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How everything started for a Psychology student.

ou going to sleep?"

"Um, no, not with you doing that. I'm just enjoying it. Did you want to go to sleep now?" he asked, figuring that she would say yes.

"Nope, not tonight," she answered. "Are you ready to collect?"

"I'm always ready," he said, and she had to admit that it was true. His dick seemed to have an agenda of its own most of the time, not that she minded at all. With that, he playfully pinched her nipple, hearing a soft moan from her as he did. He continued with her breasts as she turned her attention to his cock. She wrapped her small warm hand around it and felt it pulse in her hand. She liked when he purposely did this, and squeezed back lightly. He continued his play with her boobs, while she attended to his dick.

After a few minutes, she changed her position, turning toward him and sliding down his side to rest her head on his hip, her leg wrapped around his. She heard him suck in a breath of air, then felt it in his belly. He knew what was coming, as did she. She drew out the anticipation, while she knew he was more than ready for it.

She reached over and took his length into her hand, drawing it to her mouth and licked the entire length form the bottom to the tip, then back down the other side. Next, she repeated just using her lips along the same path, pausing and spending a little more time on the most sensitive areas. She heard him breathing, a little quicker now. She knew he would be pleased that she really was doing it for once. She stroked him a little using the moisture her mouth had created. A slow up and down, up and down, twisting her wrist at the tip every now and again with no real pattern so he wouldn't be able to know when to expect it. She felt a little tremor in his hips and knew he was enjoying it.

She sat up on her knees, her back towards him while she continued to play. She only continued a few seconds before going down on him completely in one fast swoop, engulfing as much as she could comfortably, and was rewarded with a growl and his hand now grabbing her ass cheek and squeezing it. She loved sucking him into her mouth like this, but never told him as much, and wondered if he would think she was sluttish if she did let him know. Well, she might tell him afterwards, but there were better things to do at the minute.

She sucked as she slowly ascended toward the top of his dick, swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip. He now rubbed her ass and lower back, further encouraging her. The mere touch of his hand on her naked flesh started to make her wet, as it always did. She had really wanted, no, scratch that, needed sex tonight, and wondered how long he would make her wait for it. She continued her motions on his cock, with him gasping at the attention she was giving him now and then.

He started to tremble as she really got into it, working much faster now, bringing one hand to the base of his dick to make up for the area she couldn't get into her mouth. She massaged his nuts with the other hand causing him to groan and quiver involuntarily. She relished this, and could feel the wetness at her pussy starting to spread to her thighs.
She was near as excited now as he was, but would never think to admit it to him. He started to shake now, and she knew his cumming was near. She could barely take the motions his hand was making traveling up and down her back, then over her ass even though she wiggled it around hoping he would just touch her pussy already. When she could finally take no more of it, she sat up completely and said, "I'll be right back- you wait right here. I'm not even close to being done with you yet."

"Just where do you think I'd go now?" he asked her. She giggled but didn't answer, and instead walked the few steps to the linen closet to retrieve two plush beach towels. She knew from experience that things would be getting very messy soon, and hated to sleep in a wet spot all night.

As she returned, she once again fully engulfed his cock in a swift motion causing him to expel a burst of air from his lungs.

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