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We accidentally meet and good things happen.

Ken is about 5'11 tall and was lean and fit looking and was pretty into keeping fit and jogged a lot.

After awhile we went to dinner and the great evening continued with us all having just enough to drink making the evening funny but nobody being drunk or trashed.

After dinner we went to Joe's flat, we sat down and had another drink and started to talk about what to do next, Joe suggested we put on a gay porno movie and see where it led us, we all laughed but agreed. The movie started with two guys wanking each other off, Ken suddenly stood up and dropped his pants and under pants and I got a look at his cock for the first time, it was about 7 inched like mine cut but very thick, after looking at it I got really turned on, Joe and I lost our pants very quickly as well.

What happened next seems like a blur, we sat on the couch wanking and watching the movie, suddenly I felt a hand touching my cock, it was Ken, I grabbed his cock and we started to jack each other off, the excitement was unbelievable our cocks were at full mast and Joe watching us had his cock standing to attention while he wanked himself off, after a while I reached over with my right hand and started to wank him as well.

With the excitement in the room rising and it being hot we soon were all sitting there stark naked jacking each other off, after a while Ken got off the couch and got on the floor in front of me I moved myself onto the edge of the couch and Ken leant forward and put my cock in his mouth and started to give me what I can describe as an incredible deep throating blow job, he also pushed my legs back and pushed a finger in my now exposed anus.

Joe got up and half stood on the couch in front of me and pushed his large mushroom head cock towards my mouth.

There I was getting the ultimate done to me, Ken moved his mouth from my cock to my anus and was taking turns to blow my cock and rimm my anus and fingering my anus while wanking me off when he was rimming me.

I was giving Joe a deep blow job which I know he loves I knew he was close as I felt his cock expanding in my mouth and his groans increased, when Ken heard this he doubled his efforts on my cock and was pumping his fingers in and out of my anus, Joe suddenly blew his load down my throat and started to fuck my mouth, I also suddenly blew my load and Ken just kept at it sucking my cock and swallowing all my cum, Joe collapsed next to me spent and covered in sweat, I just lay there while Ken put my testicles in his mouth and kept me moaning.

After some time Ken leant forward and started to suck my cock which got hard pretty quickly, we ended up on the floor in the sixty nine position with me on top, I was determined to give Ken the pleasure that he had given me.

I got his legs under my armpits which also gave me access to his anus with my tongue and I started to rimm his anus while also taking turns to suck his cock.

I felt something cold touch my anus and looked behind me and saw Joe leaning forward with a tube of KY in his hand and he was using it to lube my anus, he had a red ribbed condom already on his cock and it looked to also have lots of KY on it, I enjoy being fucked with a ribbed condom as it adds to the pleasure.

Joe got behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack teasing me all this time Ken was sucking my cock, I suddenly felt Joe's cock head pushing against my anal entrance meeting resistance then after a few seconds his cock entered me and slid all eight inches right to the hilt. (As I have mentioned in a previous story Joe's cock is big about eight inches and he has a huge mushroom head on his cock which totally fills me and it has taken a while to get used to it)

Joe started to deep fuck me at a steady rhythm the pleasure I was getting was unbelievable with my ass being pumped and my cock being sucked and me having my tongue working on Kens anus and cock what could be better.

I felt Kens cock start to expand more and by the moans I could tell he was close, I pushed a finger into his anus and started to fin

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