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Rick trains Chrissie's ass with a little help from Zoey.

She is a sheep among the wolves.

Alex enters the room with two goblets and a bottle, then takes his place with Lily.

"You seem nervous. Is something wrong? I hope you aren't afraid to be here. The people are much more than they appear, you know. They aren't all as intimadating as they seem," Alex declares with a smirk.

"No, no. It's not that. This is just...a strange place to me. I mean it's cool, I've just never been to a bar quite like this. We don't exactly have these on every corner at home," Lily replies nervously.

"Trust me, I know. I live there, too, remember? Damn, I forgot my keys at the bar. I hope nobody picked 'em up. Crap. Maybe Jon has them. I'll be right back, just hang tight."

Soon after Alex's exit, the others in the room begin to leave. Suddenly Lily finds herself alone with only the music from the band in the main room playing like an echo in her ear. The lights begin to go dim and the old hanging lamp in the center of the room becomes the only light.

Relaxed and unfettered, Lily slouches down on the sofa with her hands locked across her lap and stares at the shadows from the lamp. The door opens slowly and the music becomes louder. Lily looks up abrubly interupted from her thoughts.

"Hey Jon, I was wondering where you went," she playfully announces.

Jon closes the door, locking it behind him and walks slowly toward Lily. He says nothing. His eyes glare at her, examining her position. He kneels down in front of her and gently places his hand behind her neck as he pulls her forward. She lifts from her seat a little, resistant as Jon's lips meet hers with a delicate kiss.

"Wow, um, it's good to see you, too, what are you..." her voice trails as Jon's finger covers her thought.

"Shh. Just relax," Jon whispers.

He places his hands on her knees and slowly parts her legs just a little and pulls her closer to his torso. He can feel her warmth against his chest. His hands glide up the sides of her thighs to her waist. He wraps his hands around her frame and holds her close.

She knows now why he locked the door. At first, Lily is hesitant, but she can feel his heart pounding against her. Jon had been such a friend that she felt perhaps it was wrong to let him in and somehow things would become complicated. Inside, she didn't want to ruin the friendship they had forged, but he was so beautiful and she wanted him too much to resist his advances.

Carefully, she holds his face in her palms and leans in. They lock lips and his tongue flicks hers tenderly as their kiss deepens. She wraps her arms around his neck and they pull each other in tightly. She rocks herself against the button of his jeans and begins to moan quietly. Jon pulls back, pulls off his t-shirt, and throws it to the floor. He runs his fingers along her neck, down her chest, and begins to unbutton her shirt. The white lace of her bra peeks behind the buttons. Slowly he rises up and pushes her shoulders back to lay her down. She puts her hands on the waistband of her pants and Jon meets them. Clutching her hands above her head, he pulls her pants down her legs to reveal her white lace panties. He leaves them on...for the moment.

He sits facing her and spreads her legs apart and lays between them, grabbing her face and kissing deeply. The bra slips off easily and he straps her hands together above her head and out of reach. His lips are rough against her soft skin and goosebumps begin to form down her arms to her thighs. Teasingly, he flicks her hard pink nipples around with his tongue, clicking them against his ring. She breathes deeply as he bites playfully and pinches. Working his way down her sides, to her soft round tummy, to the satin bow on her panties. He grips the sides and pulls them down to her ankles, sliding them off and onto the floor.

She shivers a bit nervously. She's never allowed herself to be so completely helpless. In the clutches of Jon's appetite, she is afraid, but curious and aroused.

He runs his fingers and tongue along the sides of her thighs, mercilessly teasing and

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