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The two succubi continue Phil's 'education'.

"Mikey, I had no idea you were so well developed."

Michelle: "Yea Mikey, if I had known you were that big I would have jumped you years ago."

"OK, show and tell is over. Lets get dressed and finish watching the movie."

Michelle: "Mom, do we have to get dressed? It'll be more fun watching like this."

Mikey: "Yea Mom, after all we're family and we've seen everything."

"Well, yea, that will be alright. After all we have seen everything."

So the 3 of us sat back down on the couch and tried to turn our attention to the movie although it was hard to do. After just a little while Mikey started stroking his cock slowing and Michelle and I kept taking peeks at him. I guess the heat was getting to Michelle because she started rubbing her tits and slowly put her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. As for me, sitting between these two was too much for me. It didn't take long before I moved my left hand up to my breast and let my right hand drop down into Mikey's lap. He stopped stroking his cock, moved my hand over to it and let me take over. Damn, I had forgotten how hard a young cock could get. I took more and more of it into my hand and started stroking it with longer and longer strokes. Michelle noticed and reached over and slowly rubbed my nipples. Before I knew it she leaned over and began sucking my right breast sending a shock right through me straight to my pussy. I knew this wasn't right but I couldn't help myself. I leaned my head back feeling the pleasure of Michelle's tongue on my nipples and the feel of Mikey's hard cock in my hand.

Before I knew it Mikey was sucking on my other breast. Now both my breast were be sucked and fondled. I moved my left hand into Michelle's lap. She took my hand and shoved two of my fingers up her hot wet pussy. She was tight but started humping against my hand slowly.

All of a sudden Mikey turned and said "Mom, why don't you lie back." He moved and I moved with him. The next thing I knew I was on my back on the couch, Michelle was kneeling between my legs and Mikey's big hard cock was in my face. Without thinking I grabbed his cock and pulled it towards my mouth. Michelle bent forward and parted the lips of my pussy. Then she started to lick around my pussy lips like I had never felt before. So soft and slow and delicate she was sending me into orbit. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Mikey had slid forward and given me full access to his wonderful prick. I sucked it in as deep as I could and tasting his pre-cum. Just the feel of his cock in my mouth was enough to make me cum.

Michelle: "Mom, your pussy taste wonderful. I love the taste of it. I want to lick you until you cum in my mouth."

All I could do is moan my approval as Mikey's cock filled my mouth. I started to suck and stroke his cock harder and harder. I could tell Mikey wouldn't last much longer but I didn't care. The more I sucked the more I wanted him to cum in my mouth, cum in his mother's mouth.

Mikey: "Mom, I'm gonna cum.....Mom, I can't hold it back any longer....I'm cummmming....."

With that Mikey let loose a torrent of cum in my mouth. I swallowed as quickly all I could but couldn't contain all the cum he had to give me. He filled my mouth to over flowing until it began to run down my chin and my neck. As soon as I felt his cum starting to flood my mouth my own orgasm started to build. Michelle had put 2 of her fingers deep into my needy cunt. She was licking my cunt faster and faster and fucking my hot pussy with her fingers. Mikey's cock stopped cumming and I released it from the grip I had on it with my mouth.

"Oh fuck, your going to make me cum. Your making your mother cummmmmm....Don't stop... keep sucking my pussy. Its sooooooo gooooood..... Oh fuck.....I need to cum...I need to cum on your face. Fuck me with your fingers. Oh yes....fuck me .....fuck me....fuck me with your nasty fingers..."

Mikey, not wanting to waste an opportunity like this moved behind Michelle'

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