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I had no idea this girl was up for everything I suggested.

Jina teased as her finger made it's way inside the other woman and then pulled back out just as quickly "Not hungry anymore?"

"I'm hungry for your mouth on my pussy." Arden pulled away from Jina and lay on the fireplace rug, her robe was cast aside, her legs spread open wide. "Eat me!"

The desperation in her voice sent a shock wave through Jina and she dove to the floor between her legs not even flinching a she knocked her knee, hard against the wooden floor. The scent of her lover's desire was intoxicating and she lowered her head to lick the glistening pussy in front of her.

"Yes Baby, that's it....ooh...God!" Arden began to writhe beneath Jina's attentions. She felt herself slipping into a state of uncontrolled ecstasy, her hips rising to meet the well placed lashings of a warm, wet tongue violating every inch of her aching pussy. Feeling strong arms wrap around legs, pulling her into a hungry mouth made her wild. Arden had been pinching and twisting her nipples mercilessly increasing the pleasure rising in her until she felt a tongue entering her dripping entrance. Her head flew back as she moaned loudly, her fingers twisted in Jina's black hair, wrapping tendrils of her hair between her fingers for a better grip as she pulled Jina's face further into her pussy.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that fabulous tongue of yours." Arden raised her self up on her heels, her hips grinding into Jina's face. "I need you so badly."

The orgasm trapped inside her broke free with a fury as she shouted words she couldn't comprehend. Her body shook as the explosions overcame her in waves of near painful bliss.

Jina lay between the trembling legs of her lover, her head resting on her stomach as she reached to hold Arden's hand. It had been too long for both of them, she understood that now and promised herself she would never deny Arden anything again. Her heart felt as though it would explode with love when she heard her lover's breathing become steady and realized she had fallen asleep.

She untangled Arden's fingers from her hair and rose to get a blanket. Looking down on her lover lying there so content, spent from a simple act of love, made Jina smile to herself. She moved next to the sleeping woman on the floor, covering them both with the blanket and curling up next to her. Feeling warm and safe, she drifted off to the sounds of her lover's breathing and the crackle of the logs burning in the fireplace.

The snow fell softly, drifting aimlessly to the ground. Jina ran to the open field, the zweep, zweep, zweep, of her nylon snow pants was the only sound other than her giggles of joy. Turning around she landed backwards on the ground, her arms and legs sweeping against the untouched snow. Carefully lifting herself up off the ground she stood back to admire her creation. A perfect snow angel lay before her, ready to fly back up to the heavens. She laughed out loud as she stood looking out over the quiet field. Her voice seemed muffled beneath her earmuffs and woolen hat. Lifting her arms up to the sky, she opened her mouth to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Waiting for the cold flakes to stick to her long lashes, she was surprised instead to feel a warm wetness touching her skin. It spread across her face and on her lips making her skin tingle.

Jina opened her eyes to find Arden peppering her face lightly with kisses. She smiled up at her, realizing she had been dreaming of a time long ago when she was a girl back East.

"Hey lover. I didn't think you were ever going to wake up." Arden leaned in and kissed Jina's cheek. "You looked so cute I almost let you sleep longer."

"Well I'm glad you didn't, I don't want to waste any time not being able to look at you."

Jina pulled her in closer and kissed her deeply.

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