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Wife goes too far.

He's such a gentleman. But I didn't want my outfit to be hidden.

We got out of the car and walked across the parking lot. It was a very cold walk, and I walked slowly and deliberately even though it was so cold. I was definitely not dressed to protect my body from the elements, but that didn't make a difference. I know plenty of people saw me inside and outside the restaurant.

We arrived at the entrance and stepped inside to the hostess' stand to get seated.

It became noticeably quiet for a few moments. It seems people were taking a good, long look at me. My husband smiled, and I felt embarrassed and exhilarated at the same time. It was very unnerving. There was no one else even close to being dressed the way I was dressed.

Everyone was obviously staring at me because of my outfit.

It was custom-made by my friend. To say that my attire was skimpy would be an extreme understatement. I was showing some skin. Well, a whole lot of bare skin. Actually, I was wearing almost no clothing and absolutely loving it.

I wore a long, black skirt that had a wide slit that left my left leg totally naked, all the way to my hip. The cloth of the skirt was attached to a large gold metal ring that sat low, almost down to my left thigh. The skirt was angled, so that it was higher on the right hip, then angled downward across the top of my bare, shaved pussy to a point lower on my left hip. It was interesting to look at and very sexy, I think.

I chose a pretty pair of barefoot sandals for my dinner date with my husband. This pair was made with two very slim strands that extended from my a loop that went over my middle toe over the top of my foot to end in an anklet. They were made of white sparkly gems. The jewelry glimmered nicely to catch the eye, and highlighted the fact that I was barefoot. Yes, I left the house barefoot on a cold snowy night. My husband likes it so much and I love him so much, I am happy to go out to dinner with him while I'm barefoot. As I looked around, I did not even see any other women wearing sandals. I was so bare for my man, I felt sooo good. And I was very happy with my barely dressed display.

I had white jewelry in my pierced navel that was made of two long strands that looked similar to the sparkly gems on my barefoot sandals. I had a very thin, dainty chain around my midriff that had tiny little strands that hung down every three or four inches. Each had a little colored glimmering gem on it that caressed my totally bare belly with each movement.

We had to put our names on a waiting list, so we sat down for a few minutes. I crossed my left leg over my right. My leg was totally bare and I bounced it up and down a little. I pointed my toes like any sexy girl would do; I'm the kind who loves for people to see that she is barefoot for her man on a dinner date. I had no trouble in the getting-noticed department at this point.

It was time to be seated at our table. As I got up, I was sure everyone looking at me was able to see my pussy, which fortunately I keep shaved and smooth. It seems the opening in my skirt had adjusted a little, and with each step of my left foot, it was open enough for people to catch a glimpse of my bare pussy. My husband insists on being able to see my pussy when we're out, so I didn't disappoint him that night. He told me my pussy looked delicious and I was going to be finger-fucked at the table. I smiled at him and said, "I can't wait."

The hostess, a young woman like me, said she loved my outfit. And she commented on how daring it was to wear it on such a cold night. I thanked her. I felt so pretty, so sexy, and so unbelievably turned on. She asked me where I got my top; she wanted to get one to wear to the club.

I told her it was custom-made. It was a black sweater with long sleeves. It was a very short, very daring, very revealing belly-baring sweater. I wear this kind of tiny top all of the time now.

The bottom of it was made to stop right at my nipples, so my underboobs were totally exposed.

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