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Singaporean Malay aunty Sutinah gets it fully.

Redhead was on her haunches, staring at Frank like a dumb dog. Frank looked at both of them carefully. Dolly had followed his orders well and had cleaned up Redhead, tied her hair into two pretty pigtails with pink ribbons, put make up on her face and dressed her in her own pair of pink lace panties.

But what surprised Frank was how Dolly had prepared her own self. She had put an obscene amount of make up on her own face, her lips overloaded with red lipstick. She had done up her own hair into pigtails with red ribbons. She looked stupid, Frank thought. He broke into laughter.

"Dolly," he said," don't be so desperate! All this makes you look dumber than before. And what makes you think showing your ugly pussy like that is going to lure me in? You're a little piece of shit and you can't change that. Now, get on all fours!"

Dolly quickly did as she was told, her smile disappearing.

"Now get your feeding dish."

Dolly pulled out her dog dish and a can of whore food from under the sink with her teeth, since she had to be in bitch form at this point. Frank took the can of food, emptied it into the dish and pushed it towards Dolly with his foot.

This was common custom all over the world. All sluts, whether they were house-whores, petgirls or slaves, had to assume a bitch position at feeding time as their masters filled their feeding dish. This was to remind the sluts of their positions as animals who were fed by their masters. If the master owned any actual animal pets, the slut was always fed along with the other animals. Thus, if a slut started to feel a sense of self-importance at any point of time, she was immediately reminded of her position as a fuckpet.

This was the same reason why food for sluts was especially manufactured and packed in cans. The whore food was a mucky brown semi-solid, made of a combination of all kinds of nutritious foods but devoid of any kind of taste. This ensured that the whores got proper nutrition and were deprived of the luxury of human food at the same time. But if a master was especially pleased, he could just as well offer the pet some food from his plate.

Frank was in that special happy mood, today.

"Eat that," he said to Dolly, pointing at the dish.

He sat down at the table as Dolly hungrily dug into the food. Frank looked at the food on his table. There was bacon, sausages, eggs and asparagus. Dolly had really gone out of her way to please him! Perhaps bringing Redhead in had been a better decision than he had thought.

He whistled at Redhead who leaped to his side immediately, looking up expectantly.


Redhead opened her mouth wide.

Frank started eating but left a little bit of everything he ate. He took those leftover bits and dropped them into Redhead's mouth each time. Redhead chewed every bit she was given, quietly. Dolly secretly stared at what was happening. She hated Redhead for the special treatment she was getting.

But to Frank, it wasn't special treatment. He just didn't want to spoil Redhead's makeup yet, so he decided not to have her dig her face into the muck. Besides, it was nice to see her mouth open, always ready to swallow.

Once he was done, he let Redhead lick the plate clean as he leashed her. Once she was done, he yanked at the leash and pulled Redhead to the door. He turned one last time to Dolly, who was looking at him solemnly, her face covered in muck.

"Remember my instructions!"

"Yes, master."

Frank stepped out into the pleasant sun and looked around. The green fields were calling out to him and the long road into town suddenly looked like an exciting adventure. But first, there were more important things to do.

Frank turned to find Alfred spying on him from his porch. Frank smiled. This was the perfect moment to rub it in his face. He walked Redhead all the way to Alfred's open gate. Alfred's golden retriever got up from the porch and started barking.

"Shut up, Muffy!" Alfred cried.

"Morning, Alfie," Frank waved at him," thought I'd come and show you my new bitch."

"I know," Alfie said

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