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Amanda's past indiscretions return to haunt her.

She struggled, whispering, "Behave Peter. Someone will get in."

"Don't care if they do, but I sure won't be kissing them."

Giggling she held him off until they arrived at their floor.

Peter kicked the door of the suite to slam it behind them.

Pinning Jennifer to the wall, he pressed his mouth to hers, allowing his need to wash over her. She pretended to resist but her tongue and her mouth met his with just as much need. Ignoring her struggles, he started to undress her as her hands stole from his chest to around his neck.

Slowly her clothes slid to the floor. Her eyes opened as Peter's lips trailed their way from her mouth to her eyes to her forehead to her earlobes then her back and shoulders before starting a downward, slow, deliberate descent to her breasts. She felt the clasp of her bra being undone and marveled at how deliberate and painstakingly gentle he was in undressing her. Gasping, she enjoyed his attentions as he kissed under and around each breast so delicately that when he looked up, her eyes queried his actions.

"Just butterfly kisses!" His words answered her unspoken question.

He continued to undress them both but, when he tried to kneel, she grasped his hair to pull him back to her lips.

"No Peter, not yet."

Ignoring her wishes, he slipped his hands behind her knees and swung her up into his arms to carry her under the shower where they clung to each other, enjoying the needle spray lashing their skin and revitalising their bodies after the debilitating heat of the topics.

The water poured over them as they clung to each other, kissing deeply as they tried to drown the other in their love. Soap, bubble gel and hair shampoo were all used to good effect until Peter was groaning with pleasure while Jennifer was gasping her need for his thick hardness.

Realizing the bed was close by, Peter turned off the water and began drying his wife, marvelling at her beauty, her faultless skin and her flawless breasts. He thanked God for the gift of this woman as he carried her to the bed. He pulled the sheet over her before lying beside her.

"Sleep my love. We have such a lot to do tonight. Don't be concerned about the time when my sisters come to pick you up, as tonight is one big celebration. I'll see you at the party."

Jennifer made a quick call to the hotel concierge, asking that they ring her in an hour to wake her from a much-needed sleep. Peter left. She crawled into bed and curled up to sleep in the cool of the air conditioning.

Startled when the phone rang, Jennifer quickly got up and dressed. In Singapore, the Chinese sisters had caught her in a drowsy state and she didn't wish for a repetition this time.

Knock, knock.

The moment Jennifer opened the door, the rush of her two Tamil sisters-in-law almost bowled her over as they scurried into the room.

"Peter, come out here now! We told you to leave Jennifer alone and let her rest. What happened - god you're an insatiable sex fiend. If only we had known all those years ago we'd never have let you escape."

Giggling, they went from room to room, ignoring Jennifer's comment that Peter had left and she'd been sleeping.

They began nosing around. Seeing her sari, choli and pavada, they commented.

"How beautiful! All those hours we spent training Peter in the selection of saris were not in vain."

"Now, as we are in saris, then so are you."

They redressed her, with such careful attention to her hair and the folds of the shimmering fabric that as they swept across the hotel foyer all male heads turned to watch the progress of three sari-clad beauties parading to their transport.

"Come on, let's have some fun shopping," Jennifer smiled as she had waved Peter's credit card before their eyes. "We'll fix Peter and his surprises."

There was no argument.

At the beauty parlour, three young Indian women in white business dustcoats escorted them to a special room.

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