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Party at The Meadows - Pt. 2 of 4

Once there Bev wasted no time in getting naked and dropped her outfit to the floor of the shower stall.

"Boy, do I need to clean up."

Slowly Susan pulled her top off over her head as she lingered outside the shower stalls.

She wore no bra and her perky 34B tits with the peaked points stood out proud from her chest as she stripped off.

Next she pulled her shorts and panties down and yanked them off her legs.

It was obvious she was not a natural blonde as her neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair testified.

There was no fat on her slender body and her butt was the only thing that jiggled slightly.

She gazed at the naked woman next to her who eagerly soaped up her body.

Beverly ran her hands all over her heavy tits and round stomach before they slid down to her mound with the golden pubes as the water hit her body.

The hot needles of water seemed to bounce off the head of hair that must have taken three cans of hair spray to fix into shape.

Susan looked open mouthed as her friend then put her hand between her upper thighs and let the shower jet spray her pussy.

"Mmm, come on in Susan the water is lovely."

Susan untied her ponytail and entered and started to lather her naked body.

She began at her collarbone then down to her boobs, the water spilled over her from tits to her stomach.

Behind her Beverly pushed her lush ass against hers and made an erotic rotation of her hips.

"Hah, cheek to cheek!"

Susan was surprised to admit she liked the contact of skin on skin and felt a rewarding tingle at the top of her thighs.

Bev turned and gave her a tight hug, her boobs pushed against the narrow of her back.

The teacher made a silent O with her mouth as she felt two fingers tickle her vaginal lips.

Immediately her pussy dampened as a hand moved up and down gently then her breath became laboured as a finger slid inside her folds.

Their bodies were crushed on each other under the cascade of water as Susan moaned and leaked her juices.

"You get quite wet down there my dear, you're all slippery."

Susan turned red and spread her legs wider and clamped her right hand on top of Beverly and pressed her hard on her protruding labia.

Then she spun around to face the woman and gazed into her baby blue eyes,

Not knowing what to do next she cupped on of the heavy tits and felt the nipple.

She had never done anything like this in her entire life.

Beverly moved forward and kissed Susan full on the lips and caressed her abdomen.

Neither of them had kissed another woman before and they melted into each others arms under the shower.

"Touch my cunt."

Susan was at first shocked to hear the word from Mrs. Goldberg, the mother of three of her students, then moved her right hand down to her mound and cupped her pussy.

"That feels pretty good." Sighed Beverly.

It felt hot to the touch and when she poked her middle finger inside she found the dampness.

"Oh, oh, oh, that feels fucking good, I'm getting so wet."

Beverly rocked her hips to and fro and rode the digit with glee.

Susan dared to look down and was delighted at the erotic sight of her finger buried in another womans pussy.

"May I join you ladies?" Andre stood just outside the stall, butt naked and sporting a dark chocolate coloured boner.

"Oh please do, don't be shy now."

Susan looked at the man in awe, his steel hard prick rose straight out from his black bush of a groin just above a pair of plum sized balls.

"Isn't he just scrummy? I want to give him lots of schmoochies and snuggies and just eat him up alive!"

Then Susan looked stunned as the blonde beside her dropped to her knees on the tiled floor and took his cock into her mouth.

With one hand on his veiny shaft Bev held him steady as her tongue darted around the purple head.

Her left hand went up and down the fat stalk as she kept eye contact with the mustachioed man before she rammed her head down over half of his entire length and sucked on him loudly.

Susan went to her own pussy instinctively and she rubbed her aching quim fast as the steam rose up.

Andre stood up

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