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2 FWB's keep a 3rd from letting their secret out.

"You got anything?" I asked.

"Yeah man, stop by," James said with lungs full of pot smoke. I hung up the phone, dressed quickly, and walked out into the cool morning.

James' house was only a block over. I had known him since we were in kindergarten. He ended up being one of my best connections for drugs. I walked right in his house. He didn't care just as long as you called first. The room was filled with smoke. James looked like he was asleep on the couch. Four of his friends whom I didn't know that well sat around the living room passing a bong.

"Have a seat, Amigo," James said wearily. He wasn't Spanish, by any means.

"I just need a full one," I explained. He reached behind him and brought out a box that contained his stash. I tossed him a couple of twenties and he tossed me a bag. I stuffed it into my pocket and turned to the kids smoking off the bong.

"So I heard you're onto college on the east coast man," James broke the silence.

"Yeah," I said blandly.

"That's good for you man, I knew I shoulda graduated,"

James was never really going to amount to anything. He just sat on his couch selling weed and other drugs all day. I suspected after I left for college, I wouldn't see him unless it was on the show "Cops" or "America's Most Wanted".

I stood up, "I'll see you man," I said as I walked out. I went back down to my house. I stashed the weed in my room and walked out to the living area

"Where did you go?" Mom asked as she was balancing herself on a ladder. She was hanging the banner up along the trim of the wall.

"I went to go see James," I explained.

"You know, I really don't like you going over there, He's into drugs and who knows what else," She said with disgust in her voice.

"I know Mom, but I've known him so long, and I probably won't see him again after I leave for college,"

"All for the better anyway," Mom stepped down the ladder and placed it a few feet further down the room. "Be a doll and get me a drink, while I hang this,"

Mom had taught me how to mix her drinks from an early age. I always loved being the bartender at parties. Besides, the bartender always gets laid at parties. I opened up a bottle of Bacardi, mixed half a can of coke, and walked back to give her the glass.

"Thank you," She took a sip, "You never make a bad drink,"

"Thanks Mom,"

I walked back into my room, I got my bag of weed and a glass pipe I'd had for a year. I loaded up a good size bowl and stuffed the pipe into my pocket. "I'm going for some fresh air," I yelled as I walked outside.

I went behind our house and pulled the pipe out along with a lighter. I lit the bowl up. I could her the weed crackling as I burned it. I instantly coughed as it hit my lungs. My face was red, my chest hurt, so I lit it up again. This time, I didn't cough, as much.

I started getting a buzz after the fifth, or so, hit. I put the pipe back in my jacket and walked around to the front of the house. "Mom, I'm back!" I yelled when I didn't see her. She busted out of my room and shoved the bag of weed in my face.

"How long?" she growled.

"How long, what," I was confused.

"How long have you been smoking pot?" She asked firmly.

"I, I, I just got it from James, my second time doing it," I stammered. I was now shitting in my pants I was scared.

"Fine, I'm willing to believe you," She placed the bag into my hands. "And because you're out of school, I'll even let you finish this, but if I catch you again, you will have holy hell to pay!"

I stood there in amazement. I never would have thought that would be the outcome. I also knew that I was really lucky, and if I had gotten caught before now, the outcome would have been way different. I felt invincible now.

"So Mom," I said with a coy smile on my face, "You want to smoke some of this with me?"

"No, don't get cute, even though your out of school, Ill still whip your ass in shape," Mom said over her shoulder.

"C'mon, you know you want to" I said with a little bit of peer pressure. "All the cool kids are doing it,"


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