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A young man's quest for love.

I was taken aback and said," okay, I will show them tomorrow" to which she said," please if you permit me then I want to see them while they are still on you.

Actually, I also want to buy such undergarments but am not sure how they will look on me. It is such an intimate thing that one can't go and try it out in the shop and the models which wear them on the packs are so good looking that everything fits them. In actual, garments never look the same when we wear them in real".

I admit what she was saying was true and is a problem with many of us because we do not shop for under garments the way we shop for normal cloths. We can spend hours in a shop trying to buy a saree, which we may wear once in a month, but we are mostly in a hurry to come out of the shop when we have to buy under garments.

It is the way we women in india are brought up, anything related to our private parts is a sin till we get married and then overnight, we are supposed to know all and fulfil all the desires of our husbands from the wedding night onwards. However, I was still lost in all these thoughts when Nitu requested me again by holding my hands," plz Nalini, can you permit me seeing your under garments"

I was still dazed and didn't know what to say but still shook my head in positive. With this Nitu pulled my hand towards her door and happily said," plz show me and then I will make tea for both of us" once we were in her house she pushed the door closed and turned to face me and said," SHOW". I found this offending and intrusion in my privacy but I had already agreed upon on doing it and can't turn back.

The closing of the door had added to the creepiness of the situation. I was still looking blank when Nitu caught the bottom of my kurta and said again," show naa, its just a normal thing which we gals have to share from time to time so that we don't have to ask the outsiders". I decided what the hack,

it's not going to change my sexual preferences if I show my bra to a friend and at least my intensions are not pervasive in any manner. I slowly took charge from where her hands have already lifted my kurta and lifted just one side of the kurta. She took a step back and started looking without saying anything.

I was expecting some reaction from her when she said," How will I see its fitting if you don't give me a full frontal view". I saw traces of double meaning in her words but her face gave away nothing. I then lifted kurta from the front and gave her a full view but the kurta, being loose, was adding to my clumsiness.

"nice, its really good fitting and the way its resting nicely on the sides is beautiful as its not digging into your ... " Nitu said " I mean its not leaving any marks on your beautiful body" and then her hands reached for my cups of my bra feeling the material of it. I was however feeling the heat emanating from her palms.

She inserted two fingers each in my cups and pulled it outwards saying'" bahut achcha material hai yaar, ekdum top quality" and before I say anything, she said," TURN". This was another shock to me and I said," what?". Nitu said," arre baba, how will I see the fitting at the back if you don't turn around" I was too exausted even to react and simply turned.

I had started feeling butterflies in my stomach the way I have never experienced before with anyone in private, not even with my husband. I am sure I was not getting charged but this whole situation was suddenly making me feel hungry as if I had nothing my stomach and butterflies were free to fly from bottom of my boobs to top of my pussy.

I felt cold air from the fan hitting my lower back when suddenly Nitu lifted my kurta from back to see the 'fitting' of my bra. I felt like a trapped animal that gets used to foreign hands trying to touch them while they can do nothing about it. Suddenly, Nitu pulled the kurta above my head and said," arre this bloody kurta is not letting me have a clear view.

Just remove this damn thing for a minute naa".

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