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Adam goes to a party and discovers a secret.

Of course, by then I didn't have anything on either.

THEN, we made it to the bed. There was a lot more kissing, and then oral sex seemed to be the order of the day. We got into a sixty-nine position and I got to savor Jane's tantalizing flavor of womanhood. Delicious. Meanwhile, she'd created an erection in my midsection that rivaled the Eiffel Tower.

Jane pronounced, "Time to fuck." She spun around, assumed the woman-on-top position, grabbed ahold of my cock, and slowly sank her dripping pussy down my shaft. The moan she emitted suggested that this was an activity she'd been contemplating for some time.

"Feel good?"

"God, since you walked into my office this morning I've wanted to do this with you. I damn near cancelled the afternoon meetings so I could rape you in my office." She paused and added, "I don't know what you've got, but ... well, I've never done anything like this before. I've never felt like I wanted to do this so suddenly with anyone else."

"You're hot."

"So are you. Now, shut up, kiss me, and fuck my brains out." I proceeded to do just that, feeling particularly empowered since I had exactly those instructions from my three girls back in Cambridge.

I went into my 'Automatic Tantric Sex' mode, where I knew I should extend this lovemaking session for as long as I could, or at least until Jane begged me to stop. I did just that. I got her to change positions several times, taking advantage of each position to excite the particular erogenous zones made available. I teased, tortured, and intrigued Jane the longer we were together, especially when she started to enjoy a string of orgasms resulting from my cock, fingers, and tongue depending on the mode we were in.

After half an hour, Jane made a comment about my staying power. At forty-five minutes I think she was awed. As the hour mark passed, she pleaded with me to finish her off so we could snuggle together. I followed her instructions, but only after I was sure that the orgasm she'd have with me would be truly exceptional. Based on how her body reacted beneath me at the time, I felt that I'd achieved that goal, and so I filled her pussy with my cum just as she crested in her highest peak. She pulled me into her arms, and I rolled us to our sides while we were still connected. I didn't want to crush my new friend ... and client.
Jane was panting as though she just finished a record-setting sprint. "God ... where'd you ... learn ... to fuck ... like that? You're ... sensational."

I said, "A while back I took a Tantric sex class."

"You're not married are you?"

"No, I just have some serious girlfriends."

"More than one? They must love you."

"They do!"

After a silence, Jane said, "There's more to that story, isn't there, something about there being multiple girlfriends?"

"It's a little bit personal."

"Spill it."

"We live together."

"So what, lots of people do that today."

"I live with my three girlfriends."

"Three!" Jane gasped. "Now I realize what I was sensing. Wow!" She paused and asked, "Do you have an ... how can I say this, 'an open agreement'?"

"Sort of. I called them on the way here. I didn't want to violate any trust between us. I hope you understand. This was all on me and how I was feeling about ..."

Jane interrupted, "You are a gem." She kissed me. "We are going to have a lot of fun together, and someday I hope to meet your partners."

I added in an undertone, "They're sisters."

"Sisters!" Jane exclaimed in awe. "What'd you do to create that arrangement?"

I explained about independently dating Fran and Sheila, the shock at a dinner one day, and then our moving past that and getting together until Ally, the youngest sister, decided she wanted to be part of our relationship.

Jane laughed at the points in my story I'd now made humorous. She asked, "Are they ... bisexual ... or you know, do they play together?"

"Sometimes, we're very open and very sexual with each other.

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