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It's not just snooker balls she plays with.

I think my other hand was on her tits, squeezing and playing with them.

I suggested we went back to my flat, as I lived quite close at the time, and we were back there by cab very quickly. That night was a blur, but I remember being surprised and turned on that she didn't shave herself at all, and had a hairy pussy, with hair trailing up to her navel and down onto her inner thigh. She had stretch marks on her tummy and her huge tits sagged down onto her stomach or almost to the bed when she lay on her back. She had nice wide areolas, something that really turns me on.

More importantly I got to fuck her, without a condom, and she seemed genuinely turned on by my decent length and significantly fat dick. It felt so amazing pumping my sperm into her soft body. I felt unattractive, by comparison, but she didn't seem to feel like that.

Next morning we chatted and I was playing with her body. She still seemed amazed how sexy I found her. I got turned on again, and had my first titty fuck with her, and spunked all over her face. She never looked sexier than with cum all over her face and even that first time I kissed her spunky mouth deeply, both our tongues getting coated in semen.

We started dating, and I loved her meeting my friends and relations, some presumably understanding how luck I was to have such a hot looking big tit girlfriend. However I also felt humiliation when they met this girl I had described as really good looking and they saw her size. On some faces I saw pity for me, that this was all I could get or disgust that I got turned on by her. Several of my more crass friends made it clear that thought she was a fat revolting pig.

Her friends were clearly surprised that Judith has managed to find a normal okay looking guy, and it was incredibly hot when one of her conventionally good looking acquaintances tried to pull me. When she failed she more or less forced me to say I only got turned on by fat plain girls with big tits. I only discovered after that Judith actually overheard this exchange, she never mentioned it, but I suppose she either didn't want to have an argument, or else was happy that I had the hots for her as she was.

As the relationship went on I discovered that she was really quite submissive, like to be tied down to be fucked, and would let me virtually rape her mouth, fucking her gob very roughly and making her choke until I just pumped my jizz in her throat. I got to do her mouth like that almost as often as I liked, and it happened often quite spontaneously at least once a week.

Within our sexual relationship she was quite clear that I had her to use how I wanted. After carefully thinking about it for a while I told her I wanted to watch her be fucked by other men. She told me that way we talked about it turned her on immensely; it was always discussed as me wanting to share her, or wanting to have her used. I loved that she sometimes even initiated the conversation. She accepted it happily when I called her a slut or cheap slapper. She pointed out that she wanted to be a slut for me, not because she was chasing this sexual experience herself.

We had fun taking some body shots and putting them on a swinging website, we got hundreds of replies, even though we made it very clear she was huge and needed it rough.

We started sorting through the guys applying, but in the meanwhile had a night out clubbing. She had disappeared for quite a while, and then I saw her with another guy. She glanced over and saw me. She came straight over and chatted, telling me to act like a friend, but telling me that this guy was after her and she could probably pull him if I liked. I was shocked and a bit scared, but found myself telling her to go for it. I went home and drank until I passed out. When I woke the next day I had a text from Jude asking if she could come over. I was very nervous of what she would say, and when she arrived I could see she was too

We went and sat on the sofa and she admitted that she went back to his house.

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