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Student flirts with her teacher when his wife is away.

With the door closed, she had privacy. She turned off the light in her office and activated a lamp on her desk. She stripped off her suit jacket and settled into her expensive leather executive chair.

As she started to cast her spell, she focused on Pete and started to unbutton her silk blouse. She closed her eyes and saw him, seated in his cubicle, in her mind's eye. He was stretching, his mind open and imagining. He was also aroused, which suited her desires perfectly. She focused her powers on him and started to cast in earnest.

Pete stretched in his chair, still feeling the uncomfortable hardness confined in his briefs. He closed his eyes and scratched his head, trying to will blood to flow into his extremities. He chuckled, well, not that extremity.

The sounds of the office faded from his ears. He opened his eyes on what were unfamiliar surroundings.

The room he found himself in was spacious and decorated with deep maroon wallpaper with gold inlay. He was laying back on a large, pillow-covered bed and quickly discovered that he was nude. He blinked several times before realizing that he wasn't alone.

The beautiful "lawyer" from the end of the room stood at the foot of the bed. She wore a red silk robe that hung open with a filmy white negligee underneath it. He could pick out every curve under the negligee, from the heavy curve of her breasts to the slight pooch of her belly. He looked beneath that belly to a shaven pubis. Her eyes were locked on the head of his erect penis, where a glint of fluid glistened. Her gaze came up from his crotch and she locked her eyes onto his. Meanwhile, her hands tugged off her robe.

She stepped forward and kneeled between his legs. Her soft left hand wrapped around his swollen member and she began to gently stroke it. Pete moaned deeply as she leaned forward and took the head of his erection into her wet mouth. She let her spittle drip onto him and used the added lubrication to increase the speed of her ministrations.

Pete bucked his hips a little, unable to control his motions and her smile became a wicked one. She continued to suck on his head as her hand grasped him. His eyes closed and he almost lost consciousness at the supreme pleasure radiating from her grip. He felt his penis jerk in her mouth and he flooded her with his seed. Her hand released him and her lips dropped down onto his member. He could feel the gentle suction as she swallowed his bitter fluid.

Pete's pulse slowed as he came down and he looked down at her. Her smile was back in place and she stood. Her voice was sultry and deep. "My name is Lena. And now it's my turn."

With that, she pulled the negligee off and crawled up the bed. She straddle his face and pressed her moist snatch to his mouth. Pete didn't need any instruction or encouragement in what to do next. His hands found her plump ass and gripped it while his tongue found the hood of her stiff nub and began to massage it, careful not to attack the clit right away. Her moans told him he had the right idea as his lips and teeth caressed her labia. He worked his tongue all around her vagina, teasing and fondling, sucking and nibbling, pressing his tongue into her hole, then flashing it over her distended clitoris. She began to rock her crotch against his face, and he moved his thumbs down her butt and to her dripping opening. He could feel her fluid dripping onto his chin and down onto his neck and chest. His thumbs pressed against her opening and penetrated Lena. She threw her head back as he began to thrust his thumbs into her, widening her as she milked his thumbs with her vaginal muscles.

His lips wrapped around her clit and his tongue relentlessly massaged it as she began to breathlessly moan her pleasure. Small, high-pitched noises in the back of her throat gave away evidence of her impending orgasm and a scream of pure pleasure released as it washed over her. Fluids dripped down onto him, coating his chin again as she shivered atop him.

Lena shifted her body and laid down next to Pete, kissing him hard on the mouth, her t

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