calmed down after our orgasms.

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