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Joe meets the girl of his dreams at college.

Large, black curls trailed down the sides of her head and back, not quite reaching her elbow. She looked airbrushed to perfection; she could have been a model.

I struggled to draw in air through my mouth, making a wheezing sound. My heart pounded and when I felt my cock growing, I was mortified. I closed my eyes, willing the stupid hard on to go away. I tried again to push her arm off of me but it didn't budge. I couldn't figure out why-she was smaller than me, dainty, her frame seemed so unimposing. Fuck.

As if she realized she was slowly asphyxiating me, her land loosened around my throat, then she let me go. My knees felt like jelly; I thought I would faint. I was such a pussy it was embarrassing. She leaned forward towards me, her nose touching my cheek as she pressed forward. I didn't dare move. I felt her tongue against my skin, the slow lick starting at the base of my jaw and up to my ear; I shuddered. The hard on was back with a vengeance.

She pulled away, eyes narrowed, "You're human."

"No fucking shit," it came out before I could stop it.

She grabbed onto my arm, her small hand closed not even half way around my bicep. Half dragging me, half shoving me, she led me forward past Teddy's grave which now lie empty, slowly being filled by the ancient grave digger who continued as if nothing happened. As if my brother didn't just pop out of there looking like he did when he was eighteen.

I tried to run, tried to pull out of her grasp but she held firm, barely jarred by my attempt. Her unfathomable strength was unbelievable; I didn't try to make a break for it again. As we walked out of the gates she shoved me into the passenger's seat of her car. I couldn't make out what it was in the vast darkness but from the lines and curves it looked very expensive.

As soon as she shut my door I tried to get out-of course the fucking child locks were engaged; I was stuck. She climbed into the passenger's seat, turning the key to bring the roaring engine to life. As she shifted into gear and peeled out of the parking lot, I frantically grabbed my seat belt and latched it into place.

She drove quickly through town, turning out onto the highway. She didn't look at me even though I stared her down, just drove like a fucking maniac. I milled over every detail of her that I could pick out against the poor light from the dashboard, trying to commit my kidnapper's face to memory and trying to focus on something other than the sinking feeling in my stomach and the jerking fear her driving caused me; the only sound besides the rumbling of the engine was my own frantic breathing.

Aside from shifting and steering, she didn't move. She didn't blink. She didn't breathe. She must have though, I was probably just too scared to realize it. My eyes wandered over her body; she was wearing a slim fitting, green button up shirt and tight jeans tucked into knee high black boots. Her sleeves were rolled up her forearms; on the wrist that faced me, I noticed a line of raised, scared skin. I wondered if there was a match to it. I tore my eyes off of her when the car listed down an exit ramp.

"Where are we going?" I tried to demand but my voice came out almost apologetically, like I was some stupid kid frightened for my life. I wasn't stupid and I wasn't a kid but I was definitely frightened.

She didn't respond.

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