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Colin's completes his evolution.

Your free hand leaves my shoulder, where I'd been drawn into a wonderful hug, and unbeknownst to me, moves beneath the quilt. As I slide your singlet strap over your shoulder, freeing your other boob, I feel your hand on my dick, hard, pulsating and sticky on your thigh. You grip it through the fabric of my boxers and we instinctively both thrust our hips together at the same time, just once. Under your breath, you mutter, "Bloody hell, I was right. You are big!". You give a few experimental strokes, then unbutton the shorts while I start to focus on your left nipple, taking it between my teeth and pulling on it gently, tugging it into hardness.

I moan into you as your fingers run down the side of my shaft and your palm rubs over the swollen, sticky head. You're an expert tease though and are in no mood to let me have what I want straight away. With a soft giggle, you move your hand further down past my balls and stroke my inner thigh, my dick rubbing on your forearm as you tickle my leg. I try to regain the initiative by running my tongue between your boobs, up your chest, until I am face to face with you once more. We look into each other's eyes for a moment, then we are kissing hungrily, devouring each other, biting, licking, sucking, always kissing. You nip my lip between your teeth momentarily, driving me wild. Our tongues dart and flick, almost with minds of their own. Your arm wraps around my shoulder, your hand on the back of my neck, holding me to you as we kiss.

I break away and take the bottom of your top and try to lift it over your head. Lying down, with your hand down exploring the smoothness between my legs though, this proves to be more difficult than I anticipated and after a moment of trying, I bunch the fabric in my hands and tear it in two. Your eyes widen and your smile gets even bigger with the shock.

I grin back, not saying a word, just savouring the sight of you lying beneath me, top torn, hair askew and your belly and boobs entirely on display. You've never ever looked more beautiful or more exciting.

Lifting myself up over you has left me a little vulnerable, a fact that you recognise immediately, grabbing my smoothly shaven balls and squeezing gently. "Something wrong?" you ask innocently, as I gasp in surprise.

"No, nothing wrong. You just be careful though Miss, two can play that game," I smile back at you, leaning down to nuzzle your hips.

"Oh yeah?" you retort as your hand slides up, your finger and thumb rubbing on my swollen purple head, exploring beneath the stretched foreskin. I moan out loud and hang my head, struggling to remain kneeling with the intensity of the feeling you're creating. Your other hand scratches down my back, making me shiver and moan once more, your first hand still working my cock expertly, leaving me like jelly in your hands.

"Who's the best friend ever?" you ask, one eyebrow raised.

"Ohhhh, that has to be you," I groan.

"Who do you love to pieces?" you whisper.

I look up into your eyes. "It's been you since the day we met."

You smile shyly, oblivious to your near total nudity. "That's the right answer." You kiss me lightly. "Now, lie down. There's things that need to be done here."

With uncharacteristic determination, you place a hand on my chest and push me off you, rolling over so you were pushing me onto the bed. You throw your leg over my hips and sit astride me. You shrug off the remains of your singlet, leaving yourself straddling me clad only in your Wonder Woman undies. Knowing the view you're giving me and how much I've dreamed about seeing you like this, you arch your back, throw your arms back and stretch languidly, your hair falling back and your beautiful chest thrusting toward me. I place my hands on your thighs and run them up toward your wonderful belly, but you take them in yours and firmly place them out on either side of my head. "Now, you leave them there until I say, ok?"

Humming to yourself, you kneel up and slide your un

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