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Nerdy guy tricked by biker chick he went to school with.

I quickly stood up and took the opportunity of being alone to look at myself in the mirror and see what I looked like. The thin skimpy white material was skin tight against my body and with no pubic hair the lycra material pulled right into my vulva shaping out my two halves and sticking in up the middle. I turned around. My ass pretty much looked naked. The strings were so thin you couldn't see them. I wanted to quickly glance over and see what I look liked with no hair. I pulled the strings aside and exposed my pussy. It was amazing, so pink and my clit stuck out so much. I was aching to touch it, just quickly, and feel some relief from the mounting tension building up inside my core. I had no time. I quickly put on my gown and went across to tent 5 to find Steve.

"Ok. Are you heads or tails- loser gets painted first?" Steve asked me to choose.

I chose tails and it was heads, so I had to get painted first.

I took off my robe and stood on the platform in my bra and the t-string.

The professional artist would guide Steve through the painting.

"Lie down facing frontwards, and take that bra off, we can't paint over it" the artist commanded me.

I unclipped the bra and put it down and feeling shy and awkward I quickly lay on the table.

For the next 30 minutes I felt the cold paint all over back and butt. I just lay there thinking of last date that I had, while the paint was applied in big amounts to cover skin. I was then told to turn over.

This was the first time I was openly exposed to the artists seeing them moving with the paintbrushes around me. Steve painted my legs and arms and then the artist painted my breasts and stomach. I was aware that most the girls had no more than size breasts and here I was with voluptuous breasts.

In a crazy way my mind started racing. It felt quite sensual being painted over my large size C breasts. I knew that the guys were staring at their size. Maybe I was just being overly self-conscious.

With each stroke of the brush against my nipple my hand involuntarily jumped. My hips were shifting trying to open my legs wider. I realised this was happening and I went rigid and held my hips back from moving.

Being painted on ones breasts like a canvas is amazingly erotic. I can't explain why but it is. If alone, my fingers would have find their way to my swollen clitoris to stroke it softly up and down its hood curling the flesh into little circles until the nerve endings were sore with pleasure. Then I would with my other hand insert a finger into the depths of my wet hot opening, and move it in and out pushing them into my innards until it was rubbing against my g-spot. My hands would be working in unison, one ramping up the waves of excitement from within and the other rubbing furiously away at my swollen clitoris until it was tightly tense and ready to explode. My mind would drift and I would dream of a big cock ramming into me, fucking me hard and fast. I would feel each time this cock ploughed into me and I would feel the tight, big balls knocking against my butt crack, getting soaked in my dripping juices flowing down from my cunt. I closed my eyes as I was turned on and I knew my eyes would give it away.

I was feeling quite frustrated from getting turned on so much and just letting the feeling fester untreated. It felt like I had this hot, steamy well bubbling inside my pussy and it wanted to explode but couldn't. My mind was starting to think stranger things and I got lost in my fantasy again but this time I don't know why but I was imagining that this guy holding my butt cheeks with my legs wrapped around their back and hips while we fucked like crazy was Steve.

"Rachel, stop thinking this. Its not good, not now" I said to myself.

I opened my eyes to try and stop my thoughts; Steve was painting my stomach. He had his gown on, but as he leaned over me it opened up and I could see his thong tightly pressed against his cock, It pressed against the material. I should not be looking. What is wrong with me? I needed to pause and get some air.


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