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Scully catches Mulder watching porn.

ls nice, doesn't it?"

"Oh, hell, yeah..."

He rocked slightly; I moved in response to him, my heart pumping. We looked at each other, laughing silently. "Oh, fuck, Mark! I can't believe we're finally doing this!"

We continued to move in this way for a while, just enjoying this most intimate contact. Waves of pleasure engulfed me as I felt my sphincter warm and stretch, and I groaned, rapidly losing control. "Fuck, if you knew how... OH!"

Suddenly the head of his magnificent member was in me, and we stared at each other. "Oh, Mark, babe... Do that again! Take it out..."

He withdrew briefly, and I felt the pressure again, my anus yielding more readily this time. "AHHHH! Oh FUCK!"

I frowned, and he thought he'd hurt me. "You OK, Stormie?" The concern in his eyes was touching.

"Oh, God, baby... Do it again. Keep doing it!"

He repeated. I felt like I was going to faint as he did it again and again. I had my hand on his shaft, just in case. My own was streaming precum all over my belly. I could sense he wanted to go deeper but, fuck, he was so big, and I was new to this. He was so gentle, but I could see in his eyes he was holding himself back. Thank God.

I encouraged him with a wanton look, eyes narrowed and mouth open. "Go a little deeper, Mark... It's OK. I want just a bit more length..."

He penetrated me again, going an inch further this time. I felt incredibly full already and wondered how far we could take it, this first time. I could wank him off now, giving him the most satisfying orgasm of his life. As I stroked him, though, I felt him push an inch deeper.


I fucked her up the ass, fucked my little slut Stormie Lee right up the ass. I sweated and trembled as I fought for my last bit of control. She was wet and warm now, and I was a rod of iron.
"Oh ya, it's going in," I growled in my head. "Just say the word Stormie, fucking say the word!"

"Oh, Mark," she said in her throaty, happy voice. "We're really gonna do this."

Okay, I figured that for a green light. I started to rock harder against her, and I felt her give a little bit. I needed to fuck her. I knew that once I got inside her, she would be my little fuck puppet. I knew that when I got my big black cock up her tight little white ass she'd be mine forever. I would possess her.


"Oh. Oh God, just... just go easy baby." I was holding onto him, not taking any chances. I knew when we were a bit more experienced I'd let him go as deep as he wants, but just then... I knew he was struggling to restrain himself.

I smiled at him and we kissed. "You OK, big guy?"

"Just fine, sweetie. Don't think I can hold off much longer though!"

"That's OK, I don't need you to! You can go a little deeper..."

He withdrew and penetrated again, my eyes closing with a sigh of pleasure. My hand was still on him and I could tell he was about halfway into me. Fuck, I thought, that's about a normal sized cock, but twice as thick. I gasped with a nervous grin. "That's about far enough, for now..."

"Ok..." I started to move my hips and he responded, not completely withdrawing this time, instead he started to fuck me.


I pulled almost all of the way out, and then shoved again. She gave a little easier the second time, but clamped down just as tightly as before. With an animal growl, I yanked it out.

"Ahhh fuck, Mark! Ahh fuck, fuck!" she screamed.

It was like a slap in the face. "Oh shit, sorry! Sorry! Fuck Stormie, you okay?" Fuck, of course, I hurt her. I was a beast.

But she wasn't complaining, and she didn't try to get away. She nodded emphatically, and locked her pretty eyes on mine.

"Fuck, Mark, fuck ya. Oh, don't stop. Don't stop baby, Do it again! Do that again, just like that!"

She wanted it man, she wanted it bad. She wanted me.


"Oh, baby... Oh, oh... OH!" He went deeper again.

I felt my whole body stretch, organs moving to accommodate him, full to bursting but there's no pain or even discomfort. Oh God, I though, this is how good it feels for a woman to be fucked. Why aren't they all completely slutty?

He was getting

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