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Days had past far too quickly.

You start to stir and I pretended to sleep, but my heavy panting was too obvious to let slip away.

"What's up babe?" You asked,

"Hah...hah...ha...hah..." was all I was able to muster,

Not sure where to look in the dark, your eyes rested on my rising chest, in thought. Noticing your gaze made me felt more sensitive than before.

I covered your eyes as moans of "" Escaped my lips.

"Babe? " alarmed you asked, swiping my hand away.

"Hah...ahhh...ah...hah..." my panting grows heavier, my heart rate starts growing faster. Now that you are awake I want it even more, just imagining what wonders your hard cock can do makes my head go crazy. I stared at your chest as I gripped your shirt.

"I...I need... hah... do you have... a condom?"

You look startled.

"...Yes, in the pocket of my pants, why would you want it...!"

My hands were in your pockets instantly, occasionally brushing past your manhood, each time noticing it harder than the next.

"Woah! Easy babe!"

I yanked the condom out of your pocket and gripped it in my hands. The realisation of what the fun I'm about to get sent another wave of lust roaring through my body as I gripped onto you and moaned next to your lips. Your hand was instantly at my waist holding me firmly against you, a little concerned.

"I...I need" I was trying not to tear off your pants off right now. You chuckled.

"What's gotten into you? Hmm?" Hoping to find the answer in my eyes. I answered with horny need.

"Haha, but I also like it when you want me. My baby girl looks so cute when she needs it so bad"

Caressing my face your lips found my forehead, then my lips... then my neck... licking and biting... oh you just know what makes me crazy.

My body raging with lust can't hold much longer, my hands already stroking your rock hard momentum. I snuggled out of your clasp and took down your pants, your 6 inch cook shining in the dim moonlight. I sneaked a quick lick, sucking slightly at the hard mushroom and watch it rock back and forth, a tiny trickle oozing from the tip. I smiled back at you and licked at it as your stared, savoring it like luxury ice cream. Look at the way your shiver~

We are finally ready. Without hesitation I bit open the packet of condom and hooded your cock nicely.

I tore my pants off and opened wide as I lay down ready for you. A light aroma started to waft up both our noses and I heard a deep chuckle down near my precious. I had no idea how wet I was but the glisten made from the moonlight reflected in your eyes confirmed it all. Your hot breath kissed my thighs before a strong flicking muscle started dominating the lower me. I grabbed what hair I could find as pulses and pulses of lust shot through and through.


Your licking intensified as I reached clitoral climax, another shot of pussy juice rolling down your tongue. I lay there panting as I hear shuffling of bedsheets until strong body heat was radiating against my chest.

I felt your head near me and I was ready for a kiss.

"Thank for for the meal, it was delicious"

You said in a husky voice, your breath still strong with my own flavor. And it made me pant and moan again... wetting my area ready for you

Then you came in for the kiss, hands caressing my I blushed hard, happy and embarrassed at the same time. There was so much adore in your eyes, you knew even though you can't see, the heat on my face was enough to sear your hand. You laughed again.

"Why are you so cute... you have no idea how hard it makes me... "

"I cant help it, I have no control over these things" In embarrassment, it made me blush even more.

In position, you circled your hot mushroom against my pussy hole, all wet and messy.

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