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The Arrival of the Strangers.

"Okay, Maxie. This is what I came here for, so let's do it." Holding his erection in one hand and keeping her pussy lips open with the other, she walked on her knees until she raised her body above his cock.

After rubbing the tip against the wetness of her pussy, Brandy lowered herself to let the head wedge into her. "Ah, Maxie. That feels great. Whatever else I might think about you, you've got a really nice cock. You ought to be able to get plenty of pussy without throwing your weight around."

She lowered her body slightly again and felt his cock plunging more deeply into her pussy. Pleasure rippled out from where her tight opening was being stretched and from where Strong's thick cock was crowding into her love channel. Brandy rose up again, paused and once more took in more of the hard cylinder that was jutting upward for her, feeling even more bliss flooding her body. She continued enveloping more and more of Strong's cock until the entire shaft was imbedded in her pussy, sending wave after wave of intense joy radiating out from where it had crammed her so full.

He looked up at Brandy, but not with admiration or even lust. Although his cock was buried in one of the places he had intended to put it when he ordered her to come to his house, he was not happy about having it there. Strong considered the position they were in, with the woman on top and in charge, to be completely unnatural, even perverse. Most men would have been avid for the chance to eat Brandy's pussy and would have relished its aroma, but he hated the thought of what he had been forced to endure, and found the smell of her juices that remained on his face to be a foul odor. Worst of all, her weight was pressing him against the sheets, and pain was throbbing from the contact with the welts from where she had whipped him. What he dreaded the most was that when she started moving up and down on top of him, that pain would be intense.

He was right; it was, but to Brandy, it was extremely pleasurable. Slowly, she raised her body, withdrawing her pussy from the cock that was stuffing her so well, until just the head remained inside. Equally slowly, she lowered her body, impaling herself again on the thick shaft, letting it drive into her pussy, spreading open her love channel and stretching the opening again. She stopped when his pubic hair was tickling her shaven pussy, and smiled when she saw the painful grimace on Strong's face.

"Ah, that felt really good, Maxie. What's the matter? Didn't you like it? I thought you liked fucking my pussy." From the look on his face, not only pain, but also humiliation and disgust, Brandy could tell he didn't, but she continued anyhow.
The next long stroke of her pussy was a duplicate of the first, for both Brandy and the man who lay under her. The third and fourth and fifth and the many more that followed were identical also, except for the juices that gushed into her love channel almost continuously. They made her movements easy, even though her pussy was being filled better than it had ever been filled before. The excess ran down her legs and onto the man's groin and belly, the smell of it evoking more feelings of combined pain and disgust.

The big cock cramming into her pussy and the knowledge that her asshole boss was in distress combined to provide extreme joy to Brandy. She continued fucking him for a long time, her juices like a waterfall, and her passion rising. Although she was leaning forward, taking Maxie's cock straight in and out of her pussy with minimal contact with her clit, she could feel her climax approaching. Brandy leaned back so it massaged her there with every stroke, both in and out, and increased her speed.

"Hey, Maxie, you're fucking me pretty well. You're going to make me cum. Did you know you made me cum when I was in your office?"

Strong hadn't known.

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