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A walk inside the city quickly turns to a night of enjoyment.

Beth found a soft flannel shirt in his closet. It hit her about mid thigh. She chuckled as she looked at herself in the mirror. It was one of 'those' shirts. She shook her chest slightly and watched her large breasts move under the soft fabric. Not to obvious, but obvious enough. She wouldn't admit it to herself, but subconsciously, she was declaring war. Like it or not, she was crazy about the guy. But there were so many things that didn't work. The obvious one...he was ten years older than her father. He lived in another reality, where the rich and famous improved their reputations by being his friend. But the real white elephant in the room hadn't been faced at all. Sooner or later he would want to know the whole story.

She searched the top of his dresser for a brush. She found it and started to brush her hair. She noticed a picture tucked in the edge of his mirror. Her heart stopped beating and a knot began to form in her stomach. My god. It was the same woman, the same smile, the same eyes...but not alone. Behind her stood Lucas as a young man, the spitting image of the man seated next to HER. Fuck, everyone else on the planet would have made the same mistake she had. Beth's hand was still trembling as she started to brush her hair once again. She'd suddenly realized that this war wasn't over by any stretch of the imagination.


When Beth came out of the bedroom, she discovered Lucas had already showered and changed into some sweats he obviously kept around his hideaway. It was early spring and the weather had suddenly change as it often did. It had gotten chilly, and rather than turn on the heat, he'd started a nice fire which cast a warm glow over the entire room.. There were two, full glasses of wine sitting on the coffee table. She smiled, remembering the last time she'd seen him drink too much. Lucas was crouched down in front of the fire, stoking it carefully as the flames grew higher and hotter. She walked over and stood beside him, moving closer and closer until his elbow grazed her leg. He stopped and turned his head, his eyes beginning their surveillance at her feet before slowly working their way up to her smiling face. She watched his Adams apple move and his neck tighten slightly.

"Emmmmmmmmmmm, that shirt looks a whole lot better on you than it does on me," he quipped as his eyes dropped to her chest for another look. He damned near sighed as he watched her mountainous breasts sway freely under what suddenly became his favorite shirt.

"Why thank you, Sir. I'm sorry I couldn't find the cheerleader's outfit." She laughed softly and turned to pick up the glasses of wine, handing him one after he stood and placed the iron on the stand. "it's too bad we don't have something to toast."

"We do. To my very first guest in the old homestead." She looked at him quizzically.

"I was born here. Had some happy times in this very room...until we lost everything. My dad got sick. He never got over losing it." He shrugged his shoulders. "I had to buy it back. No one else knows...a man's gotta have a couple of secretes. Right?" He laughed and shook his head. "To you." They clinked their glasses and took a healthy sip. They stood their for a moment, watching each others eyes as if waiting for someone to speak. She finally tilted her head slightly and gave him a suspicious look.

"Am I really your first guest?" she asked, her question laden with disbelief. God, he was incredibly handsome and charming. She suspected there had been a line of eager women waiting at his door...perhaps even his own knowing a third secret about him led to some wicked thoughts. "I mean, how do you possibly hide something like this...and let's not mention your little toy in the barn?"

"Well you are, honest to god.

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