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Defenceless hunk is used by nurse.

His hands cupped each one, gently massaging them then he twirled his fingertips around her already hard nipples.

He sat up, straddling her small frame, his hands still exploring her breasts. He sat back and admired her. Katelyn flushed with embarrassment and desire as Malachi smiled at her.

"You are beautiful. So very beautiful my love."

His mouth moved to her pebble-like nipples and devoured one and then the other. He flicked the hardness with his tongue, gently sucking and nibbling. He then proceeded to move further south. He kissed her so delicately down her ribcage as if counting her ribs one by one with his lips. He trailed his tongue down the slight curves of her waist. She writhed at the sensations burning in her belly. As he drug his tongue across her hipbone, she tensed up and tried to pull Malachi back up.

He restrained her hands to her side. He wasn't done exploring her body just yet. His mouth came back to her hipbone and then with his hot, wet tongue he traced her panty line. Katelyn moaned at the movement, her body trembling involuntarily. He looked up at her as he kissed her sex through the lace that covered it. His breath was hot on her wetness and she felt as though she was going to lose it.

This man...so intense and sensual was bringing out such deep and deliciously dark thoughts and feelings that she had suppressed for so long. God he felt so damn good to her. He got to her...like no man had ever done. There was something about him that forced her to want him, even against her own will.

His tongue continued to tease her through the lace. His hands released her arms and her hands slowly came up to meet his hair, running them through his dark locks before tracing the outer cartilage of his ear with her fingertips. His hands meticulously worked her panties down. She shuttered, her mind racing with so many thoughts that she couldn't focus on anything other than the sensations he was giving her.

With one slow, sensual motion, he parted her delicate folds with his tongue. He was a master at the art of oral sex. He teased her hard clit until she felt she would explode, at which point he would pull away and smile deviously at her. She tasted as sweet as she smelled and he relished in the moment.

When he had teased her to the point that it literally hurt, he crawled his way back up to her mouth and kissed it softly, allowing her to taste her very own juices. She wanted him and he knew it. Her eyes gave her away. He wanted her, so bad that he literally ached for her in every sense of the word.

He pulled her shirt completely off of her and with trembling hands she lifted his shirt up and off of his muscular body. She pulled him back to her. That skin to skin feeling of his hard chest against her perky breasts was so amazing.

She rubbed herself all over him, her nails trailing gently down his back then around to the front clasp of his jeans. She proceeded to undo them. He glared at her, watching her every move with a look of concern in his eyes. He wanted her, but willingly and on her own terms. He didn't want to have to force her or feel like she had to do this. Granted he wanted her and any less of a man would take her and have his way with her without so much as another thought. But he wanted her to want him and she did. He could tell. The eyes don't lie. Hers were glazed over in total excitement. That look was a better high than any drug could ever produce.

He leaned up and removed his jeans the rest of the way, his boxer briefs followed suit. He was so hard, hard for her and she smiled in satisfaction. He eased his way back down and kissed her, this time her tongue eagerly searched for his. With his knees he nudged her legs apart and he ground his hips against hers so that she could feel how excited he was for her. She growled against his lips.

He brought his mouth back down for another taste of her sweetness.

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