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An Ex-Lover comes back into her life.

'I hope you don't mind us dropping in unannounced like this.' Rhonda said. 'But we were out here near your house and we haven't seen you in a while and we just thought we'd see if you were home. I hope we haven't interrupted anything.'

'Why Rhonda! You know you're always welcome here.' Trish answered. 'We just finished supper and a little playtime and we're enjoying a snack. Would you like some berries?'

Joe looked at me and Ralph and then at all of the women. 'And just who, I mean what, have you guys been snacking on?' he asked jokingly.

Teri turned around from the sink and held up her new toy. 'Carol brought me this and everyone had to watch me use it for the first time!' She said proudly. 'Lucinda just told me that she's always wanted to try one of these on a man, but I'm not sure if I want my penis to be in any man's butt.'

We all broke out laughing at the irony and innocence of Teri's statement. I flashed for a moment at just how it might feel to have Lucinda ramming one of those babies up my ass. The thought made my limp cock start to rise again.

'So Teri do you think you could use that thing on me sometime?' Rhonda inquired.

'Sure!' she answered right back. 'Wanna do it now?'

Her eagerness was overwhelming.

'Well maybe not this minute,' Rhonda responded, 'but would it be OK if we got undressed? It feels weird being the only people with clothes on.'

Again we all laughed as Joe and Rhonda began to strip off their clothes. Tammi went with Tracy back to her room, presumably to undress and share some girl talk. Ralph's eyes were glued to Rhonda as she stripped in front of him. The opportunity to watch yet another pretty female disrobe is always such a thrill.

Rhonda rubbed the patch of pubic hair that was growing back over her pussy and looked at Trish. 'I need to make an appointment for a fresh trim. Can you squeeze me in this week?' she asked.

'Call me tomorrow when I have my book and we'll set a time.' Trish told her. 'I can always find a time for you.' She winked at her affectionately.

Tracy and Tammi returned, undressed and giggling with teen age glee and mischief.

'Rob?' Tracy began, 'Would you ever want to have Lucinda fuck you in the ass with a strap on?'

The bluntness of her question threw me for a moment. Then I recalled the stirrings in my groin at the thought of the act.

'I might.' I answered cautiously. I glanced at Ralph and Joe. They looked a bit uncomfortable.

Lucinda picked up on the idea. 'Mr Rob? How about if I fuck you in the ass while you fuck my sister the same way? You know she likes it the same way I do.'

Now the proposal was getting more appealing. I looked around and saw smiles creeping across everyone's faces.

'Now wait a minute.' I held up my hands, 'I need to know what Trish thinks about this.' I was hoping she might put a stop to it.

Instead she closed the deal by asking, 'Who wants to watch?'

Everyone raised their hands! Now it was for sure. I was committed to putting on a show for the entire crowd. It was going to be me in a sandwich between Melinda, face down on the bottom, and Lucinda driving a plastic cock into my ass.

I took a long drink and emptied my bottle of water. 'I have to go pee first.' I told them all. I put the bottle down and headed for my bedroom. As I was standing over the toilet, draining myself, Trish came up behind me.

'Are you going to be OK?' she asked. 'I know you enjoy anal stimulation, but is it OK that I put you on the spot with all of these people?' She put her hand on my cock and helped me shake the last few drops into the water. My cock began to grow again at her touch.

'I might need your magic touch to get me hard enough for Melinda's ass.' I told her.

'Oh don't you worry.' She replied. 'I have an idea how everyone can have a hand in that!' She smiled an evil grin and then kissed me.

'I love you Trish.' I told her.

'I love you, Rob, more than anything in the whole world. Let's go play!'

When we walked back out towards the living room, people were sitting down and chatting.

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