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Wendy succumbs to demon.

I felt myself flush as I nodded, looking toward the ground. I felt ashamed.

"Wow, well that's pretty hot actually!! Umm..." you started.

I looked up at your face, getting a quick look at your still very hard cock. You looked like you wanted to ask me a question. I looked back at your partner who was now sitting down watching us intently.

"Ummm....well, would you be interested in perhaps joining us? It's a fantasy we've had for quite some time now...but you don't have to say yes!" I now watched as you went a little flush but still stepped a little closer to me slowly.

I didn't move. I didn't know what to say. I just stayed propped against the tree as you raised a hand to my head and felt through my hair a bit until you grabbed onto it and gently pulled my head back. I gasped. You knew you had me.

I then let you take my hand and lead me back to the blanket on the ground. I saw the smile and almost evil glint in your girlfriend's eye.

As we stood looking at each other on the blanket you slowly started undressing me, first my shirt, then my bra. I then felt my sneakers were being removed so I looked down to see your partner wanted to help. She was the one who pulled off my jeans and panties as you carefully reached up to touch my breasts, staring into my eyes the entire time. I felt another hand on my pussy as you finally started playing with my nipples, just rubbing your fingers teasingly over them.

"Holy shit, she's really really wet," she remarked toward you.

It's almost as if you never even heard her. You didn't respond. But it was when I felt the tongue reach my clit that I removed my gaze to see that she had crawled between us and I started moaning instantly as I grabbed the back of her head.

As my head tilted back a bit to take in the feeling of her tongue in and around my pussy you used that moment to move your mouth to my nipples. Now I understood your partners reaction to the same thing on her earlier!!

I could no longer keep standing so I stepped back and knelt to the ground onto my knees. I saw the look you two gave each other as you also got off of your feet, kissing your girlfriend deeply for a few seconds and then got on your back beside the both of us.

She instantly got into position to take your cock into her pussy, straddling and impaling herself almost all at once. I watched her hips start to move in circular motions with your erection still deep inside. I watched you move your hands onto her hips, but when I looked at your face your eyes were closed and your mouth was open.

"He wants you to sit on his face, cutie" she said toward me.

You smiled, your eyes opening as you looked over at me.

I slowly crawled over to your face and got into a kneeling position over your face, facing her. I felt your hands on my hips as you pulled yourself up to my pussy licking hungrily. You soon started pulling yourself back down and pulling me down onto you. I couldn't help but grind my pussy all over your face as you lapped up all of my juices. I must have been moaning a bit loudly because she moved her hand to my mouth, covering it, whispering a quiet shhhh.

I was in total ecstasy as your expert tongue explored every part of my cunt and I had closed my eyes. I'm not sure how long I had them closed but they opened when I felt fingers softly playing with my nipples again and saw that she had reached out to touch me. Once she was satisfied that I was ok with the touch she reached behind my head and gently urged me toward her and she leaned forward until our lips met. Her kisses were soft and sweet...well, at first.

I felt my orgasm build while you were playing extra attention to my clit and as I started moaning a bit louder, so did she. Her kisses got deeper, wetter, wilder. I had a feeling she was getting ready to cum as well.

Her hand still being on the back of my head she grabbed at my hair as she suddenly threw her head back, arching herself away as I could tell she was trying hard to hold back anything too loud.

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